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Ged Maheux @gedeon Colfax, NC

Co-founder of the Iconfactory, RIT alum, designer, emoji maker, Trekspert, aspiring chef, cancer survivor & everyman. "You're cool in my book" - LeVar Burton

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Police deploy tear gas on protestors in #Greensboro, #NC stand in riot gear on Elm Street Utter. BULLSHIT. These cops need to answer for this crap. Just... shocking. will still be May. I swear this month feels like it’s never gonna end.I’m shuddering to think how badly these protests across the nation are spreading the virus. We’re going to see a po… New Jersey police have literally started marching with protesters. #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @dustinrue Where is it?
This is my favorite part. Love that actual spaceships have caught up to science fiction design-wise., you’re looking the wrong way. The sky is UP. 😁 (🙄) #SpaceX
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxWay to turn Spacex launch into a political campaign ad, NASA dude. 🥵Liftoff!
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxAlmost there.... almost there. T-minus 2 min. #SpaceXDragonT-minus 13 minutes. #SpaceXDragonYea, I didn’t get through the first Episode
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxHow to the black people
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @Brilliantcrank So you liked it?Watched for 15 minutes and gave up.
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @gedeon Halfway through the second episode now but might leave the rest.
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxNetflix’s Space Force Is a Massive Misfire it is: knife two! I’m very happy with this one. Looks gorgeous. My wife has already claimed it and named it “s…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxReally, really, REALLY wish @elonmusk hadn’t ruined @Tesla and @spacex for me.If you're going to a protest turn off any biometric logins on your phone. Make it a passcode only. Set photos a…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxAnyone know what type of cow this is??? 🤷‍♀️😂😂
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxI’d usually be watching baseball right about now.😓Officials should find local security camera footage and find out who unloaded this huge pile of bricks.
Retweeted by Ged Maheuxpush 'em back, shove them back, waaaay back! #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch adolescent fantasies of violence carried out by others on his behalf against his enemies; the utter failure to…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxAnother awesome illustration from Merchant of Happiness. 💕, that’s amazing. @patrickgserrano I feel for ya and I’m sorry 😓Kinda afraid to go to sleep because I don’t have the first clue what horror tomorrow will bring.Well this is all... horrible. #AvengersAnt meet boot. #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch #Splatoon2 tonight. Thanks boys & girls, you give me a small glimmer of hope for the future. #BlackLivesMatter easily my favorite one yet.
Retweeted by Ged Maheux world is a dumpster right now, so here’s this wholesomeness.
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @davidcaolo Great work, buddy!How those Facebook salaries feeling?
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😂 NOW?!’t f*ck with me today, people. Today is not the day!
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxToday had to be a bit different. He was someone's son, someone's brother, someone's friend. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxThe President of the United States lies that it wasn't actually a threat and his words are being misconstrued.
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxYep. I’m not doing a lot of things until there’s a vaccine. Why? I’m not stupid about science. @doodlefrog They’re accessories to murder, yes.That’s a tiny, obvious start. @flyosity @ChaseMit You’ll have to clue me in on that one. Not familiar…Archaeologists excavate a stunning, untarnished Roman mosaic from an Italian vineyard
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxThe pandemic isn’t over. But America sure seems over it. Yep. miss him SO much. run to the grocery store for an hour and come back to 150 unread tweets. Geesh.“The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat." “When the looting starts, the shooting starts." Twice in 24 hours,…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxIf the "First Amendment Violation" you're hopping mad about this morning is Twitter making you click one extra butt…
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @bennyjohnson @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse They did no such thing. The tweet is still available. Nothing has been “… is not accurate - our CNN crew identified themselves, on live television, immediately as journalists. We than…
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @BigZaphod Glad you finally got it!I mean if you gotta wear a mask, it’d be awesome if they shot lasers and stuff, right? I’ve made icons out of the… we’re back
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @MikeTRose Back at you, buddy. Stay safe. Stay sane.Tell someone you care about today that you love them. We could all use it.The president of the United States is calling for violence against American citizens. That is so wrong. We need h…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxNever forget that a black journalist was arrested before the police officer who killed George Floyd.
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @MnDPS_MSP Lying is beneath you. Not at all what happened. We know because we watched it live. Pathetic.Silver pals @tot_app and @apolloreddit
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxCNN correspondent returns to reporting live on air after he and crew have been released from police custody. They…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxEvidently the Minnesota police have never heard the saying “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.” I just realized hidden tweets can't get likes or replies yeah he's going to go fucking nuts on a level we have never seen before.
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Retweeted by Ged MaheuxOh, Twitter can play that game too, Donald. Wow., I can play this game too: If you kill people with indifference and protect others who do, you lose all moral…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxRemember this? Facebook’s ties to white supremacy-linked orgs and sympathy for disinformation campaigns is not a s…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxPlease let Sean know you’ve been enjoying his Padawan knife making tweets. Been a joy watching him feel his way thr… may be under control in Florida but they have an unprecedented “pneumonia” crisis.
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxThis perfectly captures how I feel about Trump supporters. Even those in my own family. It’s spot on. mini pirate sword. OMG! So adorbs! So smol! @BigZaphod I sure do! I’m living vicariously through you. BE CAREFUL!!
With Missouri case numbers on the rise (again), state delays "Phase 2" of reopening from this upcoming Monday to Mi…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxMy new sous vide setup has been great. Been cooking this chuck roast last 2 days. Thanks to the lid I customized no… @jeffbezos it’s your homegirl Leslie Jones um prime amazon member! Was wondering if you could do me a solid and…
Retweeted by Ged Maheux @leebennett Prob the app store cached. Try a manual pull to refresh. If that doesn’t work just wait a bit. Will show up. @leebennett You need to update to Tot 1.1 first. Should work fine under 10.14.Tot from @Iconfactory has a fantastic new share extension available now. Six years after share extensions first deb…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxThanks for the kind words, Federico!'s a small thing, but @tot_app's new share extension has to be the best one I've ever used on iOS for a note-taki…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxWhat a lying sack of sh*t. @PatC It really was and its just the kind of thin IP that studios would be all over to re-make. Would love to see t… across the country are proposing legislation that would criminalize calling police as an act of racial pr…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxYou heard it here first: there's a new version of @tot_app rolling out with share extensions and a widget. Bonus: a…
Retweeted by Ged Maheuxafter all that buildup he’s just... letting people ask to speak to the manager
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxTrump job approval falls to 2-year low in Rasmussen poll
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxMark Zuckerberg: Social networks should not be fact-checking political speech Also, Mark Zuckerberg: Whenever the…
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxFor all those of you wondering what the hell M.A.S.K. is, here’s the cartoon intro/outro from the 80’s. Beware - EA… @gedeon I will have that song stuck in my head for hours now. Masked crusaders, Working overtime, Fighting crime, Fighting crime!
Retweeted by Ged MaheuxWent to my happy place last night and finished off my M.A.S.K. avatars. Vanessa Warfield AKA Ice Queen of V.E.N.O.M… fact Trump thinks he can legislate via Executive Order is bad enough, but on a 1st Amendment issue? He’s totall… @flyosity Wow. Paging @ifcorey !