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the track has become a viral hit due to its placement in a climactic scene in the movie on kanye's new single? came through with some rapid fire bars in his #GeniusFreestyle 😤🔥
now you're lost, lost in the heat of it allthis month's playlist features the latest tracks from beyoncé, nocap, ola runt and kamaiyah“i didn’t like being around her, but she was the only one who made me feel like i could be myself” —@thehxlidayszn… is BACK. 💥 Tonight— ✔️ Megan Thee Stallion breaks down “B.I.T.C.H.” ✔️ Desus and Mero cosign New York… into our tiktok live today at 5pm ET to hear @2kBaby show off his skills 🔥📈 → dolla $ign put together a wild lineup for his latest single 😩 is using his 🔥 dance moves and a little bit of virtual travel to help him stay creative at home.…'t think about it too much, too much, too much, too mucheverything is everything“i can be very boss-like. it can come off diva-ish, but i think that's a positive thing.” —@HayleyKiyoko 💯 💯 soundtrack features the breakout track “husavik”
the song fell to no. 34 this week confirmed during the battle that he wrote puff daddy’s verse on “victory,” before rapping his former label bos…“hip hop has always been there for the people. anything we releasing, it can't be anti what the culture is going th… know @Powfu showed up to his #openmicathome performance of “death bed” with a cup of coffee in hand ☕️💯… genuine, most accepting, welcoming. I will forever be a part of and love the fuck out of the LGBTQ+ community.…
Retweeted by Genius“i was surrounded by the LGBTQ community throughout my whole upbringing. that support is really some of my most gen…“Hey Virgil we need new album art, they ain’t going for this bullsh*t” —50 cent's back with the first single off of his next album 😭“THIS IS WHAT WE DREAMED OF BACK THEN” —kanye west do you think will come out on top? #verzuz
wayne wrote the original track after being motivated by kobe's performance in the 2009 western conference finals 💛💜 gave us so many iconic visuals on scorpion 🦂🔥🔥 TONIGHT 🔥 live trivia is BACK with a very special tunechi edition 🐐🐐 tune in tonight for a chance to get picked…“we were thinking about band names and i wanted a gecko. through some sort of error, i was sent 100 geckos. and i w… shut it down with her performances of “girls in the hood” and “savage” 🔥é, megan thee stallion, and roddy ricch won big 🏆 years ago today, drake dropped his double-sided album ‘scorpion’ 🦂 favorite track?"labels been lying about the support of black artist and music" —wale usually love sleeping all alonethere's more to life than sleeping in and getting high with you
"if it was personal we’d shoot your plane out the sky” @E40 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐Bump that new E-40 after school
Retweeted by Geniusjust bought a cadillac (throw some D's on that bitch)harlow recorded a new verse for the remix the shot, khaled’s son, asahd, takes an iconic pose inspired by the hot tub scene in scarface if you look both ways when you cross my mind vaguely added that he’d like to work with revolt on “some positive things” of livin' life like rappers do (like rappers do)kanye posted the video on the same day he announced his new deal with gap #BETAwards have given us some of the most memorable moments in music history. In honor of the ceremony’s 20th…👀👀👀’s based on the music from last year’s beyoncé-curated ‘the lion king: the gift’ compilation. like street lights, glowing, happen to be just like moments, passing, in front of mekeedron bryant has been praised by barack obama, lebron james, and many more 💪 is only human, don't think i haven't been through the same predicamenttell me who you loyal to think I've fallen in love this time i think it's for real“meg likes to build right there with you. she likes for you to sit right there and make that record. she takes that… is keeping new music from future, j. cole and lil uzi #InRotation
“i’m all about grown man time, you feel me?” —@ArtistHBTL 💯 claimed the leak came from a wetransfer hack of “stuff that i never intended to release” recognize your false confidence and calculated promises all in your conversation“girls in the hood” isn’t megan’s first time sampling a classic hip-hop track 🔥 years ago today, nelly blessed us with his classic debut album ‘country grammar’ shout out to everyone stil… spoke with RD whittington, CEO of luxury auto group, the car plug for dozens of rappers and celebrities. he told… song is an anthem for the end of the world 2003, kanye was a well-known producer who had made hits with JAY-Z and talib kweli, but he wasn't a household na… 25 marked the 24th anniversary of JAY-Z’s classic debut album 🐐“i’m not stingy with sharing my energy if i resonate with you” —@LaurenJauregui 💯💯' baby off at home before my night shift“i love fam, i love bro, he’s a legend but right now, you’re irrelevant” —freddie gibbs
“i had to beg my label to make ‘sue me’ and ‘BGM’” and kid cudi will both voice characters in the upcoming series 🐻🦊're live on twitch 🤖 tune in to #thecosignlive ➡️ durk added seven new tracks 🔥“most of the time it's really hard to be on my bad side because a lot of the time i'm a pretty nice guy. like it ta…“i'm all about grown man time, you feel me? that’s why i always avoided things like that. you don’t pay no mind to… Huey 💔 track on 6LACK's new EP so far? is back with the follow-up to 2017's ‘something to tell you’ linked up with denzel curry, a$ap ferg, wale, juicy j, rico nasty, and more on his latest project is back with another one 🙌 dropped a new EP to hold over fans until his upcoming third studio album 🔥, i'm just rappin' to this L$D“i don’t think anybody’s on that right now. i don’t think em is on that. i don’t think my slaughterhouse brothers i…
We caught up with the young legend Ray3rd and his mother Kennicia to talk about Ray’s lifelong passion for music, a…“i ain’t a fan of his last three albums”“My name is 6LACK. I take pride in the very simplest form, being that I am Black, I love being Black, and I promote…“you are not responsible for someone else's sh*t. you can help them and you can love them and you can support them,…“i don't have any issues with revolt. i'd actually welcome the opportunity to work with them on some positive thing… in 1996, jay-z dropped one of the greatest debut albums of all time with features from biggie, mary j. blige,… track went viral thanks to @kvng_ryyy's tiktok dance challenge 🔥 came through with some real bars in his #GeniusFreestyle 😤
“they had another song as the lead single. i was like, ‘i think savage is the record.’ girl on tiktok made a dance…“i gotta pull away and protect myself if i peep that you're on some bullsh*t. and i'm much quicker to the red flags… is getting those at-home workout gains, honing his cooking skills, and recording new music to sta… original version of jack harlow's track peaked at no. 16 on the hot 100 is staying creative at home by cooking up some heat in his home studio and in the kitchen. 🗣🔥… a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hittime to settle this once and for all... what's the best GOOD friday track? 🔥 many bowls of that green, no lucky charms
keedron's “i just wanna live” earned praise from barack obama, lebron james, lupita nyong’o, and more has had an incredibly successful youtube career since he first hopped on the platform back in 2009, so he sha… cyrus will also be a special guest during the concert & @CEOHD brought that on-stage energy to the living room for their #openmicathome performance of…