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#TeamBumble🐝 falls 0-2 to No Shot, unfortunately, putting us into the lower bracket of the #VCT Game Changers S2 Op…
#VCT QUALS TODAY! No stream but will keep yall updated on this thread 🤠 #GenGWIN
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsGGWP Vixens! #TeamBumble🐝 takes a 2-0 victory in their first round of the winner's bracket and will be facing off… :100_Emoji: #TeamBumble🐝 takes their first loss of the #VCT Game Changers NA S2 Open Qualifier, but still moves…🐝 take another W in their second-round match vs Never Miss Gaming! We go on to play :100_emoji: in the l… Yume Moon! #TeamBumble🐝 takes the W in their first match of group stages! Stay tuned for more updates!…🐝 kicks off the weekend competing in the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers NA S2 Open Qualifier hosted by…
THE #GenGLoL BOYS ARE ON FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 We take down @NS_RedForce 2:1 and complete another 2-0 week! Thank you all for yo… more game🎮for us this week! Join the #GenGLoL boys as they take on @NS_RedForce tonight at 4 am PT! 📺… @jayadotnet Been on it, I'm on my second refill of my hydroflaskREMINDER: Drink water! 😬
Come watch @Saweetie @suppycaitlin @JourdanKerl and @KrystalogyTV play Drawful LIVE NOW! 📺: couldn't think of a better way to end this week of Icy Baby WORKshops presented by our #WORKFROMHOME than by pl… @maddiesuun 💛🖤 @maddiesuun You’re gonna do great, can’t wait to meet up again soon 👊💛🖤Today we part ways with one of our longest-standing members @maddiesuun. Thank you Maddie for all your hard work a… kay/o main
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We have another giveaway for you all! Check out the link below to enter for a chance to win a tie-dye hoodie and G… talking about how @IcyBabyFdn got started and where the inspiration came from! ❄️ @stephanieserFPS Give us an agent breakdown and guide when they release? 🤔You heard it here, @Saweetie said look good feel good, that's the KEY! 🔑 📺:'s time to talk ✨ BEAUTY ✨ We have more Icy Baby WORKshops presented by our #WORKFROMHOME coming your way with a… are Sheriff kills the most satisfying thing ever? 🥵 and her grandma chatting about gaming in a Space right now. Yes you read that right 🧊❄️🧊
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports💪💪💪 Salute GEN.G!
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports @nemesis_lol I’ll tell him to unfollow now so he can follow you before every game. Thanks for the winning strat 🤝 @qtcinderella Thank you for all the laughs and fun we've had together, even the roasts... 😅 We'll always be a fan and support you! 💛🖤Join us as we talk about how to support AAPI entrepreneurs over in our twitter spaces w/ @saweetie, @DJBellaFiasco,… @TwitterGaming What's your valorant weapon skin loadout look like?TODAY is the DAY! ❄️ We'll be having our Twitter Spaces discussion w/ @Saweetie! If you have any questions for her… those asking, all you gotta do is click the link to join on our Icy Baby Twitter spaces discussion today at 1PM…
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsPull up at 6 tonight! 🔥
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsTHE TEAM IS STILL ON FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥 That's 3 in a row for the #GenGLoL boys as they take down KT in a 2:1 match! Thank…'re kicking off week 2 facing kt Rolster!😎 We started last week on fire and the #GenGLoL boys are continuing to… we're having a giveaway w/ @nemesis_lol and @NickiTaylor to celebrate us going 2-0 to kick off the #LCK summe… you're trying to fix your sleeping schedule but your friends keep saying "one more"
To celebrate the @GenG boys getting a 2-0 week on their 2021 #LCK Summer Season opening matches we're giving away 1…
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsGOTTA C̵A̵T̵C̵H̵ PAINT EM ALL! We had a paint night w/ @qtcinderella, @NathanStanz, @NickiTaylor, and @blisskai_ w…, @seangares what did you do to this deathmatch lobby? 🥵 Catch more #GenG highlights and clips over on our… @HUYNH_CS See each other at a LAN soon 💛It's never easy to say goodbye... Thank you @HUYNH_CS for being one of the biggest reasons why #GenGVAL is where i… @HUYNH_CS We'll always buy you an op 🥺💛 We know you're gonna kill it wherever you go next!Alright but who caught that sneak peek of the @Saweetie summer track last night on our cooking stream w/… Icy Baby x Gen.G WORKshops today but we do have a double treat for you all tomorrow! We'll be having a Twitter s… Nintendo pls it’s only 9 am I haven’t even had my coffee yet 😭😭 @malikshelp I’m just trying to roll around and vibeThe best boards + mini games from past Mario Party all in one? Having friends over just got even more dangerous for… SHOT NO SHOT New monkeyball?! THE BEST SURPRISE EVER #NintendoE3 #E32021It’s Nintendo time! What is everyone looking forward to in this Direct? #NintendoE3 #NintendoDirect #E32021 @NathanStanz PLEASE DO THIS @NathanStanz @nemesis_lol @qtcinderella Don't worry Stanz we all know you were a pro before Nemesis and you could b… @triciaisabirdy @Saweetie @DJBellaFiasco Had a blast learning how to cook with you all! 🥺💕Who knew 10 months ago when I first started Twitch, I would be teaching @Saweetie how to cook with @DJBellaFiasco T…
