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Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation, genre films. Lots of music from metal to old bluegrass, & retro vgm to punk. MST3k fan. He/Him. Pizza, tacos, rum, booze...

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#31daysofHalloween Night 28 / Movie 3 One more Lenzi flick for the night. No more nightmares though. Unless, that… @tj_mackey432 Oooh! Hope you enjoy it! 🍻🎃Three more days 'til Halloween...
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name @TheMorgster Nice!! I'm planning to watch this with Trick 'r Treat and The Guest on Halloween night. 🎃🎃🎃 @billyjarrettugh Hahaha! "Infect-ed peeppole" was cracking me up. @Unrealized_Tomb Nice! Sounds right up my alley! @billyjarrettugh Haha, nice. Never seen that clip before. Gotta say, I much prefer when he talks about other peop… @Unrealized_Tomb I gotta check it out then! You've never led me astray. 🍻 @tj_mackey432 @tj_mackey432 Exactly! I rarely use them. Until that recent sale stuff I hadn't bought from them in nearly a year.… everyone’s talking about buying physical media don’t forget to emphasize that unless absolutely necessary we…
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name#31daysofHalloween Night 28 / Movie 2 Another Lenzi, another Nightmare! Don't think I've seen this one in about 1… @TheRealMattC I got this version the only time I went to NYC. Couldn't find it anywhere around here. A friend up th… @Sk8JurassicPark Who this time? @Unrealized_Tomb Haven't heard of this one I don't think, but that poster is fucking rad. @CultPopCult Thank you. ♥️
@Humanstein @BDavisCollins I've been assuming they got mine from ActBlue from my donations to Sanders and some sena… @GneissPetunia Thank you! He was my best buddy. ♥️♥️#31daysofHalloween Night 28 / Movie 1 Doing an Umberto Lenzi triple feature tonight. Starting out with one of my… @shyvioletisme Awww! She's so precious! 😻♥️Please consider donating to help a wonderful family in need if you can! Plus a chance to win some cool prizes! Many…
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name @JesKarakashian Thank you, Jes! ♥️♥️ @shyvioletisme Thank you Tiff. It's been so heartwarming to see Lucy in my TL lately. Hope all is well! ♥️♥️ @Pumpkin923 Thank you. He was definitely my best buddy. ♥️ @TheMorgster So sorry! Tugboat was such a pleasure to see in the TL. This year has just been too much. Hope you feel better! ♥️♥️♥️Please consider donating to help a wonderful family in need if you can! Plus a chance to win some cool prizes! Many… @TheMorgster Thank you my friend! Been feeling better as the day goes on. Going through photos and such. It just hi… @tj_mackey432 ♥️♥️♥️ @Humanstein Very well done, my friend! Really interesting!Happy Halloween! Here's my first "real" YouTube video. It's about the history of creepy dolls and killer clowns. En…
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name @creepshowens ♥️🍻 @YouKnowKoe Thank you Sara. ♥️♥️ @furkyourwurk ♥️♥️♥️ @Brundle_James Thanks, man. ♥️Missing my friend more than usual today. I think it's that today is the first day I've had the heater on. He loved… @TheMorgster @skinslip Damn solid film! I need to revisit myself.#31daysofHalloween Night 27 / Movie 3 Gonna give this one here another spin. Haven't seen it since I first got th… @Spookyladyyy And so sad. I really love it. @BloodyPopcorn So sorry! Hope the lil guy feels better soon and it isn't too serious! ♥️♥️#31daysofHalloween Night 27 / Movie 2 The feel-good sunshine fest continues with another one of my favorite rays… @Scott_EJ I guess I've been lucky with most of the SF stuff. I usually go through Diabolik, and never have any issu… @Zaranyzerak This is true! Just a shame since it's so easily avoidable. Ship it in a box not a bag! 😅😂 @tj_mackey432 @TheMorgster I guess it was a good reminder of one of the reasons I stopped buying from Amazon! 😅😂 N… @wildatfart I kept seeing people on here find it there. Searched the four Supercenters near me, and nothing. Only S… @TheMorgster I think The Omen and Critters sets might still be at sale price, but I'm not sure. @tj_mackey432 @TheMorgster That's one of the issues I'm weighing as to whether it's worth trying. The Omen set came… @mquack29 Amazon is where I got this one. 😟 @TheMorgster Yeah. Last I checked it was over. I think it was during prime day or some other promotion? I'm not on… @Castlesvania 🤣🤣😈😈🤘🤘 @TheMorgster Yeah, I'm still undecided. It's just so easy to avoid. Use a box instead of a thin plastic mailer bag!… @wildatfart I still haven't found any of the SF boxsets in store. Had to order them. Did they at least discount it… @Castlesvania dude, you gotta find one more account to follow! 😂😈😂🤣🤣🍻've just extended my 15% off etsy sale to include bags, too!
