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My hands look like this so hers can look like this
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @giltcomplex i think with twitter it would easily become a huge conspiracy and people would probably be able to get… would've had 2 have a DISCUSSION about the gambling he means
they won't let me come back in until i have a negative test, which does suck but good chance I'm still sick-ish tom… continue to be pretty sure i just have a cold and we are DESPERATELY understaffed at work rn and I feel bad about… u think! @mermaidswamp99 Ahaha ENJOY MOM!None new story about Zack Snyder "reshoots" — they're really "shoots," since it's clearly all new stuff because The…
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendFormer employee here! The Strand's owner laid off union employees after receiving millions in PPP loans, spent hund…
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @unicornrockstar @asmuniz Oh god all he cared about was shooting on film that’s rightwho wants to tell them about the Olympics @asmuniz @unicornrockstar it is i believe i saw it on the interface of the hbo app when i was looking for a movie t… someone cut the power on these guys houses so they have to go outside
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendNot Sandra Bullock
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendDo you think LeBron James ever listens to KoRn?
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendI never understood when coaches and broadcasters would say im a bad shot maker ... what do that even mean ! .....…
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @asmuniz @erg79 yes @erg79 ginger ale is also good but i am an orange juice true believer when i am sick @mollying it is my medicine @geeequinn deathwatch: mixing sprite with orange juice, may have found the cure to the covid (i do not have covid, i don't think)everything i have learned about this couple has been against my will
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendMight have to get league pass just to watch the nets JEMELE HILL GETTING ATE UP BY STAN VAN GUNDY LMFAOOOOOOOOO.
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendShams saying there could be NBA basketball 60 days from now? 👀
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @anijen21 Oh yeah lol he’s having a great timeThis is from a Saw movie Men's number one boy
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendbro
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @dylmdav I don’t see how they can put everything together in like two months.I don’t want to hear about rich people from you, brand, renew Mindhunter and shut up knows I love Basketball Christmas, but emotionally, this does not work for me. Back to the drawing board, fella… @BlazersBySagar We at @geeequinn deathwatch appreciate your supportStill FEELING okay outside of those two things though @geeequinn deathwatch: still got a sore throat, slightly more of a cough than yesterday 💀 @buttcasino EVIL DOES NOT FUCK AROUND @faewitchcraft “Remember when I went on an extremely hateful extended harassment campaign on someone youre all frie… think of the "rip betty white, she ain't dead but for when she die, cause i know it's coming up" line p often is rolling in the deep but hometown glory is my fav @giltcomplex that's the ari charm baby
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendthat mf dead
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendBreaking down tape on the debate and the policy points aside it seems undeniable that Trump was fouled here. The mo…
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @fruitsuit @cinqdols it's upsetting but alas the heart is an endless mystery @cinqdols oh god i don't know how to even explain the full backstory but it's basically like hitting on someone the… @starswheeled lmaothis attack on horny twitter marks 100 years of Scholastic and now I'm really remembering how much joy these two things brought me as a ch…
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendthe song is fun but lmao WHY do a president ariana video for "yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning"
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friendi like itoh really would he it did fucking numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs @buttcasino yesssss EVIL fucking rules!!!!!!!!!! @starswheeled YES some guy just like opens a door aggressively and smashes her belly like is this even a thing that… DO FALL AND SMASH THE FUCK OUT OF HIS HEAD AND MAKES IT COMPLETE MUSH. When I tell you, I was shook.himself and if someone else tries to save him the two ceiling blocks with fall and SMASH TOGETHER ON HIS HEAD. So h… his neck and standing on a VERY LARGE block of fucking ICE and when the ice melts he will hang or whatever i… will explain Donnie's death here, as best I understand it, which is not much, ANYWAY like seven SAW movies ago Do…'s got a toupee for the gods in these movies tho OH AND the most insane death is def DETECTIVE DONNIE WAHLBERG'S… to spoil anyone, but luke from gilmore girls gets a pretty fucked up death in saw 36 or whatever one i'm watchi… i hope you all enjoyed your little debates and had fun or whatever @highsmiths i mean you wouldn't know it @giltcomplex midwest propaganda @highsmiths this happened in the saw movies really go off the fucking rails @lumpts yeah i don't like that, it's weird and playing with your feelings. @Sonia_P_L and it's like a slow trip, just perfectwhy is this the funniest thing i've seen today @LeviathanDreams always! @tallynowens matthew with that huge goofy grin driving that car is never not funny to me"your hair was in the toilet water......digusting"christopher's intervention really is my fav sopranos scene. Silvio is the mvp here. @LeviathanDreams he is 100000% a killer!!!!!!!!!!i had a guy once fight with me for like an hour about if the jigshaw guy is a murderer or not............more produ… am watching some guy recap the saw franchise on youtube instead of the debate @mermaidswamp99 my fellow aries but no the fuck i am not the environment.
Retweeted by established longstanding personal friend @dudski i have never heard of this before @MXTracy66 this is so sweet! @kathlloyd0 @BurgerFuel i've never heard of this place but if i ever catch one, i'll try! @HugoKitano these are both god tier but fast food i meant like dine in places @ncrao_ this is not wrong at all, i can fucks with some olive garden @jourdayen I could eat popeyes every single day of my life and be happy @humblecore it rules, love to go with the fam and everyone gets something completely different and me and my sister… @ilonalesznik i haven't been to an applebee's in FOREVER but Cheesecake is like my number one or two @entmoots a fantastic list omg i'd murder for a pizookie rn @crushsong LOVE all three, CPK is underrated @humblecore There isn't a BK by me so I haven't had it in YEARS but I have fond whopper memories and YES CHEESECAKE FACTORY FOREVER @mollying A CLASSIC FOR A REASON @CometCoil NEVER BEEN. @cinqdols i remember friendly's when i lived in DE, loved it. Ice Cream. @LadyHawkins Love Chillis. I am deranged and get their fried chicken ranch sandwich but with no ranch @crushsong YESwhat is your favorite chain restaurant? not the BEST but your favorite @crushsong i also really wanna go to cheesecake factory............................... @crushsong Lucille's is my fav chain I get some dumb cocktail and onion straws and biscuits and live like i'm dying @lumpts A DRINK AND SOMETHING MADE OF SOME SORT OF BATTER BE IT FRIED OR LIKE BAKED GOODS @crushsong AS IN THE BBQ PLACE?????????????? @lumpts AND YET NO LINK I AM SERIOUS