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Schooled By w/ Nemesis pt.2 is out now on our Gen.G Gold channel! #GenG Tune in to see our all-star cast: Coach 5… @stephanieserFPS @nicccib @iCarleeFN @hannahhfn @TirayeK @leeleefps NO LONGER WHOLESOME @nicccib @stephanieserFPS @iCarleeFN @hannahhfn @TirayeK @leeleefps this is so cute and wholesome 😭💛🖤It's ALMOST time to chef if up w/ @Saweetie, @triciaisabirdy, and @DJBellaFiasco for the first Icy Baby WORKshop pr…’re live in an hour! Make sure to follow Saweetie on twitch to get our live notification 📲
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports @ShopifyRebels HYPE! Can't wait to play against you all as Rebellion soon! 🤜🤛 @CarterFMotion Yooo these are pretty clean ngl 👀 @NickiTaylor let's not use buttsoup and we can talk about it 😂 @NickiTaylor great hoodie choice90℉, time to put on a hoodie 🥵
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports @Dshnackart that's a throwback and a half right thereWe're cooking up something fire over at w/ @triciaisabirdy and @DJBellaFiasco to kick off t… the Icy Baby WORKshops series presented by #GenG's #WORKFROMHOME this week with a @Saweetie cooking stream…
Make sure you tap, tap, tap in, to our Icy Baby x #GenG twitter spaces conversation w/ @Saweetie, @RdotChadha,…
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports#TeamBumble🐝 takes 2 losses in a row and that ends our VCS Sunday Showdown run! Thank you to everyone who showed su… @GenG was proud and thrilled to help make this happen with and for @pennathletics and @JMISports #WeAreGenG
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsGame 2 going the opposite of game 1 for #TeamBumble🐝 as they fall 7-13. ONE more game to go for the group stage and…🐝 takes their first match of the day 13-6! Round 2 coming up soon so stay tuned for more updates #GenGWIN luck to the #TeamBumble🐝 girls today as they take on another VCS Sunday Showdown! As always stay tuned for upd… JUST LOOKS SO GOOD! Who else is getting in on this free to play multiplayer when it drops? #halo #E32021 @__Jbob__ @arnoldwh this ones for u my good sirNEW HALO MULTIPLAYER! #Halo #E32021
Reping @GenG merch while on a date with @dime__xx 😁
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsBrought home the back to back wins for opening week! 👊😤 GGWP to @HLEofficial we start our weekend with a 2:0 win!…'s 2nd match of the 2021 LCK Summer is here, and our 2nd win is what we're bringing home today! 👊 📺…’s a McDonald’s partyyyyy! LIVE NOW 🤓
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports💥 Only 1 day before the chaos, known as Gremlin Games, begins! 💥 Unsure about selling your soul this time? Check o…
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsMake sure you tap, tap, tap in, to our Icy Baby x #GenG twitter spaces conversation w/ @Saweetie, @RdotChadha,…
Call me Ronalda McDonald 🍟 I’m partnering up with @McDonalds for a McDelivery stream tonight on a special edition F…
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsALL IN: VALORANT EP 2 is now live! Tune in to meet the girls of #TeamBumble🐝, hear more about signing @CSNaturEE,… ALL IN: VALORANT EP.2 is prepping for lift-off! Tune in to our Gen.G Gold YT channel to catch the pre… @GenG’s summer 2021 collection is here and it’s FIRE!🔥 I’ll be wearing it on stream a ton! 🔗:…
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports @N3M0_ggs Yes, tomorrow at 1 be readyALL IN: VALORANT 2-MORROW 👀 📺:’re Hiring! Gen.G is looking for LoL Vietnamese players to join our LCK CL and Academy teams! Check out the job…
@MkaeLcs @Guiiimond Kinda NASTY with itAnother bootcamp clip coming your way! If you want more @Guiiimond and other NA content make sure to subscribe to… happens when you bring the best mid laner and adc to compete with Korea's top producers? 🤔 Find out in… @PlayVALORANT Chilljoy beats to study to👀👀
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsYa'll ready? 👀❄️
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports👀
Retweeted by Gen.G EsportsOur birthday may have been yesterday, but we're still celebrating! Today's treat comes from some of our ladies curr…
Retweeted by Gen.G Esports @DJBellaFiasco You don't and SHOULDN'TThat new agent already looking OP #SummerGameFest @seangares You know what...Happy birthday Sean you look great! 😂🥳Summer Games Fest Watch Party 🔥 I’m now live, come join me so we can see all the new world premieres and stuff :D
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