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Gemma Oaten @gemmaoaten Hull/London/Timbuktu.

Actress, Hull lass & proud ♥Acting - @philPdale @qtalent_agency PR/publicist - @ElizaBethMorr1s Public Speaker - @SpeakerInspired Patron- @seedhull DREAMS!

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Go and watch the fabulous cast of Ten Times Table currently at @TheatreWindsor on tour with @BKL_Productions biting…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenYou're the best! Thank you for being the most amazing friend in the world. Love you so much xxx @gtsengineer1 Bless you xxx
@helengartner @TheatreWindsor @BKL_Productions @gemmaoaten You’re very welcome, Helen. Delighted you enjoyed the evening.
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten😘😘😘😘 @helengartner @TheatreWindsor @BKL_Productions @RobertDaws Ah that's really lovely. So glad you enjoyed! Thank you xxxThanks to @TheatreWindsor #tentimestable @BKL_Productions @robertdaws #craiggazey #deborahgrant #robertduncan
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@jodiesdarwin Love and hugs. Thanks darling xxx @Stacey_MW_WL ❤❤❤😘biggest hugs your way xxx @mike36l Means so much. Thank you xxx❤❤❤😘 love you all xxx you love xx @prueDP ❤❤❤Thank you so much sweetheart xx @Stephen59388313 🙏🙏🙏Never give up darling xxx @Stephen59388313 Well done you xxx❤❤❤❤ @Sara_S_E_Actor Bless you darling. She'll always be with you don't fret. Just enjoy her ♥ @jfoote4 ❤❤#mentalhealthawarenessday Suffering from an eating disorder for 13 years changed my life. In fact it changed my lif…'re so happy to be a part of this wonderful fundraiser for #Dogtober! 🐾 @poppyspicnic @DogsForGoodUK
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @LouCK2012 🙏🙏Suffering from an eating disorder for 13 years changed my life. In fact it changed my life both good & bad...But I… your heart Rosie xxx #itsokaynottobeokay of my proudest achievements to date was finding the courage to apply to do a @TEDxNorwichED @TEDx Talk and bein… @TrishaPetrassi @Ayckbourn @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor Thank you love xx @Ayckbourn @DAMIENTRACEYPRO @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor Thank you so much Alan. Your card meant the world to u… @tonye1958 @TheatreWindsor @BKL_Productions Indeed! X
@gemmaoaten @TheatreWindsor Well done love! 👏👏👌 xx
Retweeted by Gemma OatenThanks lovely xxx @gemmaoaten Please retweet to help us light up the #humberbridge at the #DoveHouse Starlight Stride on 19th October…
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten‘The Committee from hell’ @RobertDaws @gemmaoaten #TenTimesTable 🎭
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @gemmaoaten @poppyspicnic @DogsForGoodUK This is great news, and for a great Charity!
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @bsassy088 I will be there and Craig too xxLove it! Xxx @chrischarles131's more like it. Fully settled into my dressing room and look at our noggins all in front of @theatrewindsor Fo… @burgess690 @TheatreWindsor Thank you! XxThank you so much Jenny! You were a wonderful audience! Xx a first night?! Absolutely over the moon and so proud of the cast and crew of Ten Times Table @theatrewindsor @ben_roddy Awwww! You're working with @DrRanj ?! You'll have a ball. Ranj, Ben played my hubby in bedroom farce and… a first night! Bravo #tentimestable cast and crew. So proud of us all. We also received this wonderful card fr… you! Xxx @ianfreeman @gemmaoaten It’s great fun with a Stella cast 👍
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @EmmaLouiseWebb3 @PhilPdale 👌👌👌🙏Thank you so much darling! Meant the world you were there xxx @HuntJosie @JoffPowell @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor ❤❤❤😘Proud of you @gemmaoaten the least I could do! So excited to see you bring the house down! Love you xxx
Retweeted by Gemma OatenAaah. My escort has arrived to take me to rehearsals at @TheatreWindsor They certainly do things in style here .
