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*ISIS beheads a cake* @LukeHealy There’s some sort of saying about crying and spilled milk...*waving a knife around* Uh oh is this beer a cake? *drinks the beer* Nope. Uh oh is THIS beer a cake? *drinks anoth…
obsessed with this yelp user who photoshops his face into his review photos
Retweeted by GeoffreyTamir Rice was playing with a toy gun and was shot dead at 12 years old.
Retweeted by GeoffreySorry pal let me stop you there I’m never gonna want to “augment” reality
2020'll tell my dead dad he was lucky
Retweeted by Geoffrey*NYC life before... all this...The Bold Type is very true to NYC life in that the main characters are always stopping to talk right at the top of… and Jada PLEASE remake Eyes Wide Shut
Retweeted by GeoffreyOmg forgot about this encore presentation but here it is:
Retweeted by GeoffreyTouring crews are having a hard time right now, they're unable to work during the pandemic. Lord Huron's holding an…
Retweeted by GeoffreyRoughly one trillion years ago @HELPFULTONY and I made this comic and you can now bid on the art (along with a lot…
Retweeted by Geoffreytfw someone’s 18 a year of movies to pick from lol but i guess i'll go with this one am filing for bankruptcy in solidarity with muji
Retweeted by GeoffreyLASD had put a hold on the autopsy report. The coroner decided the public had a right to know.…
Retweeted by Geoffreyevery time Elizabeth had something nice just for her she had to destroy it QUEEN OF ABNEGATIONfucking tearing up over my lunch rn remembering Elizabeth destroying that damn painting this collection of Deathlok comics is free on comixology right now for some reason? go get it and make yourself… us not forget, #BreonnaTalyor still deserves justice....
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I miss when it was mostly funny on here and not the way where it’s funny now where we’ve all got brain poisoning fr… Bellinger said the only hassle about wearing a mask is if your breath stinks. If it does, brush your teeth more frequently, he advised.
Retweeted by Geoffreycome the fuck ON every god damn day
Retweeted by GeoffreyThey barely even exist anymore and haven't for years!
Retweeted by Geoffrey @karatewaffles my mom called me and told me the woodsman has alzheimers now :(Really proud of my team at @harpers for this one, we’re finally gonna turn this clunker around with the headless an…'ve once again misplaced my Depp-branded drug boxThe Chris Moltisanti actor spins Mingus, Lou Reed, Cat Power, and more
Retweeted by Geoffreyif i was a landlord who also owned a vegan cafe and yoga studio in brooklyn i would simply not illegally evict crow…
Retweeted by GeoffreyGOOD NIGHT
Retweeted by Geoffrey“Gendville owns the retail empire Area Kids..toy stores, yoga studios, and the vegan eatery, Planted Cafe. The fami…
Retweeted by GeoffreyIt’s clear now that there wasn't a “billion dollar cut” to the NYPD. Even more, we have yet to engage in reimaginin…
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An absolutely essential and timely read if you're a baseball fan
Retweeted by GeoffreyDid we ever figure out what Gambit’s deal was @PersonRespector @Harpers fine let's run it, also tell your parents to stop making out during the board meetings it's distracting everyone @AlexanderJMoser @Harpers sure let's make this money @charles_kinbote @Harpers let's see our readership try and cancel this! @lubczanski_ @Harpers whatever just get me that harp content, these suits on the board are telling me we're already "hemorrhaging money" @lubczanski_ @Harpers wanna write for Harper's? i'm overhauling everything, you can be on the yamaha beat @lubczanski_ @Harpers it's about harps now.I'm the boss now @harpersthis is a crazy time to do it, but I'm acquiring Harper's, I own it now @adamszym horrifying surprising at all. Telling the cops “I was afraid for my life” is the new “I didn’t see him.” There’s no kind o…
Retweeted by GeoffreyRemember “bisexual lighting,” I feel like I’ve lived and died at least 3 times since thenmuch to think about
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Everyone who signed the Harpers letter should also do their version of the Imagine videoShould’ve said he was a nurse’s October 2019, you’re sitting on your couch wondering if you should hit send on your tweet that reads “The good… your brain problems are manifesting less as a pervasive anxiety and more as a general nihilism wrote about Starship Troopers and the unsettling experience of living within one or more Paul Verhoeven movies at…
Retweeted by GeoffreyCorporate diversity is all well and good, but America's problems are not so much issues of decency and kindness as…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @Mario_McKellop oh no don't tempt me!
Retweeted by Geoffrey @kingkroba Is this what cracks the grateful dead wide open for me @kingkroba WHOA @karatewaffles Good luck trying to get a SFW photo wearing this shirtthe perfect amount of likes are: "24" or "7.6k"
Retweeted by Geoffrey @Iroqu0isP1iskin I saw it when it was in theaters and I don’t think I’ve ever left a movie more baffledMy contribution to the group chat was highly controversial tonight is also his Inglorious BasterdsI made a Ghost Rider shirt for your videogame
Is this Ryan Murphy’s The NewsroomThis was fun but if anyone mentions Harley Quinn to me ever again I will be taking legal actionOk one more Harley Quinn take, Katie gets the last one, sorry! Ryan Murphy’s HOLLYWOOD and screaming at god, rending my garments in grief @factualopinion A NEW BASED GOD ARISES @AsthmaSquad we're all learning a little bit about Harley Quinn today! @AsthmaSquad not to take the always corny women in STEM angle, but it also maybe speaks to her self image as a woma… @AsthmaSquad i think you're right and i think it's def more complex than just the whole overcoming a toxic relation… @AsthmaSquad whoa this really puts words to a lot of things i've felt about seeing this particular fandom in action!people have a lot to say about Harley Quinn! it really shut me right the fuck up! thanks everyone! hope all of your… @geofflapid Plus, there really are so few female characters like her in the superhero space, and there should be mo…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid Can't speak for anyone but myself, but for me, she represents a woman being able to outgrow her more do…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @fancypetetoms @ianmacewan Pennywise is single and gay, this is well-understood @geofflapid She's punky-looking, she's considered queer by many of her fans and some of her writers. She' smart and…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @ianmacewan lmao @geofflapid Lingering cartoon love, plus there just weren't(aren't?) many wise-cracking women in super comics?
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid She’s also a more palatable Joker-like villain than the Joker for kids.
Retweeted by Geoffrey @factualopinion they want to fuck the lady joker @norm_robinson this is a good point, the toxic relationship bit seems to be at the core of it! i think one of the n… @fancypetetoms they already made t-shirts?? my startup is fucked @geofflapid I think that people like the visual design + her status as an anarchic anti-hero. I also think that the…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid T shirts
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid She's a girlboss obviously
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid (Taking a stab.) She’s got something for everyone. It can be as shallow as “Deadpool with boobs” or a…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid And she's funny. My daughter got into her big time at a young age before the merch machine of the past…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @geofflapid Yeah, but it's over the past 10 years or so BTAS kids as grown-ups had the discretionary income to buy…
Retweeted by Geoffrey @Shannon_Smith totally agree with you about this! i think it definitely plays into why she's ubiquitous these days,… think leftover nostalgia for BTAS is a factor too, but didn't the last episode air like 20 years ago? there are…'s no joke here, i just want to understand!can i ask a question in good faith? why has harley quinn been such a popular character over the past few years? wha… Taylor was shot to death by police in her own home. She was shot 8 times. She did not deserve to die. Let’s…
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