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Gerard Hellendoorn @GeGe0603 Westvoorne, Netherlands

U2, space travel, France, US, spring classics, war is evil, and those fleeing it are victims. No room for hate and discrimination in my life. we’re all humans

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Bloke sets up a camera to find out who is eating all the fruit in his country house. Even better with sound.
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @iljagort De rien! @bendreyfuss @JohnOSullivan36 That’s sad.... @ProfRayWills @THEnergyNet I guess it’s air humidity and T that governs this, air quality on a cruise ship should b… @terri_____ Jesus she needs help asap.... @klaasm67 Ja dat is echt bizarTwo boxes with weapons and explosives from #WW2 found during digging operations in the forrest of Malden (in Dutch)…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @R0n3d @SJanssen74 Aaaaah f.....On this day in 1945 the Dutch city of Enschede was liberated by British soldiers of the 5th Coldstream Regiment. Th…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @jessphoenix2018 👍🏻 especially up here above ground, stay safe and keep up the work you’re doing, your job my hobby 😀For the wine experts, and hopefully it brings a smile in these dire times #redwine @LittleMissLizz Ooooohhhh 🤔😀 @beingkarmin We told 11 that school was restarting she was packed and ready 😀 @iljagort ik moet dit doorsturen 😀 @an00474041 Because the death toll in many countries in Africa and India will be high I guess, large compact cities…
@cov_Gretchen After Paris Roubaix wasted and dusted @WomanNL Genau heb net 3/4 fles Rioja achter over geslagen @WomanNL Ehhhhh @Havenlust It’s correct but the lines are just a drawing yes we follow the sun as a system, nice isn’t it👍🏻 @WomanNL Wtf..... 😀 @WomanNL Hmmm die zijn zo wie zo zinkende 3 computers of tv’s aan, kange douche sessies verwarming aan de gehele da… Nr 3 on day 3 @WomanNL Dat zou handig zijn soort lock up voor <17..... @drunktweetn On mails only... especially the famous Cc mails..... @katy_fit @brainwise Stay strong, youre intelligent and will find a job easily ones this is over, sure about it! 💪🏼 @WomanNL Herkenbaar..... @HeleenvanRoyen Yep dat lichaam kan tegen een stoorje @WomanNL Verwende krengen zijn het, pakken pakken pakken dat is het levensmotto en fock de rest😀 @SMusalima @bol_com Vraag me af of ze dat niet op elk boek zetten tegenwoordig @an00474041 Yes. But looking at Africa and India I’m afraid the worst is yet to come @cov_Gretchen Nope that’s a step to far, in 100 years maybe now it’s a bunch of clowns creating there own job.... @SMusalima @bol_com Wel een bestseller 😀 @GervenJan 👍🏻 @SimonJester007 @YouTube @85HotSmartChick @JanGilson @ithrah69 @saavus_ @McAmberdawn @RussAll2112 @IsaNahilaS @JanGilson @SimonJester007 @YouTube @85HotSmartChick @ithrah69 @saavus_ @McAmberdawn @RussAll2112 @IsaNahilaS @Sarsinator 😀 @U2History @U2 Hmmm you have a point there @U2History @U2 Thanks, lucky shot, darn camera was just in front of me @BasTietema Damm jij en je zus echt blond! 👍🏻coole foto @SMusalima Well there’s some truth in that I guess, alas a lot have become a holes..... well my opinion, I guess I’… @U2History @U2 This wil do @_tarmackiller 👍🏻 nog ff wachten kunnen we er weer op uit @_tarmackiller Bikkel @SMusalima Your attempting to give one of the reasons, wars are always about silver and gold, religion is exactly t… @ThisIsGwyneth Ehhhhh @SMusalima That last bit about freedom 👍🏻the rest, Honestly who cares at this moment, I see countries in rubbles wa… @bdk1521 ...... @STVickiWAAF Then by the way... @Feeling_71 @HobbesTonic Ca je confirme!31 March 1905 | Czech Vaclav Budil was born in Karlin. In #Auschwitz from 14 August 1942; No. 58653 - criminal pri…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @STVickiWAAF If true rhen with all do respect, THIS IS NOT SMART! think people, you’re all well educated! @beingkarmin @misskristinruth @SimonJester007 @ithrah69 @saavus_ @konde43872116 @IsaNahilaS @GoddeessofLite @GoddeessofLite @klaasm67 @RobertKoopman Guess that 2 mm off at the start is 3 ship length at 80km..... guess a guided missile is m… @SMusalima Hoi why the west dear? It’s a world wide phenomena and as everywhere there’s people fighting it and thos… alle fietsliefhebbers vraag ik om mee te doen aan de uitdaging om een ​​foto van hun fiets, of actiefoto op je… @DelaneyHarness 😕 thats sad she’s a real hero... @SMusalima Absoluut waar. @Eva_Tramell_ Salut Eva tout va bien? 👍🏻 @iljagort Cool! @Steph_A_Nanny That’s a touch different yes 😀 @marijnfietst Lol... hoe verzin je het @klaasm67 Lol!!!!!! Yep @Steph_A_Nanny Lol @cov_Gretchen 👍🏻opinions are ok, you always keep it neat😀 @Steph_A_Nanny YEP! I liked the FY that came from deep within! We are living like below and they just continue 🤬 i… @katy_fit Damm, stay vertical you will overcome this all! @klaasm67 Well helping or not the vodka sounds like a good deal @U2_achtung_baby @Mikdatca Damm..... 😕Well at least the weather is normal for this time of year... stay safe you all #hellevoetsluis @jackvangelder Leuk stukje zilver op de tafel.... mooie tijden, Michels en zo, de wereld is nu echt anders @SpyMacho If sporting or similar it’s ok I guess but never ever towards anybody or things used by anybody that’s 👎🏻 @Reuters Ooooohhhhh? Well well who thought about that @U2_achtung_baby @Mikdatca 😀 guess it’s more the conquests from Asia which spread certain words from Mongolia to th…
@U2_achtung_baby @Mikdatca Yep but I’m fluent in french and I believe there’s some words used in both languages @utconscientiam @Kica333 Lol... 😀👍🏻 @utconscientiam @Kica333 Even better @codeofvets Damm vultures I really hate stuff like that, scamming older people.... @Kica333 Who is your hairdresser..... @TheCinemaTicket Yep Heat, probably the most brutal shooting in a movie ( ok besides s prvt Ryan) @LoriGreiner @NYGovCuomo He is correct! And yes love will win in the endBrought a tear to my eye. #LoveWins 💗 @NYGovCuomo
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @U2_achtung_baby @Mikdatca My Turkish isn’t that good😀 and I studied a while a go 😀 @marijnfietst Yep denk dat we dat allemaal hebben, komt goed! @Mata_Diwi Oooh stay calm and think a step at the time, you’ll manage I’m sure! @ryanramsey14 Cool! @afiercemind Technical college or better ships engineer college, it wasn’t diverse in those days, remember to sit a… @Steph_A_Nanny We will survive stay safe you! @SciteCito Damm @afiercemind Damm wish I was back in school... I only had grumpy old men 😀stay safe! @klaasm67 Ehhh a lot know he’s from Holland my friends always jokes with it when we had a cultural head to head after a bottle pp😀👍🏻Not many people in France know Dave is from the Netherlands. Not many people in the Netherlands know that either. H…
Retweeted by Gerard Hellendoorn @RexChapman @claudefacade Cool @SimonJester007 @beingkarmin @ithrah69 @Cool_Phoenix333 @85HotSmartChick @saavus_ Our current lives @Cool_Phoenix333 @together_as_us Thanks! @kon_marine Sterkte ermee 💪🏻 @ozd_czsk Jezus no good, sterkte er mee.... @marklanebiz Cool really cool! @klaasm67 Jezus, geloof ok maar dit 🤷 @hemantmehta Worst thing about it where’s the 1.5m in between them? Spraying all over the place