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Opening night flowers. Wow! Love you @JoffPowell !!! It's the Interval... It's going great!! Livibg my best life!!!…❤❤🙏 my super talented fave @gemmaoaten all the luck in the world for the opening night of Ten Times Table at th…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenThank you. Loving it! Xx you! It's the interval and we're surviving 😂 xx! Brilliant! Xx my Eagel eyed friend just sent me this screenshot... Yep that's ruby and I having a walk in the park and capture…
Not long now @samrenke ! @AntiqueRoadTrip Telly ad is out and we are a cackling!! Standard... 🤣 xxx is amazing! Thank you Trev!! X @Roz4luv Thank you for my card! You're a sweetheart xxx @GemmaEvans @samsparkes999 @gemmaoaten only because people like you bring them into the light in the first place, I…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenThis! Xx @samsparkes999 Amazing isn't it Mental Health should be one of those topics making headlines like Cancer etc, we ha…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenExcited! @RdRobwelch @RobertDaws @handyrhi @craigazey @BKL_Productions Times Table is at @TheatreWindsor until 19 October! ⚔️😡🏡 @BKL_Productions
Retweeted by Gemma OatenAw Yay! And absolutely I will be! Xxx @gazza4666 Hahahaha! Xx @TeamMaxGemmaDan @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor @HeatherBurge24 ❤❤❤🙏🙏 tech rehearsal delirium sets In. Some folk post stylish selfies... Today I post senseless style 😂…
@HuntJosie All crossed @BKL_Productions will be for firming up soonest lovely xxx @TeamMaxGemmaDan @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor @HeatherBurge24 Thank you as always, so amazing you both are ♥ @TeamMaxGemmaDan @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor @HeatherBurge24 No idea yet lovely. I know we come to Edinburgh t… @TeamMaxGemmaDan @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor Bless you, all Crossed xxxThank you love xx @AndyRobbins3 @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor Very kind. Like a Fine wine I guess 😂 xWhere are you Josie? More days to come for next year ♥ xxx thank you lovely xx! X @pwgriffo @BKL_Productions @TheatreWindsor Awwwww thank you! XxGenuinely couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my last Saturday night of freedom in London for a while the… a little Sunday interlude. We go to Windsor tomorrow. Arrghhh! Excited! Have a little watch of me waffling for…
This makes me so happy. So glad I brought you together @poppyspicnic @DogsForGoodUK Fantastic work as ever!🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈
Late night rehearsals... Still going! Not long now. Mr kenwright is laughing so that's a good sign 😂… your brother takes your baby out. Best bro in the world! God I miss her but photos like this make me ☺ ♥ Love… you love! We laugh (or cackle...) a lot!!🤣🤣
@gemmaoaten @AntiqueRoadTrip @samrenke @PhilipSerrell @jameswbraxton Poor James I would have named him Paul after Paul Laidlaw 😁😁👍
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @gemmaoaten @samrenke @AntiqueRoadTrip @PhilipSerrell @jameswbraxton I backed this runner and rider in the 2:15 at…
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten🤣🤣🤣👌 @Roz4luv @AntiqueRoadTrip Oooo not sure when ours is aired Yet. Will be sure to let you know lovely xxThanks love, we had a ball! Xx he is, James the ass! Can't wait for mine & @samrenke Episode of @AntiqueRoadTrip To air as the new series sta… the new series of @antiqueroadtrip Is upon us and the news is out... Mine and Philip Serrels purchase of a life… @Iamjustkim @TheatreWindsor @BKL_Productions 😘🖐
You're in for a treat, we're loving it so much and, as you say, feel very lucky to be part of one of his so rarely… @gemmaoaten @BKL_Productions @RdRobwelch @RobertDaws @craigazey We're looking forward to welcoming you all to Windsor!
Retweeted by Gemma OatenWho's ready to join us at the table?! Not long now @BKL_Productions Ten Times Table @TheatreWindsor And our UK tour… my Sam xxx