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18yo computer science student and casual anime fan. Sometimes does photography. He/him, bi/pan 💛

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@umakunaritai_ me, when friend leaves me on read: it's cool, they got stuff going on :) me, when friend leaves my…
Retweeted by Geo1088 @SwiftOnSecurity i mean i agree but what is it this time“If you don’t like America you can leave.” and “Countries should control foreign immigration.” are mutually exclusive positions.
Retweeted by Geo1088{\__/} {\__/} ( • ᴗ•) (• . • ) / > <\ 📋</ v \ can you take this obligation {\__/…
Retweeted by Geo1088hey remember fe7 i'm playing that now it's fun maybe eventually i'll finish shadows of valentia when i don't suck at itIt's here. GERRY. A font created by your congressional districts. Log on to and use the fon…
Retweeted by Geo1088 @FateSteelTaylor honestly this is a mood lolThe duality of Tendo Maya™
Retweeted by Geo1088 @Ralon17 firefox's built-in tab suspension works wonders tbh, even at 75 i didn't have problems, tho now i wish i'd…
@umakunaritai_ 👋 has taken everything from me
Retweeted by Geo1088i can't tell which is worse for my computer, having 75 browser tabs (which was true yesterday) or having 16 open ap… it begins @im_liar_girl i've been into fe lolhelp
Could Texas be any more intentional? Houston voters elect 19 Black women to judgeships. GOP then introduces bill…
Retweeted by Geo1088 @jetmetlol Yep pretty much same here, glad you enjoyed it ^^ @jetmetlol wait seriously? lmao, how'd you like it?watch grimgar cowards
@geo1088_ is Stockholm syndrome a mood?
Retweeted by Geo1088 @ottermochi hope things work out with this! i'll definitely be following the new account too ^^Me before and after college
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@sylnyma at least we both have okay healing to make up for our total lack of defense lol @sylnyma hmm"capacitor" isn't a real word @sylnyma link?This is me every time i am writing a code (Submitted by @Raghav96a)
Retweeted by Geo1088 @Cryzzalis ¯\_(ツ)_/¯do u ever wake up craving affection to the point where you can't get up until you've hugged a pillow for two to thr… @MozillaFennekin cleverwhat's the name of the mood where you just randomly rewatch sao s1e4 like i know i said i was getting my friends t… @sylnyma hope things can get a little better tomorrow ;;
eats entire bag in one sitting anywayreview: jolly ranchers gummies dear god how do you fuck a candy up this baddo you ever stand in line at chipotle looking at twitter for so long that you forgot you were standing in line at chipotle
@velvet_hina @im_liar_girl excuse u two
one building at my college has a hot chocolate vending machine, i am a changed manApple: We change core application requirements every 2.5 years. Microsoft: Theres a submarine that runs IE4 and we…
Retweeted by Geo1088i just got told by my boss that i do a great job at work while looking at anime memes on twitter is this what adul… gf’s explanation of why “ok boomer” became a thing is spot on ✔️
Retweeted by Geo1088It'd be easy to just QRT this and dismiss it with "because of the millennia of oppression/death???" but instead, I'…
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Retweeted by Geo1088 @JackUTS i think the focus was pretty forcibly put on edelgard's ideal rather than some of the stuff that she did,… @JackUTS having only played crimson flower so far, the biggest thing i want answered is what the deal with monica a… @FateSteelTaylor @umakunaritai_ every other time i see you tweet i wonder why i follow you @JackUTS i haven't even played through white clouds on my second playthrough yet and barely supported with her befo… @JackUTS i didnt actually realize you could recruit shamir in crimson flower i am now mad thanks @ShaKing807 I laughed out loud at this, I think having the first tweet QRT'd into my feed is what really made it workthis is a good video to watch if you're considering getting a VPN
If you are ready to do something, you have to take it. Even ready is too high a bar. Willing to excel is the water…
