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Geek. Dad. Streamer. Dreamer. #Affiliate & Heartburn Awareness Advocate. Variety streamer, launching podcast soon!

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@cinematic_m Amen
@redhead_ordead I mean that makes sense lol @redhead_ordead Everlast or Diehard? Just curious as to their brad preference @Allyg8911 @CzechLP Hahaha was hoping it wasn’t too dated a reference for people to getNeed I say more?
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworld @sallyclabonte @dukesb12 @OhNoSheTwitnt Hahaha yeah I commented on that too - resort not relegate. Gotta love Trum… @dukesb12 @OhNoSheTwitnt Relegate is to downgrade someone or something, you mean resort. Trump supporters with no education - so sad @shylostconfused Dickfarming is rough these days - the subsidies just aren’t what they used to be @Ser3nityRain Hahaha Larence it is then @Ser3nityRain Roflmao. I can’t even get a W to be Lawrence? @Ser3nityRain I mean - I’d really prefer geekdad anyway @LegendOfGingaa And you look fantastic! @CzechLP Ron Jeremy @redhead_ordead Debbi Does Dominos @UnicornHairz Yeah yeah, it only LOOKS like that’s what you’ve been doing. Riiiiiiiiiight @carlitocarls best. camera work. ever @DobbyCryptids whats up? @DarthCeci oh god yes, both of them were fantastic - ryan reynolds gets this shit, all his movies in this kinda rea… @redhead_ordead yeahhhh cut those people out as soon as is humanly possible - I'm trying to whenever I notice it, l… looks hilarious - goddamn you Ryan Reynolds - I hate that I love you so much @redhead_ordead Funny how that works when you eliminate certain people from your life isn’t it? @Allyg8911 What’s your schedule hun?Just chillin, playing some league - thought some of you might wanna join me!
@_sunshineCHI Exaaaaaactly! @OMGitzGemini Hahaha right!?! I credit your mentorship 😂 @UnicornyLithia Fantastic, had a lot of fun! Started off just playing LoL while waiting for people to get in for t… @OMGitzGemini Yeah it’s that carry on unbothered part that usually gets me, but not this time!! Lol @azdefire @ExecutieXO Tons! It’s nice to be able to play with and interact fully with your viewersI’m dyyyying @Nerd_Mom13 @UnicornHairz Can you be my wifro instead? @Dark_Angel961 hey thank you for stopping by the stream, was great to have you!Go watch this fantastic, beautiful fucking woman crush Friday on Twitch!! @SeaGlassSiren dont dip the pen in the company ink...whats the female equivalent? Dont....let someone dip their...… @SephyraVII You are amazing, I've loved every interaction I've ever had with you. I count myself lucky to have you as a friend on here
Playing some broken ass Maokai in the top lane! League stream, come in and say hey!!! #leagueoflegends stream and then #jackbox friday stream!! If you wanna play, let me know here! @GennaBain Heyyyy that’s fuckin amazing!!!! @redhead_ordead Dental hygienist would be a COMPLETELY different career path @redhead_ordead Cool cool, just, ya know....never sleeping again. Ever @Allyg8911 @Allyg8911 Dawwwwww I see what you did there @harleyquinnsmr1 I’m not feeling optimistic but mannnnn I hope! @Allyg8911 Hahahaha how’s you find this meme of me!? @Allyg8911 Hahahaha this is true @Allyg8911 Oh suuuuuper fuckin dark, lol @Allyg8911 @loriirosetv You’re welcome! @scarra Baccarat. Channel your inner James Bond @ThatPhobos Heyyyy happy birthday ya crazy sonofabitch!! @Allyg8911 @loriirosetv Super sorry to see you deal with this, but you look great! I hope that view of yourself is short lived 😊 @Allyg8911 I have this one, reallllly good read @Allyg8911 @alystewarta_ Yep, but having an interest in someone that is mostly sexual is I think pretty human/normal. @Allyg8911 @alystewarta_ Yep and that’s exactly what I told her too, intentions just have to clear 😊 @lauz006 Took me a second to remember what my post was when I read this, lmao!! Psh leave it in! @alystewarta_ Oh for sure I get it - I think if people KNEW up front that was the interest you’d be good @DarkCloud190 Woohoo, glad you’re on the mend! @lauz006 Gotta advertise that buttocks filling @esrivs God I’m so sorry, sending strength to you and their family @K_ryptx4 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 @blkgirllostkeys And that’s how you know the weekend needs to begin NOW @alystewarta_ Absolutely not, I know many people who feel the same way. @blkgirllostkeys @alystewarta_ I just don’t like when threads get hijacked and agenda driven. I should have blocke… @blkgirllostkeys @alystewarta_ And I get that, I was just pointing out that sometimes people think someone is being… @Allyg8911 yeah, can be a little choppy though and then I just get frustrated @Allyg8911 Right? Either gaming or youtube, there's nothing else to look at @Allyg8911 I'm usually in the pickup line playing Don't Starve, so I'm with ya! @Allyg8911 @Allyg8911 @SydLance I turn on my computer - and my lights. Apparently I'm boring lol @Allyg8911 @Allyg8911 @Ellelaith1 lol very cute! @Ellelaith1 Yep - when the chips are down, who is still there to lend an ear or send a funny meme? @Nerd_Mom13 @Nerd_Mom13 Hahaha right!? @vL1ghtz @ThreshFPS sks @Azeriath @shyfty221 Couldn’t agree more my friend. Might be hard but it’s sometimes necessary @goldnpersephone God bless thigh Thursday!! @Nerd_Mom13 Hahaha I like you @StrawbraryLoL Lmao so true @OhNoSheTwitnt Lmao my favorite of those was a swastika holding an assault rifle And yup that list looks pretty much correct @Nerd_Mom13 YUUUUUUP @Alisera @HCritty I did that on stream creating a sub badge for that reason, I love creative group input ❤️ @_sunshineCHI Yeah when did that shit happen!? @shylostconfused Oh I will be an investor - and by investor I mean be a daily patron of such an establishment 😂 @Oreocide As she says “I’m not tryna start shit”. Yes, yes you are. Everyone - welcome to “1984” in real life. @loriirosetv I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but my community knows I always make myself available when peo… @cass_fos We Zonies are pretty badass - we will all be here whenever ya get back! @loriirosetv The weight in my face. When I gain weight it always hits my face first which I hate because I feel li… @UnicornSoxx GENIUS! I know what I want for christmas now. LOL thank you!! @UnicornSoxx do they make men's jeans like that? if they do, SOLD!! @UnicornSoxx hahaha right?!?! damn you warm jeans, stretch already!! @UnicornSoxx I dont appreciate that whoever created this was obviously watching me get dressed this morning. I feel violated. 😂 @_Piggotto_ this....this is the thread I didn't know I needed after the day I've had - there is a god after all @RiderofWolves @SeaGlassSiren Correct - the anonymity of the internet allows people the freedom to be whatever "sel… you attack my character and put words in my mouth, when you have an agenda and refuse to seek to understand -… @DeficientFairy @alystewarta_ @blkgirllostkeys And when you start with essentially name calling and attacking my ch… @DeficientFairy @alystewarta_ @blkgirllostkeys *libel @DeficientFairy @alystewarta_ @blkgirllostkeys Nope, lies slander and liberal have no place in politics, or anywher… @DeficientFairy @alystewarta_ @blkgirllostkeys Because nazi's had nothing to do with me saying "hey, remember somet… @Priime013 @DeficientFairy @alystewarta_ @blkgirllostkeys Who gets to speak is decided by the majority - and sometimes the maj…