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Weer een dijk van een aflevering: @GeekyDingen over Back to the Future. Ga. Dat. Luisteren.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenComet NEOWISE from ISS, July 5th
Retweeted by Geeky DingenIncoming! The #ComicConAtHome Thursday, July 23, programming line-up is here. Make sure you…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenWatch as the Oscar-winning composer @ludwiggoransson performs the theme from #TheMandalorian. The Mandalorian is st…
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen‘The Crown’ Will Get a Sixth Season After All, Following Creator’s Change of Heart
Retweeted by Geeky DingenI had a magic act when I was a kid. My brothers & sisters were a tough crowd, who heckled me mercilessly. I would h…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenTransport into the #StarTrek Universe at Comic-Con@Home! Join us July 23 at 10am PST for back-to-back virtual panel…
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen @BoxerlessBossk Gatorade?#MyCarWasInTheShopFor being too awesome.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenCarmichael
Retweeted by Geeky DingenReason 1,656,875 to buy a 3-D printer.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenJack Nicholson walking on the set of The Shining
Retweeted by Geeky DingenBen? Out now. Everywhere. Artwork by @ecstaticpsd
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen
Or, 15 times these #Empireat40 interviews by @dan_brooks and @KristinBaver made me say, "I didn't know that!" My la…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenIs Afrofutirisme wel een juiste term, gaat dat niet teveel uit van Eurofuturisme als de default positie? @DanHF hee… weird family. New weird problems. The Umbrella Academy returns on July 31.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenNadja & Laszlo: The Human Music Group. Coming to an Open Mic near you. #ShadowsFX
Retweeted by Geeky DingenI donate to @Mermaids_Gender and @mamacash. If you can, perhaps you’ll feel inclined to do the same. ❤️
Retweeted by Geeky DingenJK Rowling has some interesting friends
Retweeted by Geeky DingenMe and Joe discussing our love for Thor Ragnarok Part 1.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenSay hello to the new Batwoman! @CWBatwoman
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen‘Glee’ Star Naya Rivera Missing After Swimming Accident
Retweeted by Geeky DingenThandie Newton reveals she turned down #CharliesAngels due to a meeting with Amy Pascal
Retweeted by Geeky DingenJim Henson's original design for Big Bird from 1969, which also shows how the puppet would be operated.
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THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN @DisneyPlusNL Trailer (2020) @Niekchen @NetflixNL Wij ook!
Retweeted by Geeky DingenThe Umbrella Academy Season 2 | Official Trailer voor @Netflixnl, supervillains, and Billy Joel. The Boys Season 2 is coming.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenI know you all have been looking forward to an update on the status of "Halloween Kills". Here it is:
Retweeted by Geeky DingenWe like.
This is the fan edit you were looking for #StarWars
Retweeted by Geeky DingenMy 78-year-old dad read this New Yorker article and now he wants to watch STARSHIP TROOPERS with me next week. I ca…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenHappy #WorldChocolateDay! 🖖 #StarTrek
Retweeted by Geeky DingenGordon's alive!
Retweeted by Geeky DingenWat vond @lalalalinder van The Politician? Je hoort het in onze nieuwste aflevering.’t disrespect me like this.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenIt's a trailer! Very proud to be associated with the incomparable @Rose_Matafeo.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenAtom was split by Earnest Rutherford from NZ. Phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell from Scotland. World War…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenMake Dinosaurs great again! In onze nieuwe aflevering hoor je waarom @DanHF en @advocaatsmeets graag terug in de ti… Berry drops out of playing trans man in movie following backlash.
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Bijzonder leuke aflevering! We hebben er van genoten.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenI recommend watching “I May Destroy You” on HBO because holy shit it’s good.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenAdventure Time Distant Lands: BMO | Fresh Potatoes (feat Niki Yang) | Wa... vandaag online: 🖤 BLACK-ISH S1-6
Retweeted by Geeky DingenRIP to one of the all-time legends of film history. The depth and breadth of his career boggles the mind. What a li…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenRenowned composer Ennio Morricone, who worked with Leone, Bertolucci, De Palma, Malick, and Tarantino, has died. He…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenIt's also NOT ok with: Adele-Aerosmith-The Beatles-Bruce Springsteen-Elton John-Guns N' Roses-Luciano Pavarotti-Nic…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenA young king.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenBack to the Future 35th celebrated by Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd – 'ASTONISHING'
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen
Godzilla’s creators shared a short film confirming that the monster’s child is transgender
Retweeted by Geeky DingenAs you wish. wore it better, Part II?
