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@thegameawards - Live December 10 @gamescom Opening Night Live @summergamefest

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@DonaldMustard 🤫🤔 @NadGamerr @DonaldMustard Thanks for joining us!!What a fun Zoom call today with @thegameawards fans and special guest @DonaldMustard from @FortniteGame! @ja2ke Tom sarris! Legend!📣🎉 SAVE THE DATE 🎉📣 THE GAME AWARDS Thursday, December 10 Live from: 🔴 Los Angeles 🔴 London 🔴 Tokyo A Multiworld…
Retweeted by Geoff Keighley @JuanyeTuda first look at Mark Wahlberg's Sully in the Uncharted movie (from Mark's instagram). @XboxWins1 no one in europe has them yet i believe
@enocherr Xbox specifically told us we could only post 1 video under 30 seconds when we received. PS did not have the same restriction. @JamesGunn @TheSuicideSquad @empiremagazine @MargotRobbie @idriselba @JohnCena @flula @steveagee @NathanFillion
Welcome to the fam #ps5
Retweeted by Geoff Keighley @elisefavis Quality tweet @RyanDJGL @Wario64 It's a good one!That's as far as I can go today! @djWHEAT Cant yet!Welcome to the fam #ps5 #ps5 morning! weight of the #PS5 box has been revealed - 14.7 lbs.👀 man! kinda hyped to get my iPhone 12 tomorrow. Anyone else getting one? @Jack_Septic_Eye @BangBangClick R2 of the Verizon League of Legends: Wild Rift Invitational and you could get an #iPhone12 Pro with 5G! Whi…
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3 weeks. #PS5 look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. What do you think? some awesome guests for the next few weeks of our fan @zoom_us calls about #TheGameAwards! We chat about t…, join me on @Twitch as I co-stream the League of Legends: Wild Rift Verizon 5G Invitational with @zedd,…
Join us this Sunday for a special @zoom_us fan meetup about #thegameawards 1,000 fans will get to join Geoff Keig…
Retweeted by Geoff Keighley @CatVibesTo you gonna vibe to the Blinx the time sweeper theme? @AOC @IlhanMN @pokimanelol @hasanthehun @DisguisedToast @mxmtoon @Jack_Septic_Eye @Hbomberguy @DrLupo @Valkyrae @DarkLink999 @thegameawards What would you like to see?Great meetings today about world premieres and plans for @thegameawards Our team is working hard to bring you a sh… ME CHOOSE A CHAMPION for the @Verizon @WildRift Invitational!!! 🕹 Yasuo or Zed? 🕹 Help me pick and you could w…
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Here's your weekly guide to the business of video games, featuring Facebook's success with its new VR headset, Geof…
Retweeted by Geoff Keighley @CouRageJD Congrats man!! @HolHumberstone @bbcintroducing @radioleary @BBCRadio2 Amaze! @Zedd @wiffygriffy Hype!!I really must say - I am blown away by the incredible efforts from game developers this year. Despite a pandemic a…
Our @thegameawards fan Zoom meet-ups continue this Sunday. Last week's guests? Phil Spencer and Gabe Newell. If y…
Retweeted by Geoff Keighley @ReedSAlbers @arcadefire years ago today I attended a crazy @arcadefire concert in a Brooklyn warehouse. Still remember the band tricked… @GenePark Too soon lolWe have awesome guests lined up for future Zoom calls about #TheGameAwards Who would you like to see join us? Ca… @TheBookJr Yep good feedback, always try to rotate. Also if you arrive 15-20 minutes early you have a better chance…| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | #ps5 | | #xbox | | IN ONE | | MONTH | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ @gavinpurcell Yeah won more awards than any other game last year! 4 I thinkToday we had an awesome 3 hour Zoom call about @thegameawards with over 500 fans around the world! Special guest…
Retweeted by Geoff KeighleyIf you had to vote today, what would be your pick for Game of the Year? ready for The Verizon Wild Rift Invitational. It will be America’s 1st look at League of Legends: Wild Rift 👀,…
Retweeted by Geoff KeighleyYou may remember Teardown from @gamescom ONL - excited it’s coming to early access on October 29 on Steam! @tuxedolabs Amazing!! Can’t wait!
2020 am just so blown away but the diversity of our community. Today we had fans join us live from China, Africa, Euro… we had an awesome 3 hour Zoom call about @thegameawards with over 500 fans around the world! Special guest… the call today..... still cant believe that i'm in a zoom meeting with @geoffkeighley , @XboxP3 and Gabe Newell... and i have my zoom…
Retweeted by Geoff KeighleyReleased 15 years ago today: Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 2.
Retweeted by Geoff Keighley @whethanmusic You crushed it!!GTA IV Theme
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@MrBeastYT Have a good show!!The iPhone 12 power cord has been revealed. @homielanders But I tweeted the Xbox too? @steinekin Oh that's good @ZachWigal Quality tweet
(\_/) ( •_•) / >#seriesS🔈(\_/) ( •_•) / >#SeriesX(\_/) ( •_•) / >#ps5Hello weekend. Sunday's Zoom call with fans is going to be a good one 🤞 @iplaygames_64 Pro @Kappische It’s a puzzle!😴 iPhone pre-order complete. Slightly less drama than console pre-orders.... @LamarrWilson Quick resume to check!Extra sleep? Mmmmmkay @sadgirlsloan Congrats!! @Yash_the_great @thegameawards You should @AkaashMonger @thegameawards the BG3 panel was more about Hell, not about anything @GoogleStadia or other platform related. @AkaashMonger @thegameawards I'm not sure I understand your question? How so?This Sunday we're doing another Zoom with fans to chat about @thegameawards Very special guest stopping by! You w…
🚨🚨 Uh oh, now I've been introduced to INVERTED TOAD. averted: Some saying this is a mushroom not Toad due to the inversion of the red and white on the head...I m…’s hat....I mean head is the top of a drink bottle at the Mario Cafe + Store at Universal Studios Japan. look at the PlayStation 5 user interface with @sidshuman 👇👇 @thegreatkhalid @BBMAs Congrats my man!!NGL kinda upset I didn't get the Spider-Cat reveal.
@JamesStevenson Great coverEarly bird get the iPhone: iPhone 12 Pro pre-orders begin Friday at 5 am PT / 8 am ET. #AppleEvent @cabel quality tweet @DreamerWren We don't have that kind of budget lolI want to meet the guy/girl who dreams up these #AppleEvent CG video transitions. @DermotKennedy can't wait! @BurgerKing
@BurgerKing You win that crown in Fall Guys? @NICKMERCS Congratulations to you both!!1 month until the official launch of @PlayStation 5 @plmanseau Quality tweetI thought Mario Kart Live doesn’t come out until Friday.