Retweeted by Geo1088 @FateSteelTaylor oof time to watch clannad @FateSteelTaylor help i don't even know what show the april girl is from @GenesisErarara i haven't even watched that yet @rin17329 no but i will after we're done with s1 lolso after leaving /r/anime, i'm finally allowed to start watching anime again, unfortunately this has so far consist… @tokyopodfathers i feel like at this point this podcast is really just "we gave a bunch of weebs the shared stream…
I feel like this point has been made a billion times, but it clearly hasn’t sunk in for @github yet so I’ll say it…
Retweeted by Geo1088In other words, @github selling ICE software only enables ICE to do more of the things that everyone really wishes…
Retweeted by Geo1088my november challenge is no fucks november live your life unbound by the chains of annoying social constructs and d…
Retweeted by Geo1088🎃 0-Day Alert! #Google is warning Windows, Mac, #Linux users to update their #Chrome browser (to 78.0.3904.87) imm…
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@velvet_hina i'm sorry for your loss @mikumiku_ebooks oh no
@umakunaritai_ ok you can get out of my brain now thankshaha wow i totally forgot how stressful ordering delivery can be @FateSteelTaylor diebuster goodSometimes in Security you gotta take your gloves off and just build a print server.
Retweeted by Geo1088"OK Boomer" marks the end of friendly generational relations? It wasn't the 10 million articles blaming poor, under…
Retweeted by Geo1088everyone has pronouns dipshit, it came with your fucking xbox
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@rin17329 also you're not cursed ;; @rin17329 i've literally never seen someone fail it until now i thought it just always said passed wtf @sylnyma hopefully you'll be able to get over it soon, ik it can be rough but there's plenty more out there for you Emi'll take it onlys asking manga readers to shut the fuck up
Retweeted by Geo1088can i request an extension on this entire week @ShaKing807 Sex is a good app but it is a good app but it is kinda a hard time to get it to me but it is a good app>so hopefully i figure out how to do this db system tonight lol @velvet_hina except that one you scratched out hmmmm
the nap was ineffective at best at limiting my tiredness, and came with the side effect of a random-ass headache t… was struggling to stay awake at work today and decided to take a nap once i got back in the words of douglass ad…'s make a list of all of the legislators who have had affairs with subordinates, sexually harassed people, or ot…
Retweeted by Geo1088 @Bass__HS i doubt you were the only one talking about it that i follow lol @ShaKing807 I'm honored that you think so highly of me ^^ Keep up the good work, you and the others are great! Alwa… @magicswordz @ShaKing807 fills my spot on the list, at least in hierarchy, hopefully she and the rest of 'em can ma…'s been a wild few years since I joined this team. Cheers to all the co-mods I've worked with in the past, hoping…
excuse me what the FUCK gave you that impression @umakunaritai_ i wish my cats were friendly enough to do this kind of thing with meTrying to do things on Sunday
Retweeted by Geo1088Meme = {void}
Retweeted by Geo1088 @Shadow0pz @MalwareJake @deviantollam Maxim 62: Anything labeled "This end toward enemy" is dangerous at both ends.
Retweeted by Geo1088Have you ever imagine that @facebook is crawling links in your pdf files when you are sending them via messenger?
Retweeted by Geo1088retweet this if ur the friend who walks behind everyone when the sidewalk is too narrow
Retweeted by Geo1088discord: "custom status is finally here" everyone at 2am:
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best diff of the week
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Today's card. Acting like you can handle everything yourself and don't need support from others is adaptive if you…
Retweeted by Geo1088 @github @github I heard a rumor that corporations that take money from ICE will be visited by a horrible goose
Retweeted by Geo1088 @sylnyma wait woah that's two whole hatsThe year is 2382. The prime minister of the United Kingdom is visiting Brussels to "request an extension to Brexit"…
Retweeted by Geo1088how to not have work at 8am @Ghostiebella this like a religious thing or @sylnyma *hug*