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ambiANT & DEC
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorI'm curious to know what those of you in the rest of the UK and Ireland learned about Northern Ireland in school. A…
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My dear friend @margorabb has written a beautiful and hopeful essay about finding a place to explore - and tame - t…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorFeeling so nostalgic for Belfast atmbritain does not care about irish people. it never has and it never will.
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorThis book has floored me. Looks soft, reads hard. Bleak Irish writing at its finest. man has all three: A healthy relationship with substances Good at sex Non-embarrassing shoes
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorLime scooters bang so hardJust out of Joker, do NOT bring your kids to see this movie!!!!! It had so many cigarettes it should be called THE SMOKER!!!
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorARIANA TICKETS CONFIRMED. thank u, beth. Thank u, Beth @BethLeckenbyI'll get an iPhone when they make an animoji that can go to events in my place
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorImportant: if you flew to Unsound please offset your carbon by purchasing trees we will plant in Krakow in spring 2…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorDoes anyone want to go on a 13% romantic autumnal stroll
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @CC_DISCO Ur sick block out the haters 😎😎🙅🏻‍♀️mad how they still haven’t come up with a name yet for amsterdam dance event
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylorpeople: are you ok? me: yeah i’m ok :) my earphones: The Winner Takes It All — ABBA 1:34 ━━━❍──────4:…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylorfortnite about to announce a tale of us 10 hour set
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@ameliaaf_ @blackmadonnachi Legend @BethLeckenby @amebbbb It’s a big ciggy seance @amebbbb Am pingin 😂 @amebbbb Oh my god one year!!!It’s just hit me that I’m running a half marathon in 3 weeks I feel sick
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylorshe at the club grinding with 16 diff dudes and u at home tweeting that u fighting demons
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @okwilliams_ Never @lucyibonner cause I work in music it doesn't mean I wanna talk about it all the damn time. I love music but I enjoy normal…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorYou won’t be laughing at these climate change protest geeza’s when Ibiza turns into a ski resort
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorAnd if you don't see what an accomplishment that is for a child that hasn't even been born yet...!!!!!
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@lucyibonner Just put em up no goin back now xx @lucyibonner @lucyibonner This again!Our lovely cityPut your hands up, put your hands up for Detroit best rap verse of the decade? That’s easy. It’s Rihanna on “Wild Thoughts.” Next question
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorThe surreal touch that colors Roman Flügel's music extends to his masterful DJ sets. Speaking to Matt Unicomb, he r…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorI love you, there's no need to fake it But staying in the house every weekend, I just can't take it I work hard And…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @andrewryce So true 😍Unsound next yearHow many exclamation points can I put in an email to seem simultaneously relatable/genuinely excited but not like COMPLETELY unhinged
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorPicture the scene. Medellin, Friday, 6pm, mcdonalds, reggaeton DJ with a mullet, lights, dancing, mario kart adverts.
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just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorThis is what happens when all music companies insist their marketing staff have knowledge of adobe, instead of just…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @mmtowns LOL wait til u hear mine I’ll tell u in person @larlbeek @Jackadeemus YES HONEYS @b_nmrrs omg hahaha heard this *so many times*I can’t tell if men are especially boring in 2019 or if I’m just at peak hater rn
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this piece from @seanbgoneill about stephen gately's influence on young queer people in ireland, on the 10th annive…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorCyndi Lauper, @LoJamMusic, @violetakaviolet and so much more: @objectblue_ graces us with a head-spinning Crack Mix…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @ItsJackNeedham ZING*ACCOUNT/PROJECT MANAGERS IN CREATIVE/AD AGENCIES* Looking for an intern? I work w/ a company that procures qualifi…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @patrickch_ Lmao @theokotz Mate I FEEL U @itsLiana @KnoWave @boilerroomtv Cya there bbyWe are delighted to announce that @DianaRoss will play the Sunday legends slot on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor😍🤩💃🔛 Diana Ross to play 'legends' slot at Glastonbury 2020
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorColleen Rooney reminds me of how in the 90s my mother discovered my father was seeing another woman because he had…
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Joy O's new EP, which is due out next week on his Hinge Finger label, is "a transitional record" for him, "personal…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor🥳 partying + 👶 baby =
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor"Not a climate change fan but this is class"
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor[Cher "Believe" voice] Can you retweet and like all my posts
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @leewakefield_ Hahahaha didn’t see it didn’t even know this existed! That is jokes though lolgreta thunberg’s silence on coleen vs rebekah is deafening
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorIt’s............. ⚪️Britney bitch ⚪️ Gonna be me 🔘 Rebekah Vardy’s account
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorChannel 5 doc on gak and they have a gak detector that looks like a pregnancy testWorst possible boyfriends 1 vegan 2 banter boy gym 100g protein 3 copper 4 DJ 5 comedian 6 barista 7 mixologi…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorEven if my mates say they’re fine, I will #AskTwice. @chalravens 5th April - attention all of Twitter! @genofeves fuck me til i'm twinned with disneyworld florida pin tweet
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @chalravens I want it on a wall sticker a la live laugh love @chalravens That exact bit @chalravens Oh my days yesThe 71st issue of Huck is about building something better; something new
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylorhowdy doody boggle rodeo @BAKEGLA OMFGlocal pub has been going through some renovations. three months later it has returned with a train (?). absolute ma…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorThinkin bout becoming a thot
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @heyitsfaye_ Yay Faye 😍
@chanelkadir Literally donno what to eat bar kefir lolI’m un-Memoji-able 🥺it's a work in progress also known as procrastinating, but i made a website so u can see what i've been up to✍️ ps…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor @chanelkadir Awful @NatalieONeill watch its disgusting, guys across UK who masquerade assault as "street attraction" fuckin awfulgood vibes to kick off Tuesday morning! Jessie Belters joins us for mix 101 in the LT Podcast series 🍹🌞…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorOmg low fodmap diet is SO HARD. Miss u so much @garlic xxGenius @mmtowns Raising awareness isn't particularly helpful if there's no professional help easily available unl…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylor┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃\○/ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ / YOUR PROTEST ISN'T ┛┗┛┗┛┃ノ) RADICAL IF IT RELIES ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ON THE POLICE…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorListen back to my @quanticaonline show including a banging PA from @grimesadhesif live at Mother's Finest. Plus new…
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Been waiting for Adidas to drop that garden-themed capsule collection (very reminiscent of Adidas Adventure) since…
Retweeted by Genevieve Taylorautumnal gift DNA 🍁 🎁 🍁🎁   🎁  🎁🍁 🎁 🍁 🎁  🍁 🎁  🍁 🎁 🍁 🎁🍁   🍁  🍁 🎁 🍁  🎁 🍁  🎁 🍁   🎁 🍁  🎁  🍁🎁 🎁 🎁 🍁
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorYet another day spent wondering why people are still doing vinyl-only releases.
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorTeaming up with @lobstertheremin for a collaborative EP, Globex Corp co-founder Tim Reaper introduces us to his lab…
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorSay what u want Ghetto Kraviz bangs @sarah_robbo HorrendousWe are in the midst of a mental health crisis – advice about jogging and self-care is not enough | Suzanne Moore
Retweeted by Genevieve TaylorI am watching this right now and I am HORRIFIED @lucyibonner @hdt_hugh Me everyday hahah @lucyibonner @hdt_hugh I WISH @limitedmitch Yes please do this!