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@SkellyTwitch But all others are typically boring as fuckkkkk @SkellyTwitch Literally only the Macy’s parade is worthwhile. Maybe Disney’s electric light parade. All others can cease immediately @UnicornyLithia So talented!! @intheloop925 Wait I shouldn’t say “oh I like your full figure” or “wait are you a man”? 🙄🙄 Some people’s children @_zanzer League. Always league @grizzilk @DelightDaniTV AccurateI’m case you didn’t know who a horrible person looks like, this....this is what it looks like @werewolfqween Time to burn the car @LeppelyPlus @HamiltonMusical I know we missed it when it came to town I think last year. I did theatre for 20 plu… @PsnTVde Ah you need subs to be respected - well somebody apparently has zero self respect - or self awareness @intheloop925 I’d like to be midrated in both - just completely, fly-under-the-radar averageThis is huge - if you missed our first episode, you missed a HELL of a good time. I sing whenever I cast a spell,… @Nerd_Mom13 The miracles of communication lol @intheloop925 Deanna Troi funny enough lol @Mystical441 @StateFarm Your kid is a genius @Mystical441 @intheloop925 Can you get me some vague racism, perhaps some almost violent virtue signaling? @intheloop925 Yeah I’ve never really understood the lack of pockets on women’s pj pants, what doesn it somehow ruin… @intheloop925 Still, Id be VERY ok with this 🤤 @Nerd_Mom13 Exactly, my god how insecure can you be - this woman is disturbing, and poor pokimane having to deal with that live on a stream @PsnTVde That’s why I’m glad for finding you guys @atalkingbox because you’re not either of these, truly my people! @goldnpersephone 🔥🔥 @intheloop925 I’d like to be able to focus on anything but this picture today - but with a complete lack of self di… @QueenHorus Well than, time to put me out to pasture....I had a good run. 😂 @RottenPapi That poor guy - that is an unhealthy, abusive relationship that needs to bed NOW @redhead_ordead Oh god I imagine that is a special kind of hell @talk2myhandle Saaaaaame, my eyes are killing me now @matronedea GORGEOUS!Gahhhhh the music to @HamiltonMusical is so fucking phenominal. You LITERALLY do not have to like rap at all to en…
@LadyDiGamer See! I knew it! 😜 @JadedCreative @debiowens Interestingly - not debunked Actual patent. However it’s thoug… @JadedCreative @debiowens #fixedit 😜 @MykOrtiz Hahahaha I’m laughing because I’ll be honest I don’t think I’ve ever met this particular life accomplishment. @alystewarta_ Hell yes!! @BellezaGeezy Saving water right there - you’re basically a conservationist now. @PhoenixRyanTV I’m dying over here lol. I’ve watched it like 10 timesOmg I must've watched this like 20 times and still laugh each time
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworld @carlitocarls Hahahaha you get a pass my dear 😜 @goldnpersephone GORGEOUS!! this doesn’t disgust you, your value system is corrupt and you are morally bankrupt. Yes I’m judging you. This… @Britt_Shellback Or, OR...did you pause it at the absolutely RIGHT spot?! @xXAutumnIvyXx If that’s not motivation to get my ass to a gym....🔥 @sojothepale Lmao never heard it called gwok gwok before, but god that’s all I’m gonna call them now because it just makes perfect sense 😂posted for saftey purposes.. this may save someones life one day 🙏🏾
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworld @LadyDiGamer You sound like a...Mexican canary? Perhaps he was saying you have a multi cultural song bird of a voice 😂 @DragonP0ny @DragonP0ny I just don’t want it to look like shit ..... 😜 😂 @NinjasWithCandy And that’s the problem with the US Senate @DragonP0ny aren’t gonna make the starfleet out of the ass legos though, right? 😂 @NinjasWithCandy Oh McConnell literally said as much that he isn’t impartial - this is a “political process and not… y’all should try some of that “fair and balanced” you talk to much about @primallassie LOVE this idea @JoJoesArt @aaroncarter Wait this motherfucker is still relevant? Lol I figured he was like every other washed up… @itsbrittbeettv Welcome to your new addiction - I’m right there with ya! @primallassie I mean I'd PREFER suppositories, whether it's always an option remains to be seenWe're live with Dicey, our Dungeons and Dragons stream! Come see me as Bartleby, the Tiefling Bard!
@ExecutieXO @SexySedusa Hehehehe I’m leaving I I’m leaving it, I swear!! @breeanimatorr Lmao omg it does! @Miss0ceanEyes @atalkingbox Are you, are you reeeeeally? LolWay to be coffee company, way to be!!! Good on ya! @Miss0ceanEyes @atalkingbox Sold! @Miss0ceanEyes @atalkingbox Yes @Miss0ceanEyes @atalkingbox I mean that’s the dream right there @Miss0ceanEyes @atalkingbox Lol love it!!Ladies - please don’t use this as an audition tape. Not my best work 😂 God I love these guys, if you aren’t watc… @BeccaKate818 Dat church swag tho 😂 😉Happy burfday weekend @SippyCupGames !!!!! May you ALWAYS look like a bar tending pirate hooker my friend @killabubblezz89 🔥🔥🔥Time for another episode of #MTAM! We have a ton of unbelievable stuff to talk about tonight. Don't miss it!…
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworldGonna be on @atalkingbox doing another More Than a Mouthful broadcast - starts in 45 minutes, and I might be drinking, so extra fun!!!
@PikaPepTV If they can get through The Aristocrats without being offended (or even know what it is) they can be my… @Nerd_Mom13 😂 #harshtruthThis tweet is underrated Apparently so is his penis @intheloop925 Yay adulting! @PhoenixRyanTV So what was the ultimate verdict on it? @Godlesswh_re Good lord his points were awful. The guy countering him made some great points though. If you’ve ha… @manicsquirrel Really!? Wow I had no idea, thank you for that information!! @talk2myhandle Aaaaaallllll the nope @Godlesswh_re I’m curious, have you found success at all reporting these trolls? Not giving advice or anything li… @BeccaKate818 @Ser3nityRain Lol oh hush your face! @xMissesLuciferx Lol right?! Wholesome activity @LunaJoestar Wahoooooo!! Added! @xMissesLuciferx Me too...same time?
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworld @Ser3nityRain That does seem to be the move here lol @Ser3nityRain Confession I had a whooooole bunch of what I believe are bots or...just very flattering gentlemen...s… service reminder, if you haven’t added me on Snapchat yet, please do - it’s rather lonely there taking selfi… @RubyBloodRoseG 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻I hope so, ugh just awful what’s been happening and for how long it’s been happening 😭 @SephyraVII Happpppy biiiiiirthdayyyy! @RubyBloodRoseG have the fires abated at all?My girl when we are trying to choose what to eat
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworldHappy 98th Birthday to the one and only Betty White #XCVIII @BettyMWhite
Retweeted by geekdadvstheworld @NerdyScienceGrI Nope, definitely not .... (yes, too often) @talk2myhandle Lmao love it! @carlitocarls You’d better be posting pics of all this awesome shit!!! @xMissesLuciferx Because @primallassie Wait so....should I not finish reading that book then? FUCK! @carlitocarls No shit, this is epic!!! What luck!!!
@carlitocarls Look at you, gorgeous lady!😍 @pamdalorian lol I had the exact opposite opinion - however, love the movie!