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@swanspwn 😂 @TimesNewRxman BbbyyyGet a load of that blotchy ass bronzer#NewProfilePic @jkingma2 I was just bored and having fun :/Btw tank top is from @mcecreations 💕’s switch it up @ArianaGrande
woof 🐺🖤 #teamjacob
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @highluronicacid Where 👀👀👀Y’all really doing the job of right wing extremist and those messaging boards for them this year huh? @SinhIV MfdkkdmdmfmfHow it started How it’s going
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Cruella and her dog @PhysEdByZak All of the above ?Wonho has the smartest fuckin team behind him
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @turnandstomp Giving us what we want!! @MikelleStreet As flats as the rolling Great Plains @ivanvos93 I hate that I see smaller people starting out doing that all the time and I'm just like bby noooooo stop…🤍
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Got approached by an old agency client to do pr work for them but I have no idea what/how to charge 😭 @jonjonnyp ....... oh. Oh dear @theerkj They’re so funny!!! @mce1201 That too!Also. Anyone else see her on the step stool at the end lolololAri plays uninterested hot bitch so well in the Positions video @mce1201 I can’t wait to get my jingle bell rockI have take habit of saying “there you areeeee” like White Diamond from Steven Universe
@BraveArcanine Waiting @SavyLeiser I’m sure there’s some M*n*t for that 😂 @SavyLeiser Mexican Immigration is still a standout topic during COVID is beyond me tbh like it’s not 2008 Jesus ChrisYUP @mce1201 Yupppp“Arianka” is killing meeee @ashtonevans Bbyyyy @Nicosaesthetics He’s almost 40 Jesus Christthe image of this sad old man typing “who won” into the search bar, voting “Trump” in each poll he sees (to reveal…
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @PaxArabica These are legendary?! Oh @mce1201 Bitch yes out now 🤍 directed by dave meyers
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @drumicarter Same 🙃Ariana said switch my wig make him feel like he cheating
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene)I hate the fascist orange cunt, he’s a disgusting excuse for a human being and I cannot wait until he is behind bar…
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene)Love that the Streisand Effect is in play over essentially a years-old “Marry, Fuck, Kill” meme.
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There are no amount of reparations this country could give black ppl for the atrocities it’s done to us.
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @slutCFO Dkskfnkemdmdme @jeffchatterton @LancelottiNYC Omg I forgot about your store! Imma have to browse online @rychavis @turnandstomp Right? We need SPECIFICS @orimental Uh oh. Cereal everywhere! @ntonjerray @orimental Helloooo! @adriansd_fresh @TLDRxxx Coffee?! @BlondLoki Djdkfnnfmdmems😤
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @scody89 Good morning!!
@ItsHilaryBuff Lol. Stab. @jaesyun You look beefier! @mce1201 Blocked you're just not overtly political
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @BrantleyPitt Decaying away 🥴Getting wrecked by acid reflux send help
wash your face xD rawr :3
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @highluronicacid I’d like to be there @drumicarter “I’m latino” Also me are had y’all 😖 @drumicarter DRERUEIEIWNDMDHere I am. On my bathroom floor. Taking nudes. Again. @BraveArcanine @turnandstomp Well that’s different. You’re like stomping out our enemies @tylerhower Sending you hugs @AndyRockCandy ENOUGH @turnandstomp Blood?!100% bet my dad was in that 😫It WOULD be Puerto Ricans huh’all can’t even vote for him.
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene)running late sh*t my mask
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @Mikey_Sul Also a two hour turn around on a work day? I don’t even answer emails that fast @turnandstomp Stirrrrrr burger from last night is playing Russian roulette with my stomach 🥴🥴Getting dressed up to let everyone know that I’m the main character!
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene)Oh yes, m'am.
Retweeted by 👻👖(BooGene) @eunf_g Omg I didn’t even think of that thank you @nathanml muting a viral tweet doesn’t stop the notifications. My battery 😭
Y’all really shoving a drag queens discarded couch cushions In your pants and think we wouldn’t notice lolllll @popLOCKEdropit Jekendnememr @_swamp_witch_ You’re so sweet! @_swamp_witch_ Tbh I was afraid I was being rude to you cause I didn’t stick around to talk in class, but my ass never had time cause work 😭 @SinhIV @MisterJROCKA You’ll never guess where his nightstick went @izaak_slays Omg 🥰 @zgent Here for it @MikelleStreet @drumicarter Yea lolllll5 because of my eyebrows. 1 once I smile. @zgent OH SHE HAS THAt?! @JoMC1703 @erinscafe Omg the hands and the fire pit @o_ruenn @gzathegreat Lollll @SamanthaAbbott 👀 close ish to the old GSU stadium?