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Gerard Hellendoorn @GeGe0603 Westvoorne, Netherlands

U2, space travel, France, US, spring classics, war is evil, and those fleeing it are victims. No room for hate and discrimination in my life. we’re all humans

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A fire at a New Delhi handbag factory killed dozens of workers while they were sleeping. More here:…
Retweeted by Gerard HellendoornIt’s that weather again @PJDeGenaro @GOP But it’s better to be friends then enemies in today’s world #18000nukes #warsucks @Jurassickingdom Die man is een top top atleet @TheFigen @GaryLineker @LFC Just imagine Mr Linneker just imagine @TheFigen What an idiot.... is global IQ descending or😀🤔 @AvVleuten Vleugels door de trui en dadelijk vleugels in april 👍🏻💪🏻enjoy hier in NL is het eigenlijk herfst ... @Jurassickingdom En willem II 😀👍🏻 @NASA @SpaceX @Space_Station Question: I imagine weight going up but is it balanced by weight going down or is the… @SilRigote That’s a nice picture @PietervVol Waar kunnen wij aanmelden?😀 prettige zondag nog! @SilRigote Ha still with un damaged nose in thispic @katy_fit Lol @ThisIsGwyneth ABSOLUTELY TRUE @siepiesaysso Plankton en zo erg belangrijk, dode zeen is dode mensen schat ik zo in.... what a f...g mess @siepiesaysso Lol.... 😀 @SciteCito @Iweab Fout.... paard is poep is methaan😀 @TheFigen To go where no one has gone beforeHappy weekend to everyone. Too good! 👍😁 #pazar
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @marijnfietst Lol.... @OZD_CDE Dat is een "lief schip " 👍🏻 @SilRigote Howdy stay safe and enjoy while you can @SBergsma @Jurassickingdom En veel andere dingen, mijn belasting geld gaat ook naar zaken die ik niet wil.... c’est la vie @TheFigen Lol well they have fun @harrykantas @U2 @u2songs @U2Community Enjoy! @SJanssen74 👍🏻kijk creatief zijn is 👍🏻 @ChuckCallesto Brave @GaryLineker @FCBarcelona What a guy @TomHall @bclemms The real blob @jees2009 @GocheokSkyDom Yep enjoy @KayaJones 👍🏻I’d get suspended for stating what I hope happens to this coward, so plz just RT & find this garbage person, last s…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @OZD_CDE Yep I fully agree @fighterpics Ooooh yeah designed in the blink of an eye with great engineering skills by the designers, ohh and Rus… @drunktweetn That’s enough I guess 😀 @AshTheWiz @indiannavy @SpokespersonMoD @DefenceMinIndia @rajnathsingh 👍🏻you’re nation is sometimes negatively in t… @AshTheWiz @indiannavy @SpokespersonMoD @DefenceMinIndia @rajnathsingh You have a great job, you’re nation needs ra… @OZD_CDE Indian navy.... they could pump money into anti poverty programs, eradicate the kast system and make their… @SwordsRita He must be so relaxed, his team is performing very well @KleinLeen Dat herriner ik mij nog levendig, ik was op dat passagierschip de Pieter Caland @jessphoenix2018 With all respect for the seat of Potus, the president should retire after 20.
@MattBatzel Stupidity just reached a new all time high 😀 @AntonioParis Some real history there @AntonioParis Grab a guiness! And Glendalough south of Dublin and yes.... Dublin itself 👍🏻 @shiner_sam 🍺? @katy_fit Wow enjoy I would say @siepiesaysso Wishing you a happy 2020😀 @mis_und3rst0od I mean..... 😀 @SimonJester007 I’m ok and for info 13 months ago 😀 of Dutch submarine O 23 in Rotterdam (1946) after service in the Dutch East Indies. During #WW2 she operate…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @TomHall @ABCWorldNews 😳 @codeofvets No matter the background, seems that the background checking is not watertight @ryanramsey14 Nice @BasTietema Puur nederlands iig😀 @TheFigen There’s death in this one I’m afraid @jessphoenix2018 😀reincarnation? @EmmyStar79 Sometimes @drunktweetn 👍🏻cheers @ryanramsey14 Actually the wing of the spitfire has more history then the 2 new ladies below 😀 but the pic is pure British @jessphoenix2018 Leave the Netherlands and do aid work in regions needing it @Brink_Thinker Puppet @madfl3a Miracle drug @kon_marine Top! @siepiesaysso Zoiets @AkashSR123 @PDChina No idea
@OZD_CDE PannekoekenAre you a shipowner/operator looking to improve the energy efficiency of your fleet? See how Wärtsilä’s…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @TheFigen @fun4laugh Lol @PDChina Nucleation ( maybe wrongly spelled) the water should have been frozen but the molecules still move freely,… @mis_und3rst0od Incoming!!!!!! @Jurassickingdom @antofields Nope fout.... de staat vraagt iets aan een bv deze mag ten alle tijden weigeren. De kl… @antofields @Jurassickingdom Voila @thijszonneveld Giro en winnen dat ding 😀💪🏻 @Jurassickingdom Nee je mag als bedrijf gewoon weigeren, dat is de wet..... tenzij in beslag genomen, anders is het… @klaasm67 The but de lion is marking the point where he became injured @cjcheesecake 😀you look very motivated to get up😀 @jessphoenix2018 Not only bears move humans as well.... @okunduugibi @Paleosismolog 👍🏻 @Noodles105 @u2gigs It’s a love affair they were and are the leaders of the rebellion in our youth @marijnfietst $$$$$$$$China’s first and largest all-electric passenger ship, Junlyu, was recently delivered in Wuhan, C China’s Hubei. Th…
Retweeted by Gerard HellendoornWell done @SpaceX 🚀🚀🚀
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @Alyssa_Milano 👍🏻good reply @Paleosismolog You must have geological maps showing vaults there @EmmyStar79 Keep it up, awkward is 👍🏻 @KayaJones 👍🏻nice that’s goats or not? For milk or fun? Anyway enjoy it it’s different then working in the music industry @Iheartwerebears Ok stop the wine now! 😀 @Incredible_Audy He hij is 500 rustig aan met deze vent, die is zoveel niet meer gewend. Zijn staf is oud en van te… @KayaJones In short dogs are smarter then us humans... 😀 @Incredible_Audy Wat een onzin jouw haar is indrukwekkend, geweldig, gewoon cool, niets aan doen! @Iheartwerebears
@nutxaq @SlicerKnobs @Alyssa_Milano Yes bernie is ok @leftyaaron @Alyssa_Milano Also true @SlicerKnobs @Alyssa_Milano Well again someone of 70+ no way they can represent the youth of your nation... times a… @Hadrians_Gate 😀👍🏻 @marijnfietst @jaapstronks Echt gaaf voor de knieen en zo 😀 @KleinLeen Cheers dan maar! @Incredible_Audy No worries we herkennen je echt wel 👍🏻geloof trouwens nooit dat jouw haar in de muts zou passen ( dat is een compliment) @siepiesaysso Yep de laatste is wel lekker afgevallen 😀