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@kevnschpr @StefRandolph Even using the rain cape without the binder clips my legs stay essentially completely dry… @kevnschpr @StefRandolph Having ridden Packster 80 with this type of canopy vs GSD through a lot of rain, it can de… @CarHelmets Last weekend we took the kids by bike to an open house at the local fire station. While unloading the b… @eparillon @adaman797 2 still unaccounted for. 1 person previously missing turned up at a local hospital. @eparillon @adaman797 My sister lives essentially next door to this. They're assembling a crane this morning.
@LeftistMehdi @katalinscherer The Load 75 starts at 8.5k and can easily get over 10k. But that's a high end full su… had my most terrifying bike ride ever courtesy of @limebike. Felt like the entire back end of my bike was goin…
@jzimbabwe We got the silhouette of Rainier from the Vashon water taxi this morning. Lately it's easier to see Bake… @jgipper @kevnschpr @bikeshopgirlcom @UrbanArrowcom Yeah I never actually got around to doing it (I always ended up… @murrayc Haha. I don't think it'll be *that* bad. Reviews were pretty good and there are two layers of waterproofin… @SN_Tobin @Imutahr Financing is increasingly easy to come by. And some of the bikes we are talking about (RadWagon… @timha1982 Burley and Chariot (Thule) are pricy but generally gave better features and are higher quality. If you s…
@CMTMosqueda Congratulations! @freshRoots @raludwick Have you looked at Pedego? They've got a 3 speed electric tricycle with fenders, lights fron… @freshRoots @raludwick Sadly I think trikes just aren't that well developed a niche, at least in the US. @raludwick @freshRoots Haha 😂 @freshRoots I'm not much help for trikes unfortunately. I think @raludwick might be able to help though. I believe… @jbrug @freshRoots There are also options like Affirm financing through some vendors (like Radpower). And we're talking ab… @freshRoots If you poke around in the comments you'll see a lot of discussion about financing cargo bikes. We've fi… @TopHat8855 @Andres4NY @HarryJohnsonNC @justkreth @zain_hoda @kryptonitelock It took a bit of back and forth when w… @HarryJohnsonNC @TopHat8855 @Andres4NY @justkreth @zain_hoda @kryptonitelock @Velosurance Ours are insured through… @TPS_BikeHart I'm glad you were there as a witness @MikeyFriesen @jibreelriley @RadPowerBikes Yes. The RadWagon has some issues and won't work for everyone but I appr… @Andres4NY @HarryJohnsonNC @justkreth @zain_hoda @kryptonitelock State Farm will also insure ebikes @suldrew @rf_mehlinger This is really not remotely true @ClaytonNall I'm not arguing that there aren't *other* barriers (lack of infrastructure is a huge one). Just saying… @zain_hoda @HarryJohnsonNC @justkreth @kryptonitelock 2 year bike loan through a credit union @HarryJohnsonNC @justkreth @zain_hoda @kryptonitelock My Packster 80 is heavier than most bike racks I attach it to… @timha1982 The biggest barrier for my kids for using the rear seats has been comfort in cold and wet weather. I fin… @timha1982 Head control/neck strength varies though, so it's worth taking that into consideration. Not every kid wi… @timha1982 For a Yepp mini a lot of kids will be ready by 9 months (assuming you can find a helmet small enough if… @jibreelriley It's improving, especially in certain areas, but yes, still a long way to go.New post on our latest addition and how we're managing 3 kids by bike @GlenBikes @humofthecity Me the other day, riding my bike: gah, my head feels so comfortable today. 5 seconds late… @zain_hoda There are absolutely a lot of other barriers, and we absolutely need to address them. But this tweet is… bought new boots for bike commuting and really want to know how waterproof they are in real world conditions. So… @GoddardTara (I completed my PhD in 2016, at a different institution, with a 3.5year old and a 1 year old.)
