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see love in those brown eyes

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me: i really need to stop buying stupid things when i get paid me when i get paid:
Retweeted by genny♡i know you’re tired bitch but keep fucking going
Retweeted by genny♡i LOVE females that smile back, that’s pretty bitch energy 🥰
Retweeted by genny♡Just found out I have to trust a man if I want to be in a relationship
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cheating on me is easy. But learning how to walk after i shoot you in yo knee caps is hard. Stay loyal or stay limpin, pimpin.
Retweeted by genny♡My therapist says lurking just retraumatizes you and keeps you stuck in a loop of heartbreak.
Retweeted by genny♡coming home to see all my makeup still out on my bed and my alternative outfits allover the room
Retweeted by genny♡THIS ONEEEE hit different bro
Retweeted by genny♡Don’t tell me I need my nails done unless you payin for em
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dude I’ve been trying to read my messages on Twitter and this is what I see? People are actually stupid wow. you never seen me laugh like this , we Ain’t real friends 😂😂😂
Retweeted by genny♡idk who needs to hear this but you lived without them before so you can do it again. get up and get over it
Retweeted by genny♡the older i get, the more i understand squidward
Retweeted by genny♡In a relationship,u have to put urself in ur partner’s shoes when u do shit. Like “would I like this done to me” or…
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dating someone who understands your mental health is so important, because there’s humans who will make you feel te…
Retweeted by genny♡people with a good heart are always unlucky in a relationship
Retweeted by genny♡u never apologized for hurting me but I apologized 25 times for being upset about it
Retweeted by genny♡bringing this gem back
Retweeted by genny♡Me telling my friends that if you’ve been to my house more than once you’re no longer a guest and can indeed fix yo…
Retweeted by genny♡when ur supposed to be mad at him but y’all end up fucking
Retweeted by genny♡It’s crazy how some relationships/friendships that you thought would last forever just fall off and now it’s like y…
Retweeted by genny♡It’s so weird thinking back to when you first met someone & that moment you had no idea they would have such a big impact on you
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some people drain the fucking nice right out of u
Retweeted by genny♡
nobody has ever done something special for me on my birthday no surprise party, no out of the box gift, or spontane…
Retweeted by genny♡isnt it weird how you can actually feel the pain in your chest and stomach when something really hurts your feelings
Retweeted by genny♡
If your soul aches and cries, feel it, be with it, and listen to it, you might be surprised by how real it can be.
Retweeted by genny♡Sometimes i still crave this
Retweeted by genny♡A lot of shit that broke my heart really opened my eyes.
Retweeted by genny♡if a nigga wants to, he will. end of discussion.
Retweeted by genny♡i hate thinking “okay let me show less love” or “let me not care too much”. i shouldn’t have to feel that way. my h…
Retweeted by genny♡Men really think “liking” you means something. And honestly it doesn’t. Every nigga likes me. What else you coming…
Retweeted by genny♡it’s such a disappointment when you defend someone for the longest time and they turn out to be just like what everyone said.
Retweeted by genny♡Y’all come and go , that why I just do me
Retweeted by genny♡tbh the best feeling is realizing you’re not sad anymore over something you thought you would never get over
Retweeted by genny♡you wanting a sign is a sign
Retweeted by genny♡Don’t let my social media fool you I am literally in love
Retweeted by genny♡as you get older, you realize that you’re not always right and there’s so many things you could’ve handled better,…
Retweeted by genny♡i think it's important to realize that no matter how good you are to people, it won't make them good to you
Retweeted by genny♡
music hits way different when you got someone in mind
Retweeted by genny♡I don’t block numbers nor do I block on social media. I want you to know that I’m a phone call away, a DM away and…
Retweeted by genny♡if you can stay in your trash relationship for 2 years, then you can hold onto your trash for 5 minutes instead of throwing it on the ground
Retweeted by genny♡any time this video comes up on my tl i just sit and rewatch it over and over again no video has ever brought me su…
Retweeted by genny♡you could give me 15 years to do homework and I still wouldn’t do it until the night before
Retweeted by genny♡3 months from now, you will be in a better situation. Claim it.
Retweeted by genny♡ @King1Leg @geneviemerino Her brother and an innocent bystander died because of recklessness from the cops. No one i…
Retweeted by genny♡when you get flashbacks of the good times
Retweeted by genny♡my bed is the reason why i cancelled so many plans
Retweeted by genny♡If they’ll cheat WITH you, they’ll cheat ON you
Retweeted by genny♡Me in the bathroom at a function convincing myself that I’m not too lit.