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name @wildatfart Oh damn! That would be infuriating. I'm still a bit undecided at the moment, but kinda leaning towards… @Castlesvania I hear ya. I'm still a bit torn. Gonna think on it for a day or two. Never seen the third one in thi… Night 27 / Movie 1 Kind of a weird & moderately crappy day, so I think I'll go with some uplif…
@brettgallman Nice! My copy came in today too! 🍻🍻 And thankfully in good shape, unlike the It's Alive boxset. @andyman0216 @MassacreVideo @BloodyPopcorn @DeadAirJeff It's definitely worth waiting for it to come back in stock!… @Pumpkin923 @SludgeCentral 🤘🎃🤘🎃🤘 @FookThis That's kinda what I thought too. I'm just worried they'll ship the next one the same way, with similar results. @FookThis, so this arrived in less than ideal condition. Would y'all send this back for an exchange or just live with it? missed it, but @FookThis already did this one, and did it up proper at that! 🍻🍻 @artist_formerly My bad. Hadn't seen her tweet. 😅🍻That private island meme, but it's Island Of Death. (Yes. I'm too lazy to type the meme and find a pic.) @NecroticDoctor @ThreeOranges Oof @PhantoMantis
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name @billyjarrettugh Well I'll be damned! 😅 I guess everything IS made to be broken. Including my mind! 😂🍻 @billyjarrettugh Hahaha, what!? I somehow missed that! 😂😂😂😂 @chickendynasty I have questions. Mostly about Breen's shirt. @LexxHunter Haha, I feel ya! When cutting out the odd shaped stickers for halloween I was all over the place. Ruine… @billyjarrettugh Goddamn, Combs is just amazing in this. @HoneyIShrunkJG2 Yoga Hosers? @LexxHunter I was watching some videos on the SteadyCraftin youtube channel recently. One of the videos he was show… Night 26 / Movie 6 Last one for the night. Had planned on Suspiria, but decided to go with thi… @Humanstein Glass of whole milk and some Ritz crackers with easy cheese. @LexxHunter You are really great at this stuff, dude!#31daysofHalloween Night 26 / Movie 5 I think this one was either the 3rd or 4th Argento flick I ever saw. Still… @ThreeOranges That sucks! It sounds pretty damn interesting. @BradFHenderson Nice score!! That's my fav Big Black album! Plus, Rocktober Blood!!!!!!#31daysofHalloween Night 26 / Movie 4 Time for real deal Argento. Starting off with one of, if not, his best. De…
@TheRealMattC Bunch of assholes! @ThreeOranges Whoa! Never heard of this. Would like to check it out!#31daysofHalloween Day 26 / Movie 3 One more before I dig in to classic era Argento. Been awhile, but I remember… @YouKnowKoe so much for halloween card! Love it! 🎃🎃🎃 Day 26 / Movie 2 Still gambling around with late era Argento. The Card Player @ThreeOranges for *EVERY* reason.The Artist 👇 The Art 👇
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name#31daysofHalloween Day 26 / Movie 1 The time has come for an Argento marathon. Gonna devote the daytime to some o… @Humanstein Haha, indeed. We tried to tell him to leave it be. Wasn't hurting anything. Shit went so wrong even my… @Humanstein Reminds one time at my uncle's when we heard noises on the carport. It was a possum. He went to scare i… devil wins pretty hard here and we must support this
Retweeted by Mike Halloween Name @CrankyRaconteur That sucks, dude! So sorry to hear it. Hope things get better soon! ♥️ @CrankyRaconteur I mean....oh mercy. @moneymunson1981 @CrankyRaconteur Guaranteed! Couldn't miss it. @CrankyRaconteur Whew! Well that brings me right back to eleven year old me and my massive crush on Rogue in the cartoon! @amylopan That is RAD!! Great work! @billyjarrettugh Oof!!! Goddamn that hurts to watch. That Sid clip is just disastrous. @BrianIsSuperRad @YouKnowKoe Best use of both of these gifs! Bravo you two!