@GoddardTara In 2010 when she found out I was engaged my PhD advisor told me "That's nice. By the way, the appropri… @CCsaywhat Not as low but the term is shorter so the total spent on interest won't be appreciably different. Bike l… @NoSpandexReq Not to mention the further you get the bikes and sidewalks away from the cars, the more it drops for those modes. @NoSpandexReq Yes. And while some used cars are cheaper than a typical electric cargo bike 1) less than 20% of use… cost of cargo bikes absolutely does represent a barrier to entry for a LOT of people. And I want to do things t… not tell me that cargo bikes are too expensive to be a reasonable means of getting around for the same families…
We're over spending billions on transportation for diminishing, marginal returns. We believe our three goals will…
Retweeted by Gen MAt the park next to Yesler community center this afternoon. Googly eyes on the trashcan. First thought: @NoSpandexReq was this your doing?For those unfamiliar with this spot, a protected bike lane ends, dropping you into traffic at start of a steep down… after the 4:15 @MOTHERLOADmovie screening in Seattle. My tiniest human got to join me on stage with @DaveyOil a… ride home from @MOTHERLOADmovie screening in Seattle was gorgeous. But just before this moment we all had to st…
Baby: so hungry, must nurse! Me: are you sure? You just ate. Baby: now! Me: *sigh* Fine. Put baby on breast Ba…
GM: "other studies have shown AEB is effective in reducing rear-end crash rates by 44 percent. “Active Safety techn…
@thismombikes We're at 6500 miles each on 2 of our ebikes and 4700 each on 2 others... Hopefully enough to offset… boss says I "made" him get an electric cargo bike to carry his kids around. He doesn't seem too upset though.… @KSeattleWeather Resigned?Replaced the battery in our bathroom scale and now it refuses to measure in anything but stone. 🤷‍♀️Really hate when motorcyclists think it's ok to pass me in the same lane while they are going 3 or 4 times my speed… @StefRandolph It is! DM me and I can pass it along. @theta444 @Intersection911 @msfour I have a similar rain gear strategy. Right now I'm waiting for it to rain hard e…
So that pretty much made my morning. I don't think he expected me to actually stop and I didn't know if he'd actua… up a hitchhiker on my #ternGSD for the last 2/3 mile of my ride to the ferry this am. I always see a few fol…
@bikeshopgirlcom Yeah, android straight from Twitter. It just isn't loading for me. I get a blank space instead of… @bikeshopgirlcom Hmmm, the form isn't showing up on my phoneAny #SEAbikes folks looking for a ticket to the 12:30 showing of Motherload? I have an extra. Free to a good home!
@humofthecity @driversofnyc And no, I didn't strictly need a truck (certainly not just for going to Sam's once a mo… @humofthecity @driversofnyc As a teen once a month I'd go to Sam's Club with my mom and we would fill the bed of my…
Breaking news! 10 spots of free childcare for the 4:15pm screening! See ticketing website:
Retweeted by Gen MKudos to the courageous @UW @uwhousestaff @uw_housestaff for their walkout highlighting the need for higher wages…
Retweeted by Gen M @davidpulsipher Needs multi person bikes @GoddardTara There's a big difference in the feedback at events in areas that have decent infrastructure vs those t… @GoddardTara Sometimes it's hard though because it feels like a lot of work with an uncertain outcome. @GoddardTara This is something we try to do in Seattle with cargo/family bikes through FamilyBike Seattle. Sometime… bought a Prius earlier this year, after 8 years of not owning a car by choice. My lifestyle has shifted in variou…
Retweeted by Gen M @kevnschpr Haha. This is me. People looking at my GSD: that's quite a bike Me: this is my small one @barndawgie Not today. Coconut cream, key lime, sour cherry, and cookies and cream. @bikeshopgirlcom School/daycare dropoffThey looked pretty good on arrival at home pie box didn't hold up well to being strapped to the bike so I put it inside another box for the work -> home l… transport by bike. I didn't get a before picture but this is after the first 7.5 miles (pie shop -> work)
@humofthecity @eparillon @saysjessbess My 3 year old came with me until I was 7 months, then our childcare situatio… @humofthecity @eparillon @saysjessbess Yep, I rode >4000 miles while pregnant with my third, mostly on a Tern GSD.…
@FBorgal The most recent pair didn't hold up well though, so I'm looking for a different brand this time. I like t… @FBorgal I have been wearing Merrell waterproof boots, mostly Captiva style) for the last 8 years. First in Idaho t… @ACShilton @RevoDoom @bikeshopgirlcom Taking a few seconds to ask me about the bike easily told him I was fairly kn… @ACShilton @RevoDoom @bikeshopgirlcom Yes! Last year I got a flat on my commute. Didn't have my pump with me. Walk…
And 3) this @Boars_Head truck parked in the bike lane in front of the SCL truck. IN ONE BLOCK The bike lane is us… immediately in front of the UPS truck but actually in the bike lane what I'm fairly certain was a SCL truck that… took the new bike lane on Pike for the first time today. On the second block i encountered 1) a UPS truck parked…
I'm exhausted too, kid. But we did it: SECOND SHOWING!!! #MOTHERLOAD @MOTHERLOADmovie . For reals, get your tickets…
Retweeted by Gen M @mariana_vock @typewriteralley I noticed about a week ago that I only see people on Jump bikes now...
@The_Michael_Lee Not that there isn't a market for ebikes with a more "hidden" design, just that I don't think that's the big barrier. @The_Michael_Lee I dunno, I'm not convinced esthetics are a big barrier for most. Ebikes have already easily reache… @The_Michael_Lee If you are purchasing an ebike knowing that you want to bike with your kid I would at least test r… @The_Michael_Lee The main reason I harp on that aspect is that most people find themselves using their ebike way mo… @The_Michael_Lee The end result is that an electric cargo bike is something you can use as a vehicle replacement wi… @The_Michael_Lee Beyond handling with a kid on board and cargo capacity the other way a cargo bike excels (at least… @The_Michael_Lee I think that ends up being more limiting than most people expect. It makes it hard to do even some… @The_Michael_Lee With a kid seat on the back you can't carry panniers (unless you cut the legs off the kid seat), w… @The_Michael_Lee If you're a confident cyclist, comfortable with the bike you're using, and you outweigh the bike +…