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What are your favourite true crime tv show/podcast? @kateleth OMG SO MUCH.
I love the emphasis on the price. But yeah, thank GAWD it was this cheap, otherwise I would probably have done some… @nicterhorst Hahaha, definitely harder X'D @nicterhorst You should check Threes ( the poor indie game that this game ripped off ;) Als… youuu!!!! @yoshisquared Haha I don’t have much picture so far, but here’s when we did the lines~~~ But most of the top is col… @yoshisquared Haha, it's just color on my back tattoo! I'll post picture when the whooooole thing is finished!! Pro… @kateleth Yeah!!! I cannot wait for it to be over though... It'll be almost a year when we finish..! @cabtastic HAHAHAA tellement X''''D @kateleth It's part of my full back tattooed! So we filed in all the colour on the butt yesterday!Hopefully the mail man won’t come today 😂😂😂Got my butt cheek tattooed yesterday. And now I have no idea how I can even work 😂😂😂 I can’t sit at all nor wear pa…
Some of the funky food I created for the game #Spacelunch by @tgryphgames!
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@kateleth I do the same with my acne. If only.Strangely captivating thread about Lego city police? @enigma630 Ugh even worst! Yeah at least we can choose!!! @nicterhorst It’s so dumb. And after they wonder why clinics are always full 🤷‍♀️ @CaptainFalstaff No anytime soon. It’s getting very stressful to cross the border from Canada.I will never understand why in Quebec we need to have a doctor prescription for specialists like dermatologist... w… timelapse! and I lived a good moment yesterday 😻 @StephLaberis You do what is best for you! 💖 Make all that money 💪 @rampaigehalsey Hahaha same!!
For real, this game was GORGEOUS! I remember staring at the characters and background for so long!
@GenevieveFT just surprised the wifey with your sketch book for Valentines Day! She absolutely loved it! Thank you…
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In a nearly 30 year career she has worked with 2 female directors. Be the change you want to see, do the hard work…
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨ @MissUpacey Yeeeep. It’s a real struggle... Even after 4 years of saying I won’t alloy people to use my design I st… @Beavs G.R.O.S.S 😂😂😂😂 I want 5!Shout out to the drunk intern having a blast writing NYT Oscars captions.
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨Kimchi got all sexy all of a sudden! @Knowlio I love heeeer! @Beavs @AndreaDemonakos Loll. Omg that sound gross. So would it be shamed? Like would we need to shave our tail?!!! 😹😹😹
@Beavs I feel like they would be so hard to hide though... 🤔two rich actors in cats costumes throwing shade at the underfunded VFX team filled with people killing themselves c…
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@Pioldes I guess it’s the circle of life. We’ll get there someday.... @MissUpacey Cuuuute!! @nicterhorst For real? Haha, wow! I can see a whole scenery! Full colour with great lighting! @cabtastic Je veux le revoir maintenant 😭😭
@NicolasVerge Patate au four avec des épices, chili et guac on top! ✨🌈161, the final count.
@cabtastic Hehehe! day!!! But where’s Kimchi?!!
@jijidraws OMG!!! I saw some at the MET!!!! But the gift shop line was soooo loooong. I just gave up... but yeah, tiny hand soap 😭😭😭I laughed way to much at this. Also I want one 😂😂😂 @yoshisquared I only gets endorphins from doing intense cardio, like running or spinning. But like taking my bike o…
I will spare you from reading a bunch of my boring hourly comics and cut straight to the good shit
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨Yann's hourlies are OUT OF THIS WORLD.
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@yoshisquared I found that going at 10 am was the best, it was just old people at my gym 😂😂😂 @nicterhorst I have no idea what it is. Period 😂😂😂Remember: your favourite small businesses do not control what they have to charge for shipping. We all wish we coul…
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨ @MegBuns Awwww thank you! @jessvoni Check out running caps, I know Ciele have a lot smaller brim!I got that so many times. Cause I’m shy and anxious, I’m often very quiet and a bit cold when meeting new people. W… @Sweeney_Boo @AvivaMaiArtzy Trop cute!!!! 😻😻😻
@Sweeney_Boo The good boiii @XanGrey Hahaha nice’ 😂😂 @Zapatrax Wowowow!Positive, not mositive. 😆I’m moving apartment Tuesday and I’m... so..freaking..tired... I can’t wait for the move to be done. Please send m… @cabtastic L'as tu backé?!!! Je l'ai fait hier! @kellyBEASTON THANK YOUUUU <3Having an online shop can be stressful y'all.My Vday cards arrived and Vistaprint hecked up real bad 😭😭😭 I should get new one Tuesday and everything should arri…
Of course it is. Not as if I was home all day. 😠 get a lot of emails asking how I get to work with the clients/companies I do, and the tone of these emails is alw…
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨YASS I DID!!!!! I just backed Jim Mahfood's Pop Up Funk on @Kickstarter @cabtastic @boumerie @technobeanie No one to date? :'(Never call me Genny. NEVER.
@_Luxie Hahaha! @MathieuBeaulieu @QuebecSolidaire 😹Christine, why don’t you get rid of those gross, split brushes? Because I’m gonna need them for bushes, Susan!
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨ @Sweeney_Boo @squarespace I just switched! I like it! It’s very clean and cute! I find the orders hard to handle, b…✨💫TORONTO💫✨ Come get cute tattoos! March 10-11! 💖EMAIL ME💖 @chandlerfordart 50/50? I feel like I would need to sell the piece a crazy price 😕I’ve been asked to be in a group show, but the cut is 50/50. I find it a lot? I remember having more like 70/30 off… all 👋 I haven’t done gallery shows in a while, but how much is a fair percentage for a group show? Thanks for your help 💖 @AHuynhArts Giiiirl! Boobs are overrated! You look fab ✨✨✨
Me, a tattoo artist: Tattoo sucks! They hurts so bad!!!! Me to a client who wants a break: shush! 10 more minute, you got this! @nicterhorst Just finished! There should only be 3 left 🙌🙌🙌I would 100% not get another back tattoo. (Hehe, good thing this one is covering the whole back) But wow. That sh… @louvictorsk at that cute shirt I was wearing yesterday 💁‍♀️✨🌈Tattoo update🌈✨ Fun ones I did this month! For more, check my instagram:✨Kimchi//Kimchi ✨
@AProperMess LOLLLLLLLNew art book is in 💖Pre Sale💖 Get on it ✨🌈💫
Retweeted by ✨🌈GenevieveFT🌈✨Valentines Day cards are in pre-sale! Order will ship by Feb. 1st!
It’s snowing a little..! 🚲 ❄️💫💖✨ 🙌✨ art book is in 💖Pre Sale💖 Get on it ✨🌈💫 new art book is in ✨Pre Sale✨ Order it NOW and get it by Valentines Day!
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@nicterhorst @Knowlio Lolololl! Well I’m in (when I have the dates ;)) @nicterhorst @Knowlio UHM ME TOO! Maybe I could come to TO for the occasion 💃💃💃 @Knowlio @nicterhorst Next month?!! Are you coming to Canada?!