Retweeted by genny♡i thought he was gay the whole time.
Retweeted by genny♡this me arguing ion take shit serious lmaao
Retweeted by genny♡if i let you touch my face bitch i love you
Retweeted by genny♡
here’s my advice, hug everyone you love a lot tighter. Never leave someone in an argument. Be present, say i love y…
Retweeted by genny♡me saying goodbye to waking up at 1pm and sleeping at 2am once school starts
Retweeted by genny♡Bitches who envy their own friends that’s trash 🤢
Retweeted by genny♡ @arletteparada @BriannaBlanco19 I spend all my money on food😳🦋
Retweeted by genny♡Me everyday bc I talk to no one & tired of going back & forth through social media 🥴😭
Retweeted by genny♡girls with strict parents be like “drop me off down the street so they don’t see us together” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO…
Retweeted by genny♡“my mom likes you” and “you smell good” are the most elite compliments
Retweeted by genny♡
everyone in Miami is stuck on their ex or just wants to be single and be a hoe every weekend
Retweeted by genny♡Are you really doing your makeup if you don’t have some type of crime show playing in the background?!
Retweeted by genny♡me thinking about going back to school
Retweeted by genny♡“I miss you” no u don’t... you just finally realised that nobody got you like I had you
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Me mocking my mum after she beats my ass in the bathroom
Retweeted by genny♡another friday night of being wholesome and binge watching netflix shows
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I know this nigga b wondering how I find shit out. BITCH I’M JOE THATS HOW.
Retweeted by genny♡When he texts back fast, has no hoes, and makes an effort to see you 🥴
Retweeted by genny♡Real bestfriend rarely msg each other and still has that special bond everytime we meet rather than being awkward
Retweeted by genny♡ @RichardBrrito me & you 2020😳
my 6 year old brother was diagnosed with leukemia on December 26th, 2019. my family and I obviously weren’t prepare…
Retweeted by genny♡This year was definitely one of the hardest... Lost friendships, lost family, and most importantly lost myself, but…
Retweeted by genny♡Spending your new years sad because your loved one isn’t with you anymore has to be the worst thing ever.this year = what the fuck
Retweeted by genny♡
We really thought this grown ass man was talking bout a damn whistle
Retweeted by genny♡gn twitter
Retweeted by genny♡My toxic trait is puttin 2&2 together & believing wateva the fuck I come up with 🤣
Retweeted by genny♡When you come back home smelling like another dog:
Retweeted by genny♡deleting pictures for me is probably the hardest thing to do bc I'm a memory hoarder
Retweeted by genny♡I really cried a lot this year. This year really shook up my mental health, maannn.
Retweeted by genny♡
My parents raised me spoiled but they also raised me understanding. “Cuando se puede; se puede y cuando no, alomejor para la otra”
Retweeted by genny♡we could sit in the car listening to music & talk for hours & I’ll be happy
Retweeted by genny♡I spent all morning on this. Pls don’t let it flop 🥴
Retweeted by genny♡HE should have played Ted Bundy
Retweeted by genny♡
i'm so over you i'm so over you i'm so over you i'm so over you i'm so over you i'm so over you i'm so over you i'm so over you "hey" SHIT
Retweeted by genny♡Yall ever sent a risky text & you so scared you start doing chores
Retweeted by genny♡Y’all my son is fighting for his life right now, I promise I don’t want nothing from nobody but a prayer . This my…
Retweeted by genny♡do you ever think about the first time you met someone & compared it to where you guys are now & it’s wow, who knew this would of happen
Retweeted by genny♡Ion want sex , I want dates , I want memories , I want something real........
Retweeted by genny♡
if we are “talking” you’re not single.. we are in a pending relationship idc
Retweeted by genny♡imagine dating me and then boom we just last forever and we’re both happy asf. wild.
Retweeted by genny♡Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.
Retweeted by genny♡Surround yourself with people who truly love you and support you, for just being you.
Retweeted by genny♡People will meet your entire family and still be cheating on you the whole time. This world is disgusting
Retweeted by genny♡ @_iwantROMANCE @stooping @emmsariadna also, that money is being used to pay for the oldest speech therapy & school… @_iwantROMANCE @stooping @emmsariadna The gofund me is for the girls. All the money is going to them. None of that… af & still be out here showing love
Retweeted by genny♡curing my depression one coffee at a time
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Otra navidad con mis padres vivos, que más le puedo pedir a Dios
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