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Half goat, half pelican. Fan of @NeebsOfficial and @ModestPelican, owner of the @AppsroFanClub account. script writing and gaming are my only skills.

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@TTraykJ Do you step on the top rung. @cinemasins @cinemasins I got the same email because a tweet from November o posted had the song "fortunate son" in the background.Goooooooooood morning Furyans, here is my offering for today 💥💥💥 stay safe, stay sexy ❤️ enjoy
Retweeted by Garrett Stringer @lunasm000ke I've heard Breath of the wild is a good game. @breebunn @ColorWare @Doraleous5000✨CUSTOM NINTENDO SWITCH GIVEAWAY!✨ Gonna be giving away this @ColorWare custom Nintendo Switch + a digital copy of…
Retweeted by Garrett Stringer @ModestPelican 9/10 video would watch again. You didn't choose the thicc girl. 😂 @Jayo_Shhh @cinemasins
@wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @TheIllegitJump @AdahopAlex @sarahbbearah @Jon_Fury @TheIllegitJump @wheelz8701 @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @TheIllegitJump @TheIllegitJump @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @TheIllegitJump @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury As long as we don't lose Doug again. @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @Jon_Fury @wheelz8701 You can be my best friend. I don't need no pressure cooker. @Jonathan280388 @JaytheOstrich @Jon_Fury @Thick44Official @SimonSandwiches I will take a sandwich. And a pen to wri… @wheelz8701 @Jonathan280388 @JaytheOstrich @Jon_Fury @Thick44Official @SimonSandwiches @Jonathan280388 @JaytheOstrich @Jon_Fury @Thick44Official @SimonSandwiches I definitely prefer a sandwich. I'll tak… @ModestPelican You're such a wise pelican @Jon_Fury @TheIrishPickle @PaulyWit @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches @Jon_Fury @TheIrishPickle @PaulyWit @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches @TheIrishPickle @Jon_Fury @PaulyWit @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches @Jon_Fury @TheIrishPickle @PaulyWit @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches I see y'all's face love with cowbell, Morgan Fr…
@Jon_Fury @PaulyWit @jenkraftart @SimonSandwiches You're making it really hard to run against you. 😂I hate to campaign against you Mr. Fury, but it has to be done.If the things in this video are true then Simon would he very old. Simon could die of natural causes while in offic… want to say these are political lies but damn, that was a good ad. @Jon_Fury @NosajRellim @theryangeorge From Me to You, I Don't Want to Spoil the Party but I Want to Tell You I'll Be Back. @NosajRellim @theryangeorge Hey Jude, I would set let's Come Together but we should practice social distancing alth… @NosajRellim @theryangeorge If that doesn't work they're gonna need Help. Maybe they should work Eight Days a Week.… @TTraykJ @VbagExtremist a restaurant in texas has a menu item called a heart attack on a bun and the residents have… @VbagExtremist district 3 has texas. we would win by a longshot. if the massive amount of guns dont kill you the ar…
@DajoHimself I don't know. YouTube's algorithm's are wierd. @TheIllegitJump @Jon_Fury @SimonSandwiches @NeebsOfficial @AdahopAlex @TheIllegitJump @Jon_Fury @SimonSandwiches @NeebsOfficial @AdahopAlex She's busy. Considering her talents I imagine… @Jon_Fury @SimonSandwiches @NeebsOfficial There's no way I'm gonna be able to compete against you. Your videos are too a gif or pic of your pet below. lets see some cute animals.
Retweeted by Garrett Stringer @Dangerzios I never see your tweets in my timeline. I'm following and I have notifications turned on but I never see your tweets. @Dangerzios
@wheelz8701 @NGCommunityHub @Jon_Fury Yeah, Australia caught on fire then they got flooded and now the whole worlds dying cause some guy had a… @MosesJJames I have the full game but I was excluding warzone because I'm not a huge fan of battle royales. But I'll still probably try it.Is modern warfare multiplayer (not warzone) worth the massive amount of space it takes up? @KarahsMoments @devion_wizard @puppen_blut523 We all know you secretly like his tweets. @cinemasins I read this is in your voice. @AgentBluesky27 Sounds great. 👌
Finally got frames and hung up my @NeebsOfficial posters along with my @TheHISHEdotcom posters. BIRTHDAY @Jonathan280388! @JackTannerr That was the most intense episode I've seen since the season 1 finale. Great episode.
@urbana_fox Fuck PETA! They have lost all credibility in my opinion. They have killed 80% of the animals that were… @TheSpoonyOne @QuinnMcKay @Savageserene_ @ligerclaw69 @JonnyEthco @NeebsOfficial
@ohmygoatgames I just uninstalled that to make room for AC Odyssey. Stupid small storage capacity. @StealthoMarto Congrats on 2k mort! @daemelar A biopic directed by Taika Waititi starring DiCaprio and Rockwell. Not the best. Not the worst. @DANNYonPC @SimonSandwiches Drug dealer and sandwich maker. It goes together greatly.
BREAKING: YouTube Rewind 2020 will be a vertical video of your favorite YouTubers singing "Imagine" in 12 different…
Retweeted by Garrett Stringer @AdahopAlex @DANNYonPC @skank_a_licious So is it killing beard/moustache follicles? @Speirs_Official @AmandaBurt84 @JonnyEthco half life alyx @BambiWi5 @svracer34 In my house it's Dakota that demands the snuggles. 😁My ad for Appsro for President of Neebs Gaming. @JonnyEthco @NeebsOfficial just finished rendering my ad for "Appsro for PONG" but it's 2am. Releasing the ad tomorrow.Apparently Appsro made an iddy biddy tiddy boi tshirt.
@ohmygoatgames @MothZilla1 @missbadaxe @Ohsnapitsli @StarzyH @aria_jimin168 @angylize @klb6909 @Efi_Efitall @devion_wizard That seems like it would hurt, a lot.Found this on Facebook of what all the guys/girl of Neebs Gaming would be good at. @RoboticHat717 @Deeptec Ah yes, the brave man who once took two frogs on a boat. I remember that tale. @Zygomatica66 @sp4cep4nts
@ohmygoatgames @welsh_jaz No u @stiffy21_ Yep @Nomad135710 @wheelz8701 Spices were valued a lot back then because of the amount of effort it took to harvest them… @sp4cep4nts Meh English muffin. @Darklordtory @FletcherFrom @AdahopAlex @FletcherFrom @AdahopAlex No, this was your punishment for despawning.I did not need nor want to know this information @Darklordtory @ohmygoatgames Full time streamer ro? Awesome!
@TheIrishPickle That better be man flu and not kung flu. @TheIllegitJump @W4rhe4rt 100% agreed. So many games take it overboard. @cinemasins A. @JaytheOstrich @bushhhyy Same thing happens with glasses and silverware @JaytheOstrich @bushhhyy Our water sucks. We live 15 miles away from town. We have a pump in our backyard where we… @KarahsMoments @devion_wizard @DeeZeeGuitar Yes? @bushhhyy Walmart here is doing the same thing. 2 packages of toilet paper. 2 packages of bottled water.
@TheIrishPickle @ohmygoatgames @Kennikish @TheIrishPickle are all amazing people. @OfficialBallsac ad for #AppsroForPONG is coming along nicely. @KayWafflee @bushhhyy Happy birthday bushy! @_Leviathan2 @MittenSquad @MittenSquad But I watched this video.
@Mannymeatwallet You lasted that long? @Taru_Ninja Sounds like something an overcompensator would say.Just thought of a game. Watch Trump's speeches and every time the DOW drops 0.1% take a shot. Everytime it rises 0.…