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Track of the day // Oneohtrix Point Never - Long Road Home
glad to now have a rational reason for hating this man
Retweeted by Gemma SamwaysI’m watching the One Show. Fuck 2020 @katiesol @__jordan Oh god I love it @__jordan The 1975 didn’t win for Somebody Else and that’s 10000% better than If You’re Too ShyKano for the #mercuryprize, Harry Styles for the #twentyquid prizeTrack of the day // Tune-Yards - Nowhere, Man
Robin Williams in Aladdin 🙏Track of the day // Tems - Damages
@jamesrfarrelly @CharKrol YesI wouldn't normally link to the NS, but this is brilliant - Judith Butler absolutely shutting down all the leading…
Retweeted by Gemma Samways @CharKrol We’ve done that but excellent shout @simonjward Now you mention it I haven’t watched the final episode of that - thanks!Still bereft after finishing Succession. Can anyone recommend anything to fill the void? @JessPartridge Champ 🙌Track of the day // Mustafa - Air Forces
Forever thinking about that guy that bought an egg, drunk in a pub and it hatched into an emu "Boris did/not go to Perugia in Italy" - why does this matter? A thread. Background first. On the 17th Sept, of…
Retweeted by Gemma SamwaysI’d love it if Chris Whitty did a Kendall in Succession
Retweeted by Gemma SamwaysMe @townsendyesmate 💀Track of the day // Baby Keem - Hooligan🚨PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 i have written a book (!!!!!!!) it’s called “queer london” and it’s an a-z of lgbtq+ lond…
Retweeted by Gemma Samways
thrilled to be voicing the audiobook for jk rowling’s crossdresser crime novel! here’s a lil sneak peek :)
Retweeted by Gemma SamwaysTrack of the day // For Those I Love - I Have A Love @Patrick_Johnson AmenProtect Mr Tumble at all costs
Track of the day // Faye Webster - Better Distractions
What a fucking song of the day // SALEM - Starfall"all these credible artists AND van morrison" i am CREASED
Retweeted by Gemma Samways"It does break down that barrier a little bit when you’ve committed to being half-naked in front of thousands of pe… Inch Nails forever tbh @alimkheraj *hoped @StephanieFlooks @katiesol @sammymaine I like the ambiguity of that
Probably says a lot about my fragile ego but positive feedback is just such a mood booster ❤️Track of the day // Slowthai - Feel Away ft. James Blake, Mount Kimbie
Track of the day // Flohio - Unveiled
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 I’ve got a chance here at an after party wishing you'd gone home
Retweeted by Gemma SamwaysMe blind drunk in McDonald’s at 4am looking for my order number on the screen x
Retweeted by Gemma Samways @michelle_amaria @hannahjdavies I can't wait to watch thisFew things make me cringe more than reading photo captions I used to write on FacebookTrack of the day // Porridge Radio - 7 Seconds amount of horoscope chat I initiate in interviews nowadays honestly @limitedmitch pls 🥳
It’s 2020 and Jedward are now the go-to moral arbitersTrack of the day // Shame - Alphabet @alimkheraj ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Congrats Alim! xx (only just saw this)few things I want to celebrate less tbh day is it
Enormous tune of the day // King Hannah - Crème Brûlée
Track of the day // Lava La Rue - G.O.Y.D. @sankles It absolutely will get better, I promise. In the meantime go easy on yourself and take all the support you can xxx @MisterWindle OoooooWith the deadline looming we’ve gone with Wet Ass Ian Rushy 🥴Quick I need to think of a name for my fantasy team
@gemtriesharder See also: elaborate proposals that involve more than the two people getting married.
Retweeted by Gemma Samways @kittystannard Oh my god yes @CATHFACTORY I’m probably the wrong person to ask - the idea of getting of married scares me because I hate being the centre or attention @CATHFACTORY A) why does the gender matter b) who is the announcement even for?! Just find out quietly at the scan ffsTrack of the day // Pa Salieu - My Family feat. BackRoad Gee reveals are for psychopathsThe literal greatest of all time La Rue x Clairo x Vegyn is extremely ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
💕 things make me as nostalgic as As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 2 🖤👑 time I’ve ever recognised a dog in the street from InstagramNormalise valuing music releases past about 3-4 weeks
Retweeted by Gemma Samways @psychic_hearts Happy birthday! X @joeparry You could def pull it offCasually browsing £180 boilersuits like it’s a normal amount of money to spend on looking like one of black midiTrack of the day // Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu - Worst Comes To Worst into this by @kinghannahmusic @aubrey_writes Happy birthday! Always have an extra couple of slices x @MusicWeek Gemma Samways - Freelance - Derby County 🐏
When the riff from earlier comes back, but S L O W E R
Retweeted by Gemma SamwaysTrack of the day // Janelle Monáe - Turntables bad time to have a toddler who likes licking surfaces tbh
Noooooo @StephanieFlooks Just reading the quote I get shivers @JoeAndertweet Still not over how incredible Scared of the Dark isNew Order forever 3 Cadbury’s: 3. Flake 99 cones 2. Giant buttons 3. Mini rollsTrack of the day // Good Sad Happy Bad - Shades
Hire Lee, he's the best maybe just don't give him a platform made me lol repeatedly💫✨ of the day // Thibault - See The World
Cannot WAIT to be back onsite next year of the day // Arab Strap - The Turning Of Our Bones
@sankles In sharing this you’re already stronger than you think. Sending you and your family all the love xInterview // Moonchild Sanelly for Loud and Quiet