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@BritishTrekkie a #Trekkie out fam @cosmicAnik22
"Self sealing stem bolts" reference in Scavenger on DISCO had me LOL thinking about In The Cards on DS9 😂 Nice East… a website? We have an opening for December. @dandeckr Looking good so far 😃 @UnderRepdInTech Looking forward to using it myself! Best of luck with it 😀 @BeezleMcFly @dandeckr @dandeckr Oooh!! That's exciting ☺️ What are you going to write about? @rebootingme In a room full of starfleet officers, you can tell who belongs to what ship and/or what type of missio…
@EarlGrayTrekkie DS9 for sureHey y'all, please go follow @UnderRepdInTech. It's a wonderful initiative by some fantastic people. @claire_helenann @voeckseo I love the main family characters and Catherine O'Hara is fabulous. But I can't stand most of the townfol… @ContinuumTrek @dandeckr up with a wish and @TrekLad made it come true!✨ He’s 44 subs away from reaching 1K on his channel so if you h…
Retweeted by Rachel Di @GeekAaron Oh, good. My Dad once forgot me at Girl Guides because he fell asleep on the couch 😂 @GeekAaron
I LOVE THIS 😍 A fantastic idea from two wonderful humans ⬇️ @BeezleMcFly
@BeezleMcFly Opulence, moody characters, historical facts, historical inaccuracies, and top-notch production and acting. @ComCodyCC2224 I love that scene! I've actually rewatched just that scene a couple times. Knowing who Rey is, the b…
@StarfleetQueen1 @Tiffanieskater Picard & Troi sitting down for a diplomatic talk with the Aliens & Predators. Troi… @Tiffanieskater I'd go with the Alien's alien and throw in a Predator. Although Species 8472 kinda look like Alien… @katie_brennan Rocky Horror Picture ShowSo it's happening!!!! Please spread this around so that many people can join next week!!! Let's have fun all togeth…
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@chrisstough1 Sorry to hear that. I hope you feel your best very soon 🤗I know what I'm doing this weekend 😍 @steamboat28 @BeezleMcFly @Mr_Picard @Oliviaj_8 @Oliviaj_8 plain and simple one is the last day to submit your birthday greetings for Alexander Siddig! Info here -->
Retweeted by Rachel DiAgreed deserved 👏 A truly marvelous show and wonderful addition to Trek 🖖💕 @JaneNX01 @ravenscimaven The probability of you being born is one in 400 trillion. No other unique combination of humanity an… @1701Trekkie Oh no! I hope you feel well and the family is safe. Happy Birthday 🥳 🤗
@NikeMorgan The Shape of Water. I just drove by the inlet about an hour ago where they shot the final scene. Good movie 👍 @MaximumVenture I imagine it's incredibly difficult to steer the system so eventually people settle into doing what… @SentreeHost The best kind of magical 😍 @SentreeHost Happy Twitterversary!!! 😘 @Gloryscope I really appreciate that. I find Twitter to be difficult for conversation because we're missing out on… @stevebot 😂 @jefftakin @Gloryscope There you go making assumptions again. I never said I trust Twitter. What you think that I think says m…
@Gloryscope Not enough room for a proper response. But, "free speech" does not mean companies must provide a platfo… @JustChris2018 Progress happens one funeral at a time and I doubt I will ever see the end of othering in my lifetim… @JustChris2018 Words like "100%" and "every time" are not really supported in data. Aside from that, I personally b… @Oliviaj_8 @JustChris2018 Again, speculation. My dentist doesn't mention that there won't be sharks with laser beams, but I'm… @Gloryscope "Go to a Twitter censored site" immediately tells me the site is garbage. I appreciate you trying to ed… @LizHargreaves LOL, right! Like "Watch out, they're going to eliminate debt and remove systemic inequalities!! RESIST!!!" 😂 @Gloryscope I appreciate your input. But I'm still only hearing ostentatious negative adjectives and speculation. W… aside, I don't have an opinion either way because I can't find any concrete facts to support an opinion. I en… THE GREAT RESET IS BAD Sense: Why? Others: Because it's BAD Sense: Ya, but like why? Others: Be AFRAID… @cxptainjaneway @lesbianvulcan @StarTrekRoom @Emm_Initiative @StarTrek @startrekcbs
@andrewsearles @StarTrek Sames @iamrachel @annieshomegrown @brookita37 @PicardCast @dollfacerebekah @ThePicardcast Totally understandable mistake. I've added the new one to the list ;) @PicardCast @brookita37 @dollfacerebekah It was a good mistake though because guess what @PicardCast .... YOU MADE… @iamrachel @annieshomegrown I never understood why the box says 4 servings. No way I can feed 4 with one box. "strong" doesn't mean you can't wear what you want to wear or look the way you do. STOP 👏 EQUATING 👏 PHYSICA… @WondyMan i get a promo please? ✨ my name's lilly i draw once in a while and i love deep space nine!! i really want to do…
Retweeted by Rachel Di @KuyaBlue54 @SadAndYellow @BankierWalker I'm not even joking, I don't know how to turn my adblocker off. Yes, I know there are tutorials. I s… @reno30 @aneeshack4 @Entr_My_Wrdrobe @CDanAbbott @Evangelion217 @martin_r_ojeda @WondyMan @MMKhorshidian @MarisaP21206100 @rabbitroseangel @Ericnielson11 @f1r3m0u5e @Kirok_Halcyon @thraeyce @brookita37 @dollfacerebekah @PicardCast Absolutely!! Where do I sign up? @RogueMogh @markberkins @raurquiz @DerekSm11904012 @rosebud3606 @gary_thoren @tadayou16 @dominicburgess @aslanenlisted @steamboat28 @TheHealerDM @bri_whyte Maybe..... @ChristinG83 @TonyMarchant2 @markberkins Of course you're in Mark :)