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@eazy_e2406 Most Edna response @djmausner Wait this weekend will be all TwilightI know Jacob is a cuck but how could anyone have been team Edward when Jacob asks to come into Bella's room and then parkours up? @sdlorman Oh yeah we're watching new moonDie from eating too much raw corn
Retweeted by Sarah HagiAlso.... Bella wears a BOWLING SHIRT with a long sleeved shirt under it at her first day at a new school what a LOSERI'm so sorry but I'm rewatching all the twilights with my best friends from HS and wow the Cullen family is soooooo… @BrandyLJensen This really hit me in the gut, thank u brandyToo scared to text people on Friday and Saturday in case they're having fun and I'm interrupting them @nicknemeroff It's bc people respect you @THerwees WhatsApp me the tweet
This sounds sarcastic but I honestly love when people eat McDonalds fries on the bus it's the only good second hand food smell @BigMeanInternet Never let it drop @lauralloyd Ugh they'll never understandI'm not you dad, I don't wanna go to Dartmouth!I got asked to write about the goop show! piece of clothing I'm wearing from head to toe has a stain on it bc yes I did get dressed kind of in the dark @markmarklittle Wow I love this!!!When I watched this scene I assumed the actors were just walking and running really slowly. Fascinating to learn ot…
Retweeted by Sarah Hagithe poet the poem
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @sassyblackdiva was on tv once and i was watching and my dad idly walked into the room and watched lik 40… about reigniting the adult coloring book craze
Retweeted by Sarah HagiI’m the only person in the Five Guys eating a burger before 11am I feel like Buzz Aldrin
Retweeted by Sarah Hagiit IS always about them, isn't it? what did frankie boyle say? not only will America come to your country and kill…
Retweeted by Sarah HagiIt's bc ppl who work there have to write five articles a day @mollylambert @nightcallpod Sooo much better than that coward James CordenCan I text u
Retweeted by Sarah Hagiwhite people think diversity is 50% white people and 50% every other race lol
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @JakeKivanc @rxdazn I need to know what to do with the breadCelebrities who will never use LinkedIn are trying to embody what LinkedIn is for memes. You WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE HELL THAT IS LINKEDINmls listing for a condo priced at $500 000 today in downtown Toronto (this is regrettably: real)
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @TessDegenstein ..... NOA short story about how Rob Kardashian is like the painting in Dorian Gray and every time one of his sisters gets l…
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @camillard I just read this out loud on the phone to my friendgood... don't make the same mistakes I made...
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi
I hope Toronto does this. I do not support cashless businesses!'ve learned so much freelancing over the past year but i really miss working with people every day. if you have an…
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @alanalevinson alana just so you know i'm gonna come and see this and we're gonna take photos in front of it together @GMPaiella omg im so glad you're back also i low-key got into monk @aminatou HAHAHAHAHAHA @ecareyo She LOVES cults @ecareyo its insane that she's the only celeb who appears on the show @jay_positive damn jordanbest thing about the gig economy has got to be not having a job but still having bosses @jonnysun wow jonny. just last night i was thinking about how snap, crackle, and pop should all die from carbon monoxide poisoning @Scaachi honestly hes making me feel bad! @Scaachi Your dad's swole @stockinettest Lolllll oh man @JakeKivanc HAHAHAHAH @twitpalace You know it!Who could forget this iconic mark wahlberg quote (on his 1992 sold out concert at the Danforth music hall) @vmochama Thank you VickyJedward Snowden @MoeTheSudani @kiva_jane Lmfao @kiva_jane Classic meTold @geekylonglegs I was still too sick to meet up for lunch. She replied: "Jealousy is a disease bitch."
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @Scaachi Because you're a monster @333333333433333 Leslie, come back to me @333333333433333 I was soooo sad when I found out! also bc she recorded a country song and rap song and I can never listen to them again @333333333433333 OMG!!! DARCIE SHE UNFRIENDED ME!!!!!!!!I've told this story on here before but this was the same orientation where we had to name our top three fave foods… @brodielancaster She needs to hurry up ppl are dyingIt's 2am and this is what's on my mindOnce at a retail job orientation our manager asked us (as an icebreaker) what our "dreams" were and this one girl w… @snooksley oh no how will i go on @KaraRBrown @erisyaxamin @jennyhan This is going to be the best vday!!!!Casey Frey scares the shit out of me @tonytula @333333333433333 I tried convincing Darcie to rise up @redford The answer is no!I think I over committed to my new lifestyle love when there's a good twitter in joke like baby Alzheimer's @noraborealis Ok I deleted now bc it made me sick @noraborealis Please show himThe poet. The poem.
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @malikthesudani She should submit a piece to the bofa times! Get her voice out thereJust reformatted a tweet twelve times before I realized it wasn't funny in case you were wondering how little I care about this website
@LeaSabbah If someone doesn't tag someone in their tweet it means they didn't want them tagged! Big no no on here @LeaSabbah Snitch tagging is NOT coolWhy do bash “dead-beat” dads for not being there for their kids but we never question if the child has bad vibes? O…
Retweeted by Sarah Hagitoronto
Retweeted by Sarah HagiThis piece is important and good, it’s also wildly frustrating that no women were asked about their experiences try…
Retweeted by Sarah Hagithe moment management says, "my door is open" you know you're doomed! phoning in an order for mozzarella sticks
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @sdlorman safjsdaklfjdsaflksdjafklsdafjsdanyways I think about this daily
Retweeted by Sarah Hagi @inLaurasWords @frynaomifry lmao RIGHT!!!! it drives me up the wall!!! @frynaomifry Like....just TAG THE WRITER if you're already tagging the stylist, photographer, hair person, makeup person!how hard do you think it would be if celebrities posted images from their magazine profiles and acknowledged the wr… is really shameful from Metrolinx. Their shitty tech puts people in a position like this, where the onus on th…
Retweeted by Sarah HagiThen his boss, a man in his late thirties wearing a gold chain and signet ring on his index finger, being like "gre… you imagine the meeting at the ad agency that did this? some former creative wearing a bucket hat who needed a… anyone ever explained the Jon Hamm skip the dishes thing @boneysoups Sara don't make me cry @TashaBacklin Damn it was meIs a part of me hoping a monster energy drink social media manager sees this and sends me swag? Yes. Omg my life is so smallSometime last year I decided to enter every single contest that was advertised to me. I only did it once and it was…
@miskeencore Best theme song @nwalks Wow thank you @333333333433333 Thanks Darcie. I actually found a box of her old stuff dad kept hidden in the basement. Turns out… no....little jon jon died. He was so annoying but we loved him like a little brother. Guess we gotta really give it our all tonight