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so the interesting news is i don’t have an ulcer, or even gastritis. they found literally nothing. so next step is… an endoscopy this morning. that shit is traumatic huh? never again! 🥺 @faeszii @Spotify in love with thisjesse genuinely deserves all of the success and recognition in the world. 😍🥺
@gen_illiterate sorry to disappoint official statement. i won’t be taking any questions. please respect my privacy. 😔
Retweeted by gemhell yeah im gonna throw it back to boney m! @Brackurny i keep getting my heart broken💔 @Osiefish omggggg I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN HE’S A YOGS FANNNNNNNN? i thought he was just a random creep ugh this isn’t fun now @waseem_meesaw what’s ur rate? @stevienicks420 i’m@losing my mind @sainoorvin @nicegirlmeg same @CharlieTizard thank you so much 😊 it was really great!ok pity party over
i adore this stomach ulcer is killing me mentally and physically lol! 8 months of pain, meds not fixed it and no endoscopy… and this one is a classic @katnipcrafts omg check my tweets- didn’t share any with us both in case u didn’t want it shared!’ @gemothy "he's looking right at me dude"
Retweeted by gem @tactful josh ffs j hsjdndndjj ncj @SquidGaming WIG DJDIDIWODJDODOD @SquidGaming sorry @bouphe honest reply but white christmas :} fine. @PCVXD oh hell yeah’ @DarienSwartz i think you’re RIGHT!!!tortillas? tortilla chipseating a bowl of grapes and a bowl of tortillas as soon as my appetite comes back after a day of sickness is eithe… @Proasheckfan @PyrionFlax here's a sneak peek @PyrionFlax dm'd you1 million likes and i'll post my left 4 dead nick cosplay pics from when i was a teenager @gothic_lemons has me hooked on window swap and i'm crying at san diego. i miss san diego so much, i left a piece o… @28Greenghost @bouphe yoooo r u kiddin? they r 10 @bouphe @omgodlewski you really are @SquidGaming @Crustydoggo kirsty please don’t turn to this
@bouphe @SquidGaming cant see! feet too big! @norwichgiant HELL YEAH!!!new housewives!! 🥰’s chriiiiiistmaaaaaas! @CrumbSandwich @TomPBates i hate youhe is so talented it makes me sick @MissMousieMouse in any hugh grant romance world, yes!! @katnipcrafts @goldenberryx i mean... YEAH.... @boba_witch oh my god i missed this i love you so muchthat escalated quickly
Retweeted by gem @NinaSerena i am just trying to find some joy in my silly little life @NinaSerena grimes is soooo good! every song makes me feel so cool @Proasheckfan to be loved by my father @magnavox_13 too hot too hot!
@magnavox_13 @Ifxchi you are the exception
Retweeted by gem @likeIyangel omg i’m so sorry i just... it is good in so many ways but it feels slow and i genuinely do not care about her at alp @BaconCheeseZ oh GOD yeah!i found the queens gambit boring i’m so so sorry @toridenholm i worship him. king! @AJHarmon very good ill allow it @bouphe @AJHarmon tom wanted to add karen berrythanksgiving drag names: - candy d’yams - dina rolls - rose turkey - karen berry sauce @leigh_magee 🥰🥰🥰 @Laurennial_ oh my god incredible, it is so wrong and i have so many questions @AJHarmon why is this making me laugh so much im so mentally illI couldn't wait until December
Retweeted by gemlosing my mind at this comment! what could it mean!
@MissMousieMouse WHO IS THIS MANi genuinely don't know who this man is, me and @MissMousieMouse are stumpedtwitter who is this man? wrong answers only @Pedguin omg lol @glamdemon2004 your famous! was so fun im so obsessed with all of ucome figure out if this is a breakdown or not! @Sips_ hello my name is gemma i'd like to join @ruta_blue omfgoh my god riley
2020 @staledevice i forgot to take piccy hold on i send u videotonight i made a pumpkin pie, a roast chicken, creamy mash, garlicy sweet potato mash, honey roast carrots, garlic…! @RadderssGaming god could you imagine?!?!almost listened to the smiths by accident @bouphe love you @Brackurny THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! @Ravsy_ @Sips_ @hypocotyI i hate this so mucheverybody be like *gets married* *buys house* and im like... i just wanna be able to eat chocolate without tummy hurty @feralopex honestly this is it, i read it to the LAST PAGE just waiting for something interesting to happen and ... NOPE!!! @bouphe finished reading a really dull book and i feel so free now oh my god i am so happy it’s over
it’s still my favourite @officialvalkia slightly less full glass and real housewives on a chromebook. not as lit tbh @AJHarmon i luv u @Friendly_Kat i won’t lie, a man did walk past me laughing! @Pedguin ugh breeh fuck sake can’t take him anywherewent outside again today us with the yogs. come say hello! @ally_brisland pedguin and a bunch of the lovely yogs people!