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Gemma Oaten @gemmaoaten Hull/London/Timbuktu.

Actress, Hull lass & proud ♥Acting - @philPdale @qtalent_agency PR/publicist - @ElizaBethMorr1s Public Speaker - @SpeakerInspired Patron- @seedhull DREAMS!

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❤❤❤ @gemmaoaten just finished listening to this wow. Really enjoyed listening. Keep going Gem, your doing just fine 👍🏻…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenBless your heart. Thank you xxx of course. Mum @margoaten and I having Wine and crisps in her honour at the wake ♥ #familyiseverything in Cheltenham after getting up with the Sparrows to make it back for the shows after grandmas funeral yesterda… @jerseyboyslady @PSYCHICEMMA ❤❤❤❤❤Love you xxxx @Lou_Bookmarks @PSYCHICEMMA ❤❤❤Time to get your tickets #Gloucestershire. #TenTimesTable Superb cast & at the beautiful @Everymanchelt
Retweeted by Gemma OatenBeautiful service for grandma yesterday. I made it home in time and when I got back this was in my bedroom. All the…
@gemmaoaten Oh Gemm... how beautiful is that ❤️😇 my thoughts are with you today, she will never be far away love you lots xxxx
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @Roz4luv @PSYCHICEMMA ❤❤😍 @burgess690 @PSYCHICEMMA ❤❤❤❤❤God my heart. Making the 5 hour journey home to Hull from Cheltenham for grandmas funeral. But had some comfort thi… @visitpinocchio Hi! Could you follow me please so we can do the ole dm back? Or could I have a pr email to write to…
Bless your heart! Xx thanks love! Xx being guest columnist for @closeronline This week! Sharing my views on life and bits n bobs. Love it when a m…
@pamela2486 So lovely xxx @pamela2486 🙏 @KevinLawesy 🙏 @paulozzy82He is that @JoffPowell ☺ ♥ kind of you! Xx to our very own @gemmaoaten talking about her battles and challenges that have lead her to where she is toda…
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten🙏🙏🙏🙏thank you loves xxxx proud Patron ♥ few weeks ago I did an interview for the Daily Record to promote the tour of Ten Times Table going to Edinburgh.…
So special. My best friend in the world always going above and beyond for me. joffpowell You are amazing! He came t…
Miss you so much Grandad. 5 years ago today. Can't believe we say goodbye to Grandma next week too. It's been a rou…
@katherinbourne @TEDx @TEDxNorwichED Bless you xxx🙏🙏🙏🙏xx you. Thank you so much! Doing my @TEDx talk at @TEDxNorwichED was one of the proudest moments of my life... A… @RobertDaws Love you Bob 🙏❤ xxx
@Roz4luv Aw get well soon. Off to do 1st show of day 😘 xx❤❤❤ favourite committee! 🌟
Retweeted by Gemma OatenSome days we all just need disney ❤😍 #cosy #bigkid #cute @ Shrewsbury, Shropshire a fine committee we make! Lovely company meal last night with the tablers gang! Still time to see… @thealisonedgar @KatyLeeson Thank you darling! XxxVery well done @gemmaoaten @KatyLeeson . DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten
@esioul Thank you darling. That was pretty horrid. Good to be back ♥ xxx🙏🙏🙏 from the bottom of my heart for the amazing feedback to the podcast I did with @KatyLeeson I've just listene… @NeilJon84603173 @SEEDhull Thanks love. Much better thank you xxx @julie1diamond @KatyLeeson Aw love you too. I thought you'd left? Xx
@ChrisKeen24 👊👊 @AGM1602 So lovely xxx @beanie1503 Back on stage... Dr theatre always works 😘 and @RobertDaws Making me laugh ♥ xx @XxAmyxPopxX @HeatherBurge24 Love and hugs xxx @Roz4luv Thanks darling xxx @HeatherBurge24 @XxAmyxPopxX ❤❤❤❤❤❤ @EdNigma558 Bless your heart xxxxxSadly got a 24 hour bug yesterday, sick as dog all the way to shrewsbury then couldn't stop being sick all night 😔… @HeatherBurge24 Just got this at theatre. How lovely of you to make it for me 😘 feeling weak but much better god… a great episode of the podcast!It’s as though I’ve been on a life journey with @GemmaOaten but will never full…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenThank you so much! Xx😂 thanks... I think! 🤣😍❤ incredible lady @gemmaoaten is available to speak in just two more @UnitedLearning schools this academic year.…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenThank you. Can't wait for my next talk in Brighton. You're support is amazing and I love speaking as part of united… bless you. That's so kind. Thank you xxxx by the support of this already. Thank you so much for having me on katyleeson @thesocialchain , it was… you lovely girls. Xxx💔Surviving a 13 year battle with mental health ❤️ For anyone who has suffered or is suffering currently this podca…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenOverwhelmed by the support of this already 🙏 thank you for your kindness and for having me on. I hope it makes a di…
Going live 12pm tomorrow, my best ever podcast talking to @gemmaoaten about her inspiring journey. Listen and subsc…
Retweeted by Gemma OatenThis is so lovely ♥ thank you so much. Please all have a watch 👇 and get ready for my guest spot on the brilliant…
@Katyanne291988 ❤❤❤❤❤😍 @GeorgeAitken14 @BKL_Productions @RobertDaws @handyrhi @RdRobwelch @Fletcher_Hudson @craigazey ❤❤❤🙏 @gemmaoaten @BKL_Productions @RobertDaws @handyrhi @RdRobwelch @Fletcher_Hudson @craigazey loved it in Edinburgh.x
Retweeted by Gemma OatenLove this! Thank you for supporting us xxxx🤣🤣👏👏🍷 @gemmaoaten @BKL_Productions @RobertDaws @handyrhi @RdRobwelch @Fletcher_Hudson @craigazey Congratulations one and…
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We're doing our 100th show?! Happy 100th to us @BKL_Productions Ten Times table @RobertDaws @handyrhi @RdRobwelch back! Xx @gemmaoaten @jazampawfarr @Frederika_R @esioul Thank you lovely, really kind, as do you!! 👊💜💜
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @gemmaoaten @jazampawfarr @Frederika_R @elly_chapple
Retweeted by Gemma OatenYou rock @jazampawfarr @Frederika_R @esioul @elly_chapple Kick Ass ladies! Xx this! What An amazing group of women to be listed with!!! Get in touch @SpeakerInspired to get us super woman…👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏 bless you. I'm so glad my @TEDxNorwichED talk helped. You can grow flowers where dirt used to be xxx someone who looks at you the way @gemmaoaten looks at @craigazey this #ValentinesDay Or find someone to take…
Retweeted by Gemma Oaten @Katyanne291988 They'll be up there together ♥
@ballum_new 😍😍 @XxAmyxPopxX ❤❤❤ @bretwhitcombe ❤❤🙏 @alynstudio ❤❤ @FitterStronger1 ❤❤ @lulabell333 😘😘 @zzpete 😍 @chrissy79rand ❤❤ @TonyCripps2 ❤🙏 @stevejlewis @whiterosejock 😍😍 @burgess690 ❤❤❤ @Roz4luv ❤❤❤❤❤ to keep posting about Sunday but this picture brings me so much comfort. Being away from my baby @gemmaoaten
When you meet the playwright himself @BKL_Productions Ten Times Table. Wonderful @Ayckbourn what a delight and hono…'re all so beautiful to me. Thank you xxx am totally blown away by the heartfelt and loving words you have all sent me in the last 24 hours on my Grandmas…