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Bag for life. New Sounds Editor @LondonInStereo. Words: Evening Standard, Crack, Loud and Quiet, The Face, i-D. Commission me:

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remember how for 3 years people acted like brexit was the only news event that mattered and now no one seems to giv…
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹 read that as Tanya Turner @HattonKaty That’s about the same weight as LivyTrack of the day // Chromatics - Toy will my Euston Pret return from the war
What a song needs to sack her agentAnyone else constantly ravenous in winter?Interview // Squid for Crack @ClashRobin Fun fact: he was at my sister’s weddingThis url is absolutely a subtweet“Bedlington terrier puppies” is my new favourite google search @timjboddy Love to you, Tim x @flashtaggyblog Hi! @JessPartridge 😊 of the day // Four Tet - Baby
@Dave_Rowlinson @rdeanstone Same!Eat the elephant @Stephanopolus !!!!Legitimately one of the greatest pop singles of the 21st century I will not be taking questions.
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹Track of the day // Rosalía - Juro Que my god this song 🖤 many enjoyable quotes in this interview
That Tirzah album though 😭Mildly obsessed @Eamonn_Forde The fact they were all so horrible was part of the appeal for me. Cold Feet was properly shit though @Eamonn_Forde Hahaha🙏🙏🙏 (Also Anna is the original Fleabag) this January never end @MattLangham @aubrey_writes That's a ridiculously strong list. Would swap National Anthem for How To Disappear Comp… really missed Jme's tweetsTrack of the day // Planet 1999 - Party
Reminder I'm available for bios, features, reviews, panels etc. Portfolio here Contact me at glsamways@gmail.comHad a really enjoyable chat with Squid for Crack, in which we mostly geeked out about Vic and Bob >>> of the day // Porches - Do U Wanna it'll be better than Hymns, which is genuinely one of the worst records I've ever heard
Tirzah's voice though is saved, god bless Gaga7 months ago i was living with my parents, had no car, suffering from severe anxiety causing major headaches daily,…
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹SOSS/o to the morons on Kingsland Road who’ve spent the past 30 min blocking both lanes of traffic apparently re-enact… of the day // Empress Of - Call Me, Simz, Pixies, Aldous, Shygirl, Squid, Big Joanie, Girl Band, Field Music 😍 What a thoroughly lovely time thi… more perfect songs than 1979 imo
Track of the day // Rina Sawayama - Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)
Jennifer Coolidge was 38 when she played Stifler’s momTrack of the day // Lauren Auder - June 14th
I'd wear the entire Gucci AW20 men's collection tbh // Beverly Glenn-Copeland for Loud and QuietThe Love Island effect of the day // Amindi - Love Em Leave Em feat. Kari Faux
My momma when she was raising us vs her now raising her grandkids
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹How would you even search that gif! is something I say to myself too regularly on TwitterMusic journalism in the 90s: drinking absinthe in a limo with Aphex Twin Forsyth’s wonderful debut is out today and you should absolutely listen to it (FFO Scott Walker, Nico, Nadin… of the day // LA Priest - What Moves
Giorgio Moroder meets Introspective-era Pet Shop Boys amazingness for the best ehI think he’s the last artist I was properly obsessed with - like, pouring over their lyrics, following them around… the love of god can someone book Missy Elliott for a UK show pleasePatrick Wolf tonight 🥰🥰💞 of the day // Sega Bodega - Salv Goes To Hollywood! @CharlieWaters Nothing is as good as When Harry Met Sally
cc @Indie__Bullshit of 2020 playlist, now featuring added LA Priest and Sega Bodega Morvern Callar soundtrack is 🙏 of the day // Soccer Mommy - Circle The Drain @jamesrfarrelly I haven’t even made it past the first episode it’s so unbearableNew favourite record to write to also
The tampon string bit is 👌 @michelle_amaria Best New Twitter Name 9.4Still wild how that band just uncancelled themselvesTrack of the day // U.S. Girls - Overtime a record though on the sax, Mr. Harvey Weinstein
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹 @laurendown genuinely all warm and fuzzy watching thisAnd I couldn’t help but wonder: are black midi just alt-j in boiler suits
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹 @thrhythmmthd Drake - might as well aim bigRight, so what controversy is Boris diverting attention from with this Big Ben nonsense?
Can’t actually believe how bad the acting in the dramatised sections of this is @aubrey_writes Thank you! xGenuinely one of my favourite interviews I've ever done. Such an inspiring individual you see your Oscar nomination tweets vs how everyone else sees them
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹Track of the day // 070 Shake - Guilty Conscience
Genuinely a sentence I never thought I’d say: I miss Caroline FlackMaya Jama should be presenting #LoveIslandMe: I definitely don’t need any more distractions, and two series a year is overkill Also me: @mrdiscopop TBC but high hopes of the day // Mac Miller - Good News Walker, Dermot Kennedy, Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fender are essentially the same personIncredible statistic: the economic cost of Brexit now exceeds what we’ve net paid-in to the EU over 47 years.
Retweeted by Gemma Samways 🌹
I nominated Twigs, Dave and Tyler for BRITs, would love them to winReview // Georgia - Seeking Thrills for London In StereoTrack of the day // Jlin - I Hate Being An Adult @stefanatical @katiesol they literally performed this songJust Maximo Park on CBeebies