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen"so, the only place we can film now is New Zealand"
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen
A beautiful 4th of July tweet.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenExcited that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is now streaming exclusively on @HBOMax.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenI don’t think Donald Trump wants us retweeting this one
Retweeted by Geeky DingenMovies That Stole Their Plots from ‘The Twilight Zone’ goeie ⁦@GeekyDingen⁩ episode!
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen#AdaptTheFeed i’m a queer disabled artist, i’m only just starting out, so here’s some of my work. i also do digital…
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen @FadingGender @advocaatsmeets @DanHF @lalalalinder @ThomAalmoes Smile more.Vanaf 4 september op @primevideonl - @TheBoysTV seizoen 2. only is it sacred it still belongs the the Lakota people based on the treaty they hold with the US government.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenHappy 35th birthday #BackToTheFuture! I am so grateful to have been part of so many people’s lives.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenAflevering 58 #BackToTheFuture: giftig of nostalgisch? Waarom niet allebei? allebei? In deze aflevering praten de g… naar #BackToTheFuture! Na 35 haar is hier eindelijk de 1.21 Gigawatt analyse van deze Oedipale tijdreis-filmr… jij de film? september op @NetflixNL vandaag in je podcast app: onze extra lange @GeekyDingen #BacktotheFuture35 aflevering met @DanHF
Retweeted by Geeky DingenGuess what tomorrow is?? #backtothefuture35
Retweeted by Geeky DingenThis is heavy Doc! #BackToTheFuture35 #Caturday
Retweeted by Geeky DingenJuly 3, 1985 Back to the Future was released in theaters! HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY!!! 🎊🎉 #BacktotheFuture35
Retweeted by Geeky DingenIn an alternate 1985 timeline - this is the version of Back to the Future that is celebrating 35 years today. Do yo…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenGreat Scott! Vandaag in je podcast app: onze #BackToTheFuture35 aflevering! guy who got covid after refusing to stop shaking hands.
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@EdgarKruize de ‘clocktower’ uit #BackToTheFuture er nog? Update: Fire Spares Back the the Future Clock Tower have an advanced in-hand photo gallery of the awesome new @NECA_TOYS #SDCC2020 Exclusive Summer Games Gremlin Ul…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenStage Manager: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your places call. Have a great show. Places everyone. (see you on the…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenMeer Dansplaining in onze nieuwe aflevering. Morgen in je favoriete podcastapp. van onze vooruitkijktips staat vanaf vandaag op @NetflixNL “Unsolved Mysteries”. op @NetflixNL, de prequel op The Grudge: Ju-On: Origins Miranda and director Thomas Kail break down one of the filmed production's pivotal moments.
Retweeted by Geeky Dingenif y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by Geeky DingenNote to self: Check to see if Google Translator has a "Gibberish to English" setting.
Retweeted by Geeky DingenHeb jij onze #BattlestarGalactica aflevering al geluisterd? behind the scene footage of Bambi...🦌🎥
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen35 jaar #BackToTheFuture! We vieren dat met een extra lange aflevering en speciale gast @DanHF. Morgen in je podcas…
Godzilla’s daughter just came out as trans in the most adorable, uplifting short film and it deserves every single…
Retweeted by Geeky Dingen @IrisVerhulsdonk @ThomAalmoes @lalalalinder Deze duurt dan ook zes uur. @lalalalinder Cardassians? Kardashians?Of nu al, als je onze patreon wordt! Voor €2 in de maand heb je early access
Retweeted by Geeky DingenDe nieuwe van @hitRECordJoe staat op @primevideonl. @advocaatsmeets bespreekt #7500Movie in de nieuwe @GeekyDingen.… het langverwachte laatste seizoen van Dark de belofte waar? @ThomAalmoes zat uren in het donker om dat voor j… Keeping up with the Kardasians (nee, niet die uit Deep Space Nine) en andere reality TV het summum van de televi… jij de nieuwe @NetflixNL serie al gekeken? your fangs and iron your best cape. The #ShadowsFX panel will crawl out of the shadows at #ComicConAtHome o…
Retweeted by Geeky DingenTijd voor een herwaardering van het werk van wijlen Joel Schumacher? In onze komende aflevering geeft @DanHF zijn m…
We spraken urenlang met @DanHF over #BackToTheFuture - de perfecte film? Binnenkort in je Podcast app.