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They don't want you to know about the Thick Section at the drugstore.
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @DwayneDavidPaul But Wade Is technically “Dwyane”!I remember when John McCain assured that lady that Obama wasn’t Muslim and Liberals gave him a round of applause.
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @GeeDee215 Kash Doll had a big billboard about the Census in Detroit. And the City Girls just did a vid for When We All Vote.
Retweeted by Scream Demby.all year we’ve been seeing women talking about/thinking through big ideas like prison abolition (Noname) or cheerle… @natalieymoore @TennilleNAllen A depressing exercise @Omagus Link??? @rettaworld Hmmmmmm! @scdemandred It sucks @lane_lawless @natetheworst Not “actually” but like You know what i mean @eparillon Oh nooooo @scdemandred Nope. @ashoncrawley Oop. @nickvisconti76 I would NOT @natetheworst This is actually a good point @NickKramarev Lololol! @eparillon That’s exactly what it was @naima Listen. did they somehow miss this??? It was a whole twitter cycle abt him and how rappers are trash. @alexschelldorf HahahahaGuys. the Killer Mike thing. Are y’all *sure*? This aint him LAST MONTH with the same dude who disenfranchised hun… @tinykinseyscale Ohhh man @TylerHuckabee wasn’t he just chopping it up with Brian “Voter Suppression” Kemp like in the last *month*? @tinykinseyscale What did it saaay @mayascade 🥴 @ashoncrawley It is not...for us, i don’t think But honestly i can’t tell who it’s for @blackntosh LOLOLOLOL @natalieymoore Am i Lying? @jcleopardkungfu @pford2800 Ey, man. You don’t have to do this.Somebody mentioned Plies and you know what? That’s a pretty solid one. @nczeitgeist Oh, i could absolutely see it @MrNicdraw @GoldenDiva1 “Several positive initiatives” My godNot sure how Jay or Pac (?!?!?) got named so much bc, uh. Uhhhh. But most of these dudes who were mentioned are a…, V Staples, Open Mike Eagle, KRIT (bc they're all generally thoughtful, self-aware dudes) -Black Thought (m… ppl y’all mentioned the most who seem plausible are: -Common (i guess bc he has kind of milquetoast-but-since… @pford2800 The man was a whole convicted six offender but go off i guess? @PhuzzieSlippers Okay, so this list is basically Krit, Phonte, and maybe Vince Staples @tinykinseyscale Womp. What a mess. @tinykinseyscale No @tinykinseyscale I believe it @diamonde @TennilleNAllen My god @MrNicdraw @GoldenDiva1 Lololol @FarsightedGirl “Male” @keithdhodo Talib is a whole misogynist internet troll at this point Come on @tinykinseyscale Wait what was this??? @rjcc It’s a whole wild ride @rjcc Sir. lol. I just tried to explain Smilez and South Star to my wife and went down a Lou Pearlman rabbit hole @WEKetchum @KrystalSwann It’s wild bc these three are all In my “Most Likely To” list @dancingofpens @Gabesaves He is a whole evil troll @BritniDWrites @DJ_Royel @KrystalSwann Haha @sclawr Ok, yeah @rjcc Not Smilez and Southstar @victorerikray @TennilleNAllen Sorry, man! @GoldenDiva1 Jay would??? I dunno. The whole NFL shit was pretty clarifying. @rjcc @ItsDrLittle Yep @TennilleNAllen @victorerikray Yeah, i could see this, too. He definitely radiates Kanye “I’m a free thinker” energy @meancommie @andraydomise Hmmm. @SaintsCrossing @andraydomise Right @patrick_hruby He would be the least surprising to me, for some reason @dry0ats That man spent the whole summer trolling Black women like DJT himself lol @ItsEstaFiesta All of them at just hotep-y and Black capitalist enough to make this not far-fetched enough @DJ_Royel @BritniDWrites @KrystalSwann Why would you put it past him? He has the same, basic, quasi-hotep politics… @RainSupremeNY @peacheslechat Right??? @DMeyerend Hmmm. Maybe in his younger, trollier days, it would be less surprising. But i dunno. @lepetiterobot Say it.Beyoncé, her team, and whatever is in their prenup is the only reason Jay-Z has not endorsed the Platinum Plan.
Retweeted by Scream Demby.The thing about being a fan of queer rappers is that we generally live with less of this angst. It's mostly guilt f…
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @jamelbrinkley I refuse to even consider it. Refuse, Jamel. @ItsDrLittle Right. @peacheslechat A few people have said KRS One and i was like uHHHHHHH???? @jduffyrice Lololol @Lit_Bernie @battymamzelle Yep @HodariToure_PhD Wasn’t KRS-1 a whole Republican, tho? @jduffyrice Hmmm. That one would probably hurt the most it implausible? @queenveej You know it’s coming @JMEightDigits @KillerMike Uhhhh. Would it be? @KrystalSwann Cole? J. “I Don’t Read Books” Cole??? For real?The sad part there honestly a male rapper who could pull something like this and *surprise* you? Not *disap… “should’ve known better & deserved her career loses” but others are “free thinkers & leaders of the community”. FUNNY TO ME.
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @battymamzelle @_ShamGod Wait wait wait wait ...who was the original villain? @cbenjaminrucker @_ShamGod ! @dseals i was tempted to watch bc i saw that was the setting. But it also...didn’t seem like the right setting? @prisonculture Phew @_ShamGod You saw it? Omg, sham. What did you think? @ElitatheLibra Where?Knew what it was when i peeped who the creator was. Just a high priest of basic shit.“Cmon, young fella.” It all started 17 years ago today. @KingJames
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @phontigallo Right? Always wrong in the same direction.
Wilt Chamberlain, Muhammad Ali, Ralph Abernathy, Eldridge Cleaver, Tiger Woods, and a whole bunch of rappers... inc…
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @thewayoftheid Thank goodness for women rappers.
Retweeted by Scream Demby.Sobering numbers here but good information to have.
Retweeted by Scream Demby.So I guess I need to write that article on black celebs and the GOP huh?
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @LeahRigueur Don’t teaseSome “breaking" news: I’m going to be doing Slow Burn 6.
Retweeted by Scream Demby. @mariontjohnson Marion @akela_lacy LOL @mariontjohnson wait The Scooby Doo song? @k_zac wait what @nickcharles61 yeah, it is! it's like 27? @Jon_Densetsu that verse is sooooooooooo good it's my single favorite 3 Stacks verse