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@LarryNartey LolThe price u pay for the guard of honour. lol #MCILIV @LarryNartey u make happy rydee @pjayzjoe Ahhh lol @pjmozee @countrymansongo @enochworlanyo @adamadjei gatusso @mavisamanor5 Happy Sports Journalists day!!! Back then…
@rioferdy5 SiaaNah hold up. This was hard 😤
Retweeted by The Barchitect @tatascaritas NopeThis is how King Faisal players are dancing right now. 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Retweeted by The Barchitect @khobbyblu @Kojo_Skills 🤣🤣🤣🤣BREAKING: 🇹🇬 | Emmanuel Adebayor has had his contract with Paraguayan side Olimpia terminated by mutual agreement…
Retweeted by The Barchitect @LarryNartey @BVB I for get this jersey @Romeo_swaG_GH @mister_Ritchie U bore at the wrong
@Tokersi A day to remember to drop some flowers#Godmc is 4 years today... It's not just a song... It changed our mindset, it brought smt good to our music industr…
Retweeted by The BarchitectExactly 4 years ago today, Ghanaian rap artist @manifestive released #godMC
Retweeted by The Barchitect @nydjlivedotcom @kofichurcher_ @manifestive Damn! We still dropping flowers on the dead homie.... @Kojo_Skills @FrankKhalidUK @ChelseaFC Hahaha @FrankKhalidUK @Kojo_Skills @ChelseaFC Odoi? Hahaha @LarryNartey Ebi troll @LarryNartey Larry paa. U de believe this?
@OneofTheBottles @Decipher7_ Lol @belle_looker Pass that weed @Kojo_Skills Boi u de wonder how ppl de come up with these things...smhAkuffo Addo paa...light out sen. Smh @OneofTheBottles Ahh. Lol @OneofTheBottles Lol. Ur strikers get chao pass am anaa?These drivers for make up dema mind chale. U close door lightly, dem say bones no dey ur hands inside anaa...u bang… of the morning. Need to get that 💰 right. So far as the outcome is income #shikasane
@kwadwosheldon Kwadwo ShattaLomi Lomi Lomi Lomi 🎶 @ELgh_ 🎊🎉Stand up nighas don't lean...No italics @bigsean_jakes Ahhh.....u de do Asif...the team make need for hiding Lingard dems all return @enochworlanyo 🤣🤣🤣 @bigsean_jakes Buh as Stonebwoy say, Not Again. U go lose this one p33 @bigsean_jakes 😂😂😂 antics paa @bigsean_jakes Eii Big Sean... Bruno come change ur worldHappy BARday @ELgh_ #lomiAh😀 Herh😂😂😂 Player fuu sei. No wonder )b) team basaaa. Ano dey fit🤣
Retweeted by The BarchitectAre you tired of being financially stagnant or perhaps you feel it’s time you rebel against poverty? Then this is f…
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@asanteniiba @Geo_barz @KOJO_Cue I lose count sef. Make I think small see #mensaB3ka number nu..May I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.…
Retweeted by The Barchitect @Kojo_Skills Buh the issue of flyamboyance dier ...a lot of South Americans de get away with that..cause den from t… @Kojo_Skills Not yet tho. He still get some convincing to do
@Kojo_Skills Italian league dierr I no de watch. Buh prior to Cro then he be the man for there. Wey then he de get double figures or @dkbghana Stylé @Kojo_Skills Lol. U sure?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾 #Phlowducation2
Retweeted by The Barchitect“Makaa Maka”is 💎 from beat to that first verse lines “hold up people wait up a minute , let me crack open a bottle…
Retweeted by The Barchitect @manifestive SufferRest Well Chris. I know you'll be smiling where you are...
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@LarryNartey Lol. U for play ur academy agst us @kemicalxkemical @efiejollof @gyaigyimii He got caught. He definitely isn't the King.Young people, it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. B…
Retweeted by The Barchitect @countrymansongo Alatuula .....y3 ko y3 nim @kwadwosheldon Hell annex straight @bra_sololarkai Lol
@kwadwosheldon Dem pleenty.. @MSTAOK1 Lol @bra_sololarkai 😂😂😂😂😂 herb Kus mess up Buh u y ude lie? Ahhh @OtiAdjei Very gross oo. Ahhh @FIFAcom @FIFAWorldCup @nglkante @FrenchTeam @ChelseaFC @DFB_Team_EN @FCBayernEN Wey question this @kofi_aduriz Lol @kofi_aduriz Scoreline?76 Premier League hat-tricks were scored in between Robin van Persie's and Anthony Martial's for Man Utd. Here is…
Retweeted by The BarchitectBringing this classic back cos why not 😹😹💔 #AssChallenge
Retweeted by The BarchitectAnd the final video to round off the #AssChallenge is when Leo Messi was spotted grabbing ass The GOAT throwing hi…
Retweeted by The Barchitect @LarryNartey @bet365 3fuom player....Chilean thugs🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEO #MESSI! 🎉
Retweeted by The Barchitect @KinaataGh @PulseGhana White @SkySportsNews Oh how? one year p3.. @classicopizzy @OludayoKolapo @Messievsky @cesc4official @Neyoboas @tifey laughable.. 🤣🤣🤣
@Romeo_swaG_GH E go bee Chale. We keep moving regardless. @statsgh Sharp @OtiAdjei Hii I have a surprise for me cuz today been special Check link below 👇🏻👇🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥 retweet!!!
Retweeted by The BarchitectBenzema
Retweeted by The Barchitect @oluwashina @manifestive #NowherecoolOAP: “Can you tell us why you’re demonstrating?” Ghana Man🗣”Please the network is not good, so can you speak twi..…
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@goal 1 @gyaigyimii We been knew. @edemLFC19 @JumiaGhana Asay
We evaluated on this tape! I’m no longer sitting on music, let it be known we dropping a powerful tape on June 24th…
Retweeted by The Barchitect @AlexGoldberg_ Wasa @gyaigyimii_team @Geo_barz
@julietbawuah @jordan_ayew9 Averaging a goal every 5 matches or more. Naaah.... Recent performances have been great though.This #NPPPrimaries results be interesting pass.The fake support just be funny These delegates de raise more Hopes than Ewe men. @kwaku_szn Plus morro be Sunday ho mbaay3 😂😂😂 @kwaku_szn 25 returns in 129 games be guy give aa u fit hug crocodile simple that's averaging a goal every five gam… @kwaku_szn Ahhh @kingofaccra Ayt. De RebelCall at least one person and check up on them today. We talk to ppl about ppl but won’t hit the person up and check personally
Retweeted by The BarchitectLuiz no play today oo #BHAARS @kingofaccra Which battle are u watching? @kingofaccra Arsonal?Arsenal too why? Ahhba!How come i am now seeing this?😂😂
Retweeted by The BarchitectDe Gea de3 s3 wasa🤣🤣🤣...we been knew. #TOTMUN
@Nikkisamonas @thenanaaba @ManUtd Your last line dierr ...No way Ebanor!Hi! I promised to introduce you to 4 books Here are the first two, classic books over 80yrs old that have guided s…
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