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He/him. I'ma love um an kiss um an name um george (actor, director, writer, teacher, improviser, NYC) See my @FakeChurchShow and @XPlusOne1940 in NYC!

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@kristanpagliei @SamBoxTho @MarcSnetiker @veryharryhill I'm the one interior designer on Earth apparently @kristanpagliei @SamBoxTho @MarcSnetiker What Roz are you looking at? @kristanpagliei @SamBoxTho @MarcSnetiker Roz is the True Locus of Power, Dismissed Zero disrespect available! @ed_solomon "BITE your TEETH into the ASSSSSS of life!" - Big Night @trishmc1958 Cough. Or a classic "prepping a loogie" throat drag hack @Jillybeanwest @AllieGoertz "YOU should be in a bad position, not ME" - This Yabbo @Eitanthegoalie "Samaritan's Purse" is a term for cooch, Eitan. It's a porn shoot! @Eitanthegoalie @JaydenCole Yeah exactly That half of it suggests we're in a late 90s sitcom @HaroldJ_NEPA @ScottWamplerBMD @MerrillBarr @lucbesson Yes! I loved that trailer, and personally do not mind that i… @ScottWamplerBMD My pants, if they post one @ScottWamplerBMD @MerrillBarr A trailer with a bunch of stuff that isn't in the movie would be an EXTRA EXCELLENT t…"You know, Coronavirus is a lot like jazz..." - a jazz musician describing Coronavirus
Retweeted by Geoff ''Mordge'' GrimwoodHow much style does a person have? Don't asses by their clothes. Those might be chosen for them. Don't assess by t… @adamsull @blackoutpete (once you've got that prescription) @adamsull @blackoutpete Zenni has decent ones, esp for backups, for $6 and up @blackoutpete, @VanessaCarlton, -now- you're homebound. @aaronburr_vp @ClassicGIJoe Putting Gung-Ho on that thing, not even sitting down, is one of the art department's gr… @toddstarnes @jfreewright Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat a fackin twerp this storns is @jtLOL @andylassner @Yamiche @jlskfl @KatieHill4CA
@agentcutiepie @VadaBee @IWriteAllDay_ @screenrant Can make Namor Black or Brown or Asian or South Asian as a Capta… @DGarrettR @NYTNational Evil system. @Brennanator Synecdoche, Godzillla @Stew_Yourself @kalellena @colombabyy And grooming/weeding out/entrapping. Christ.
@RealWilfordB Quaker Oatmeal @ClassicGIJoe You can hang those... on that hook there...! inner monologue is now in Zoom gallery format. More specifically, it's: @Home_Halfway "I may not be smart, but I know what blood is." - Forrest Gump, 1994 @verysimple @lindaholmes Fwiw I've been having that way more consistently than normal - except on days when I go fo… @realDonaldTrump @GetBenThompson @1followernodad @goofbone @greycapped @1followernodad This was a fucking magical exchange What a website @BattleArmorDad1 Dude these are -exceptional- photos @NSiegel_DC We are not alone 👀
@BirdRide Sounds like YOU guys suck ass! I refer here to your laying off of some 400 employees via a pre-recorded… @MrsJackSwede Looks like an easter brunch butter lamb, 10/10 stars @MrJonCryer @79Ralphie @ClassicGIJoe I mean also the sneer @Czarface_Eso @ClassicGIJoe
@kevinsciretta Stripe-ed ✔️ @kevinsciretta Actually? Daniel Striped Tiger might be the dad of Daniel Tiger, star of that show. I'm pretty sure… @PixelProspector @Al82_Retro Incredible! How'd like no one know of this? Can't wait to emulate this*fanfare.wav* @albinokid Tell Brad Pitt hi in the past @Acyn How does KAC ATTACK somehow look worse than usual @kevinsciretta Ahem, Daniel Striped Tiger @WSJopinion @DanHenninger @OMaraRules Everyone needs this sweater. The real-world sci-fi future is everyone wearing this at all times, not co… @corruptedgem @lunar_scope Also I know a prolific, OG, audiobook veteran, and he swears by and gently but firmly pr… @corruptedgem @lunar_scope A-mazing. And oh indeed on price -- I can not bring myself to pay ongoing monthly for an… @corruptedgem @lunar_scope Nice! I'm only editing short vo auditions so far, and using Audition, but am more and mo… @Pointmansdaught @kenolin1 @corruptedgem @lunar_scope What software you using? @RMBouton I have sent this to a few people and I can't tell if it is nice, sad, dystopian, or what Anyhoo,! #WatchThenRetweet
Retweeted by Geoff ''Mordge'' Grimwood @LightsCameraPod M. Night Shyamalan directing a Denzel / Sam Rockwell comedy would suuuuuuuck; I'm into it! @FBananapants @AndyRichter SuperbSomeone talking about the show "Travellers" reminded me that one of my favorite story devices is Discipline. big D…
@zuck420 @spookyDichotomy -yoink!-Personal media consumption updates: 1. We have finished s1 (of 2) of Sacred Games on Netflix and it remain fan fuc… means catching up on the hottest trends like bim-moji™ @SorayaMcDonald @hannahgoldfield @prisonculture Here's 5th Ave yesterday (and the Met for good measure) The usual foot and vehicle… @chewing_glass It's gorgeous @thecrackin It's tuffet time, babyWhen Elmer Fudd plays Cressida while we're sharing faves, having time to look at em, watch this beauty again. A joy: @blackoutpete @Sony @DewaynePerkins The second she said Mariano's I knew this was gonna be good.Power to the People! People! in Hong Kong. Let's all be radical leftists together, please
Retweeted by Geoff ''Mordge'' GrimwoodUnited States feels like a bit of an overstatement
Retweeted by Geoff ''Mordge'' Grimwood @flophousecat NOOOOooooooo F F F F F @ParkerDenton @blackoutpete Hell yeah Parker! Sounds like a fun afternoon for me .. next time I brave the grocery @ClassicGIJoe Honestly probably still the one GI Joe item closest to my heart. Every time I see it I'm tempted to f… @dennissheehy @ClassicGIJoe Six sets?!? *googles furiously* @ParkerDenton @blackoutpete In montessori kindergarten we'd put whipping cream into baby food jars and shake em sha… @79Ralphie @ForcePao @ClassicGIJoe Same! Also at one point we read some Avengers comics and used Joes as Avengers –… @emrazz Even here Shithump looks bored, disinterested, and peevish @thephilwells Text-based political cartoons are a beautiful new artform, that I believe you have created here, Phil!really! 85,000 if we did nothing minus 2000 if we do what we're doing right now, that's 83,000 people who don't hav…
Retweeted by Geoff ''Mordge'' Grimwood @realDonaldTrump Although I haven’t been able to obtain a test, I’m currently on day 6 of what is most likely the Corona Vir…
Retweeted by Geoff ''Mordge'' Grimwood
@kevinsciretta Check THIS fuckin fact I just learned while quarantine-ganizing mp3s work a home @kevinasarobot @ilianainocencio Yeah dude!!!!! Congratzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! @realDonaldTrump You suck ass @dubbsweinblatt This stone classic still helps me remember, and can break the tension sometimes too @realDonaldTrump Eat shit you piece of shit @JWCrump I don't know why this sounds so.. angry? I'm thrilled! Guess that's just Sports Mode @JWCrump Update: @thewillchoy @JWCrump @JWCrump Phone audio may not do justice to the EERIE echoing emptiness HBD JW!! @ed_solomon Get this man a Celtx account :) @JWCrump Happy birthday, J.W.! I'll see what I can do!Yooooooo