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@badamo_michael Go away idiot @CHASE_GUAC Dumbass idiot. Where did it close green?
@Daaze_G @2 @4 Get lost now. Not interested in your sells or buys @KillerStockCall Go away @TradingForGreen Now go away..who cares @gurgavin Get lost punk..just because you sell, now you come with your bull shit fuck off
@BioMoney3 Haha. The euphoria didn't last too long. This is a bioturd at best @AnnaFlorcia @SheffStation Haha..taking too much time..trnv is green and this pos is red. No comparison here
@AnnaFlorcia Still a POS can't compare to trvn..has been underperforming in comparison to trends.
@hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Lol...yes probably the reason I haven't seen an… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce I seem to kinda get it now..your request happen… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce I meant June 28th @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce So June 26 was the last time you had requested… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce But like i said i have benefits of a week remai… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Yes, I did. Only 2 ..regular and PUC @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Yes, I remembered. And that's exactly what I'm… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Lol..its cool @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Okay. I understand that..but when did your 13 w… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce I meant I am NOT taking into consideration my regular benefits. @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce When did your actual PEUC started? @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Now you have me all Thought you… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce My PUC started on April 12 so 13 weeks would go… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce ...payment, I have one actual payment remaining. 13/2= 6.5 @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce I only ask because I got 13 weeks too, but Texa… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Okay. 2 weeks exactly? You didn't get the all 13 weeks peuc extension? @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce And let's say I don't get EB, I would only get… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce What I am trying to ask is that when you reques… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Was Sunday for one week? Because I have one wee… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce When sid your peuc ended? Why nothing for me ye… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Have anyone whose peuc ran out on the weekend h… @babykailan74 So what pps are you really expecting on payday within 6 weeks? @keitrader Could have add for $1.14 today. This stock has completely become a bioturd. Too much pumping and dumping…
@babykailan74 Thanks and Good luck to you too @babykailan74 That's the problem..most stocks with an August pdufa is inching up today and all this does is drop 10… @babykailan74 This stock has done nothing but drop in recent times. Absolutely a POS! @PDUFAplaya Will not fill gap to $2s. Lucky if we get 1.50 before pdufa. This has become a laggard. No buying inter… @TopStockAlerts1 You're a pumping retarded mofo @Johnstown12 @loganrasnic21 How you know that management dumped shares this morning? @LayanSavithra No I don't know why. Do tell @dddemo_ @MrZackMorris Go away asshole pumper @LayanSavithra These asshole morons pump every second they get. I really wonder just how many gullible traders they… @dddemo_ @timothysykes Too much fucking pumping assholes. Wow! @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Hear anything yet on the EB, Rob?
@trader_bio Circle something without a before and are the dunce mother fucker! @trader_bio Where the hell is it in that circle you highlighted?
@mervel123 @camsnick @sinceresinceree @jadapsmith So very true
@am_eternal @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks again EternalAM @am_eternal @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks alot. Under your status, what does it say? EB? @am_eternal @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Okay. Did the notification comes as… @am_eternal @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks EternalAM. And as Rob was sa… @hinorobe @am_eternal @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce I got 24 @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks. I will do @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce I dont know. I thought we run out of regular fi… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks Robert. Much appreciated. Did he say th… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Okay. I hope that's what it is, even if they cut the 13 weeks in half @Clarisa58163342 @hinorobe @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Oh okay. I think my peuc r running out that time too @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Yes. The state giving half of regular benefits… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks. If its 50%, it will help a little but n… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Is this saying that the EB will be half of what… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Robert is it saying that you will only get 50%… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thank for that information. He didn't say what… @hinorobe @Clarisa58163342 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks for the information. Did you ask him why…
@Clarisa58163342 @hinorobe @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Are you asking about The PEUC 13 was? If so, I… @trader_bio Fuck you're not the only one that works in the industry..stop tuting your own're… @AnnaFlorcia Here this bipolar asswipe @AnnaFlorcia Bipolar bitch @AnnaFlorcia @trader_bio Fuck you are the most back and forth bitch here. One day you are for the stock… @trader_bio Yes. What about your calls. Do you get your pump calls every time, you idiot? @trader_bio Really? That wasn't a work to fill any gap. That was a dump of shares by shorts. We are going to get sl… @SupesesClub I read the news, but it did say when. Where did you see that it is next week?
@2tshego @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith You all are fucking hypocrites @treddix42 @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith You all are fucking hypocrites @OmarNextel1983 @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith Really now, why the fuck are you in this tweet feed then? If not in other people's business? @GoldenGodIs @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith Get lost fool..aren't you busy on this tweet feed now? Dumb ass @IdaGarvey @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith Exactly @MezOkoli @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith Exactly @MezOkoli @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith Exa @Fly_Sistah @jadapsmith Shut the fuck up. If they put their business out in the becomes public @camsnick @sinceresinceree @jadapsmith Exactly..i wonder what the fuck people take marriage for these days
@stockharbinger All you are some pumping fart holes that come on tweeter and pump stocks acting as if you piece of… @stockharbinger Don't ever start clapping until the fat lady finish singing. It's red and will definitely close red today..a total bioturd @never2late6 I see it red and will close red. Totally a bioturd @TheHtownLu @TKO1235 @TXWorkforce I would hope so, but I'm not holding my breath on that goose neck looking Micth M… @TKO1235 @TheHtownLu @TXWorkforce GOP are the biggest A holes yet they are being voted in every single time in the majority. @angeliKAKA_ @mrsfonzbot @TXWorkforce No the federal government has not extended it @tny_mtz @TXWorkforce Get eff outa here, asshole @never2late6 And not moving @thesternbear @The_WolfofMMA @GallimorePFN @QTRResearch Exactly @Hugh_Henne Sure you did you asshole punk @TraderBoTo @Hugh_Henne Exactly. Asshole @MarkBagger No its not breaking out. It's red already @never2late6 Where? Its red @ziglet40 @DrSamGirgis seem to have an attitude. I worked at one the major hospitals in the Houston medic… @ziglet40 @DrSamGirgis Lies that friend telling you. I more as much @hinorobe @Mench73669244 @USAjobless2020 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Exactly too long and then had to…
@hinorobe @Mench73669244 @USAjobless2020 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Okay thanks Rob. You how TWC were… @hinorobe @Mench73669244 @USAjobless2020 @GDISGD2018 @DiDDY_beKNOWiN @TXWorkforce Thanks Rob. Have you heard anythi… @TSkywalker12 when did you predicted that?
@Bu_LLss Really?How did you come to that conclusion? Stop your pump