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😭 really enjoy jordan craig’s aesthetic. forever blessing us with luxury and im appreciative of it
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @ZionLeexo I was never a big fan of them thingsLmfaoooooooo yo @BHAMPAGNEPAPI Like it’s really pissing me off.I can’t date no nigga that takes ugly pictures of me..I’m going to cook today.I want to go on a date..I just be in my own world.
Heavy on it
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽I want another tattoo. This bitch stay acting funny though..It can’t be nobody if it ain’t me
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽Y’all i told her say “He can’t buy you no Dior cus he pior” i got no text back😂😂😂
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @Vee_Victorious Is it @Vee_Victorious You. @Vee_Victorious I am. @chiddybangy I like it all. Down to the feet @chiddybangy It’s here & it’s wrapped
@chiddybangy Cmon cross body odyI want to start wearing sunglasses more... but im so blind it’s like eh @chiddybangy Share the excitement.Your stockings came? lie these are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever had... and i have a lotI’m really 5’11 don’t let them pics fool u @IAM_Johnathan I got u. What tweet? @_BayBey Nooo cause i hate that shit. Nobody saying swallow it but it can touch u @IAM_Johnathan Lmao i needed to get that off my chest @FugaziBandit I’m a shooter.I miss Uber ... unban me @UberI want to take my mom out for brunch ... where it’s at in BrooklynOf course not. But they’ll copy @nathanizking Lmao bitchMe and my Heavenly Father be battling... he be like you still find shit as a joke?? Bet catch this... like damn it was a nervous laughLmfaooooooooooooo you are a big fucking joke. Grow up
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @_BayBey I didn’t deal these cards @Mogulsociety But i love that song... Lmfaoooooooo im cryingLmfaoooooooo the perfect song to describe my Atlanta love life is... 112 - it’s over nowI want to cuddle. I love to cuddle @Mogulsociety @_BayBey Bye bitch u just don’t share your trauma.Bow wow ft Ciara - like you.. i need to be in a drop top blasting this wit a niggaI ain’t that kind of guy you try to make me out...Why my mother said she walked in the nail salon & the lady sprayed her wit Lysol... LMFAOOOOOOOOOYeah bitch... i bought it all. So now its Black Owned 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽I don’t know if i should laugh or not but I’m in tears omfg😭😩 want to play spades
You bitches really be dick eaters. Give credit where it’s due. @IAM_Johnathan I never took it off. @IAM_Johnathan Lmfaoooooooo I’m quarantining ... don’t do that. I’m good @IAM_Johnathan I might go tomorrow. @IAM_Johnathan Lmfaoooooooo yo... i really needed thatI could really say i had so much fun in Atlanta.
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @Coy1k Lmao I’m aggravated all over againYoooo 😭
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @_BayBey Lmao yes I’m just so over it. But thank gosh im suppose to stay home anyway @thisguuy_ Made** and oh iigh LmaooWack ass barber shaved my mustache offI want oxtails @thisguuy_ From the food u mad on July 4th? @chiddybangy Lmfaoooooooo
So now my flight is delayed but I’m not mad 🥴 @rawinfluence_ Happy birthday king 👑They get nervous when it’s Will on the roster!!
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽This boy complain about everything. Like shut the fuck up
@z_laflare Lmfaoooooooo wtf
@Mogulsociety Fren I’m a stallion. @swishaasam I appreciate it!🔥💪🏾.
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @Geez_supreme is real life beautiful.
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @EmpressVey Awww thank you!!!🔥
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽Look y’all! A stallion friends gonna read me
Now niggas asking me if I’m 4’11 lmaoo nooo I’m mad tall it’s the shirtYo this is really a sticky situationLet’s gooooRing ring, call up GG, do him up neatly* 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽This is so cute G
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @G0LD_FINGER Thank you fren!You sooooo fly i can’t take it 😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @_YoungHot Thank you 🥰 @Geez_supreme Prada bae
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽 @chiddybangy I got u. You’ll have to keep adjusting itYou know when u holding your piss and u finally use the bathroom? That’s how i feel getting my feet doneI came inside and just took a shower and went to sleep😂 @chiddybangy Lol nothing wit me... it just was a lot.Last night was whew... i-It can’t be nobody if it ain’t me’m up
No Fivio No Sheff No Leaf Lzz No Fetty No Sleepy But we got Diddy’s son
Retweeted by Gesus 🗽Let me just get my nails done.I’m starvingOne false move and the gang gon bust @chiddybangy Lmfaoooooooo yo please ok???
Me gon have to send their best fighter for the champ. 🥳When i get this haircut... @james_st_jamess Lmfaoooooooooo i could find that video of that lady arguing wit the wall.