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DEATH RIDER @geneticghost Madison, Ohio

Writer and one third of the @youngonescast. Shatterstarologist, Dr. of 90’s comics, Ambrollins Archivist, and Jon Moxley admirer. Charlie. 31. They/Them.

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I’m much, much savvier these days. If I get weird vibes from someone I’m just not going to bother extending myself.… ever just see a person in a fandom and you’re like “man I’m glad I dodged a bullet and didn’t try and befriend them.” @KingMox_ I wanna try and take more stills like this when I come across them.“I’m not a nice guy.” I love this. IS VERY GOOD’m a 4E person is coming for you all @KORcombat shred! 🎸 ➡️
Retweeted by DEATH RIDER @moxrollins_ Also I love the pants but they do look like he was baking and got a bunch of flour on himself @moxrollins_ Why he gotta grab his belt like that all the time @KingMox_ I saw this yesterday and almost had a breakdown
I opened my computer and completely forgot what task I was gonna do @ArtofNickRobles How do you like sketching on the iPad?Yellow isn’t the best for my skin, but the honey palette is so nice. Throwback to it. am just still so absolutely startled by how bad Kenneth’s hair is.Still watching @arthurstacy @mistaketheory NORemember when Kenny and Mox tried to kill each other for 40 mins. @RobertSecundus @mistaketheory @dipping_sauce I HAVENT BEEN. NO ONE ASKED @mistaketheory @dipping_sauce TUCKER IS NOT A SECRET @mistaketheory This is so cute @mistaketheory Her name is Logan LOL @mistaketheory OMG THOMAS I THOUGHT EVERYONE KNEW THIS @dipping_sauce Oh Erin...he deff wrestles in Jeans. is intensely watch The Clone Wars @moxrollins_ I try @quantumdotdot How are you certain he doesn’t already?I fucking fixed it for you WWE. @moxrollins_ You know...the second Dean steps back into WWE they won’t be able to expose him enough. @moxrollins_ I’m going to drive up to Connecticut and kick someone’s ass.Mikey be cute up in here @XavierFiles I like how you eased me into with a questionIf Cain and Brock are the final 2 in the Rumble.
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERPlease someone tell me to go to the store and get ginger ale. @RobertSecundus @danielpgrote BingoooooAlso tomorrow is Wrestling Christmas and I’d appreciate it if everyone got me a gift.If Edge does come out in the Rumble what version of his theme are they gonna use tho?“I guess you try to become someone else.”“What if I don’t like the person I’m supposed to be?” @moxrollins_ I thinks so but I don’t know. I think I’ll actually just put Dean looking really surly in the background of Buddy and Seth. @vicborkowski It’s very very true @moxrollins_ They absolutely are. When I get some time I’m going to super impose Dean into the photo and remove Buddy.This makes me want to kick Buddy in the face. thank you you please stop talking? I'm trying to read the fucking Terms of Use.
Retweeted by DEATH RIDER @vicborkowski 👀The dynamics of space gum v earth gum.I’m emotionally compromised, I have a very upset cuticle and my leg hurts. @GLITCHBAT HOW CUTEIt kicked my ass so hard but I because Captain Britain basically so there is that!'s been a week.
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERI can't believe as we "rolled credits" on Masks 218, the campaign in which Vine 2.0 has been a perpetual joke, that…
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERGoodness fuck @CaseyCrook is good at role playing games.
@Forrest_txt My friend Pariah had a good idea is also happening in the discord’ve decided I hate Buddy Murphy’s pants. @Forrest_txt @RobertSecundus @RobertSecundus 😒As we prepare to once again return to #earth218 tonight, I want to emphasize how this Notes App workaround for a co…
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERHas Bray Wyatt ever been a face?Oh boy it’s me @moxrollins_ I’m about to walk out of work and BOY do I need it. @moxrollins_ It was flipped and in a mirror in the first one? I think? Maybe I’m losing it lolSeeing this from another angle. @ajudgmentalcat WHATWhere is my Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose new meme.hey, friends! I am working on developing a new Patreon program and seeking your input and thoughts, so please take…
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERSo hungry. I’m so hungry and I’m going to make irrational food decisions after work.I’m gonna fucking reblog EVERY video of Mox doing karaoke.mox singing passionately then dancing like hes in a mosh pit is the only thing i wanna see today
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERStarlight Citadel sounds like someplace to go rollerblading in the 90’s and I love it. am a very hungry human being2014 was giving us all the good juice. @theverbalthing Of course. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.I am currently seeking both freelance and full-time writing/editing work, so if you know of any leads, please send…
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERSam is a dream person to get both in writing for your site as well as editing. Don’t miss an opportunity to hire th… @strictlyworse Mox is a mix of many thingsMox pouring a white claw in his mouth and the smashing the can on his head. Lordy. @moxrollins_ I’d have the same look if I had to stand next to Joey Janella and his white girl on a cruise hair. @CaseyCrook Very much so. @vicborkowski Because he’s APPARENTLY 6’2 or 6’3?? @moxrollins_ RIGHT?? black eyepatch is very good and honestly it looks like he’s trapped in the elevator with the rest of the roster. @KingMox_ Oh no is this new?Love to wake up and have my whole body’s perish immediately. @Forrest_txt It’s hard for me to believe it’s the same person sometimes.If there’s one of these names/logo sketches people like much better than the other one, please let me know?…
Retweeted by DEATH RIDERTHE POP @karen_xmenfan He needs a pillow @danthemcmahon @moxrollins_ 🙌 @danthemcmahon Brains lie. I love u. @moxrollins_ one half of OUR tag team champs rest takes all kinds. love heel Seth, but I also LOVED super over babyface Seth.