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Lobster Theremin unveils new Andy Garvey EP, Complex Clarity |@lobstertheremin
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@CC_DISCO Never stop playing jlo 💖 @amebbbb seance centre isn’t this you? @Mattburns82 Amazing woweee @theokotz Yeah banger, love that spooky dubby vibe but not a patch on this favourite thing about tiny babies is that they go to sleep when you stroke their nose. If only this worked on ad…
Retweeted by genevieveWe’re in @Mixmag! @AliceAustin3 came to visit in September and we spent the week showing her around the city we lo…
Retweeted by genevieve @theokotz loooooool get back in the tardisIf god isn’t real then why are chips vegan
Retweeted by genevieve @Sorayea Nonceproductivity power hour thx 2 @NTSlive @amebbbb omg
Retweeted by genevieveuhhhhhhhhhhh this is so good corethis is so good but such a shame about the MJ sample this lonely heart is workin from home and lookin for all the lovesick valentines DJ mixes I missed please send your faves 💌💌💌 @BethLeckenby L I THi guys, it's me again, the Shirley Temple/Premiere Queen. Looking to lock in new music for March & April for premi…
Retweeted by genevieveRemember some people put their job on FB as full time mad bastard
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if uncut gems was a person
Retweeted by genevieve @ErisDrew @octo_octa @T4TLUVNRG c u Saturday 💓🍄💓 @joeeuropemusic High streetUsing memes to further your music career just ain't it
Retweeted by genevieve @joeeuropemusic Mine was getting hit with a parasolYou need to manifest what you want, they say... I'm looking to work as a music curator. I'm pretty excellent at…
Retweeted by genevieveLeifur James - Wise Old Man via @YouTube
Retweeted by genevieve @FinnMcCorry Get ur self to spud-u-likeRIP Pop Smoke
Retweeted by genevievePremiere: London-based singer and producer Leifur James announces new album with arresting "Wise Old Man"…
Retweeted by genevieveProb gonna regret my next tattoo in a year but like yolo @chanelkadir thank u my angel 🍬 @chanelkadir Oooo thank you!!!!Need someone to make me a portfolio website please send recommends will pay 💰💓explains a lot, no?
Retweeted by genevieveLine up for @fieldmaneuvers coming next week! Keep an eye out! 👀
Retweeted by genevieveI won a bloody brit 😈
Retweeted by genevieve @rosielanners why are they using native writers to cover something so inherently significant to northern ireland @rosielanners fuckin bullshit the cheek @leximiaandrews aye this is shite and shit its gone globalLeifur James explores love and loss on new album for Night Time Stories. @NTSlabel
Retweeted by genevievenew Leifur James album announced today 🌟 first single here - @nighttimestories @complex_uk… @D0YoU giving me life this morning <3hi music writers! haven't been calling for/able to accept as many pitches as of late (although my inbox is always o…
Retweeted by genevievemagical 😍 xxxx
Retweeted by genevieve.@andygarvey303 has a new record coming out on @lobstertheremin next month
Retweeted by genevieve @katiusha_lives @alextheomusic 🌹❤️🌹 @chanelkadir @lucyibonner Lisbon? Or Essaouira will be nice n warm round them @jasmine_ks Happy birthday! 🥳🥳🥳 @ItsSoniceInside @RiddimsStrange @korzi_uk @yunganz_ @RainyMillerMan @LilHenzo @AFRODEUTSCHE_AD @soupkitchenmcr…🚨 New @andygarvey303 next month via @lobstertheremin
Retweeted by genevieveIn which me, @YoungAdz1 and @GIRLImusic form an unlikely squad calling out the Brit Awards – and the industry at la…
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@agmxxre BogginOver-the-counter painkiller could alleviate emotional pain – but should you use it?
Retweeted by genevieve @chaos_fm Jean V 😘 @midlandsound @otikulate whole EP is so so good 🍬🍬🍬 @chalravens so true lol as you were chal G xStormzy is really on another level
Retweeted by genevieveLobster Theremin unveils new Andy Garvey EP, Complex Clarity |@lobstertheremin
Retweeted by genevievemaya jama princess diana 🤝 revenge dresses
Retweeted by genevieve @chanelkadir I believe in you 🛴 @heyitsfaye_ Rebrand babes @ItsDresden It’s fine when you do it! Cute DxxQ- Who would be your dream at to interview at Dimensions A- 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers'
Retweeted by genevieve @ItsDresden Hahaha just found lovely campervans on my contact sheet @chanelkadir omg pls do thisWhen I worked in a pub in Paris, a girl walked in and asked if I was from Kilkenny. I said yeah and asked how she k…
Retweeted by genevieveTbh would read @BethLeckenby Looool 🥺 find the guy a platform"He never wanted to make bigger and bigger records, or reinvent anything: just to continue being around the people,…
Retweeted by genevieve @chaos_fm Pass me that dingsbumbest bit of doing festival pr was the tenuous accreditation applications. Never forget Lovely Campervans pitching t… in reggaeton @r_syyyme @bensleia_ Chalet 👋 @LEON47639 10/10 locally sourced and vegan @bensleia_ @r_syyyme im going saturday night :)my brain @chanelkadir lit📣Ace journalism opportunity klaxon 📣 Just three days left to apply for a six month paid internship at @1843mag.…
Retweeted by genevieve @bored_lord @ItsLaalls just bought ur entire discography on bandcamp @bored_lordwhy did I agree to work at eris drew this weekend. sitting on the door when I should be feelin the motherbeat 🍄🍄🍄 @FrancescaSimcox How dare it!!love what you have before life teaches you what you lost.
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@aalice_tweetz 😂😂😂😂😂 oh my lord"A lifelong maverick, the godfather of non-conformity, and no doubt forever influential, our comrade in arms." Opti…
Retweeted by genevieve @katietweets26 Yeah I was SHOOK, palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavySame thing happened watching twilight like 12 year ago can’t handle the 🩸just saw parasite in the Rio cinema had a funny turn at the blood and had to run and be and sick lol @aalice_tweetz I’m to embarrassed to read this yetGonna start learning logic just so I can gift myself a tech house remix of this by next Valentine’s Day with @bored_lord now thanks @ItsLaalls"Where others of the acid house generation became jaded or set in their ways, he only seemed more enthusiastic and…
Retweeted by genevieveNothing to add about the passing of a man who was a great inspiration to many. But it's times like this that lets y…
Retweeted by genevieve @iamhungrrr :( 💚💚celebrating my 70th next week, also in the clubme : i look so old now why is this happening also me : i'll go to both parties on friday, work at the club saturda… @katietweets26 @chalravens me please! x
Retweeted by genevieve @thedalstonyears @depop @WiredUK amazing!!!