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Geoffrey Eisenhower @GeoffreyEisenh1 Gold Coast, Queensland

Massive Star Trek Fan Study Military History Hillary Swank Is Dreamy Australia & United States Alliance Lurv Israel MAGA.PC Is A Speedbump On The Hwy Of Truth

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@WhiteHouse Who elected them to elite status? All I see is 3 🤡🤡🤡!
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerI’m disappointed to see this kind of smug rhetoric from Don Lemon and his guests. Painting a majority of American…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerMedia elites' disdain for Americans who support President Trump was on full display Saturday night—between fits of…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @2GB873 Fantastic @Honey223344 @megynkelly your a clown. @Honey223344 @megynkelly the rapist? ooooh ur talkin about bill clinton or his enabling wife. @TheRickWilson have a look at the ears on this wanker😳😳 @Chris_Meloni @Chris_Meloni Chris Just Loves The Trumpster😊As a Queenslander I’ve seen A LOT of hail storms but I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed one akin to #Canberra today. G…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerWho could say no to a special Australia Day Wagon Wheel cupcake? Especially when the proceeds of sale are being don…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @7Veritas4 @megynkelly coz he’s a racist grub @Honey223344 @megynkelly the moron lemmon has gifted 4 million voters to the GOP. Fantastic. @NowhereManiac @megynkelly coz he’s racist scum @dlwillems @megynkelly but you call urselves progressives. wen r u going to progress???? @johnizonline @megynkelly like justin trudeau huh? @megynkelly No he’s nuts , because what that guy said wasn’t funny and to throw a fit like he did is odd as hell...
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @megynkelly Because he really does think he’s better than middle America
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerNo apology. Bc he’s not sorry.
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerPalestinians violently riot as they react to peace deal today
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerEveryday is a day to be grateful and there’s always a reason to smile! 🙏🏽Hope everyone is having a great week!
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @MrJonCryer oooh zippy. have a lie down. ive heard you were a great usher.
@monicaonairtalk she has now said she was misquoted @CHERYL65266557 @Alyssa_Milano @realDonaldTrump obumma who said there are 52 states Dianne Feinstein Leans Toward Voting for Trump Acquittal
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @JRubinBlogger Trumps Team Were Absolutely Brilliant!! @Ilhan The FBI report on you will be fascinating. the brother u married is in the UK. the curtain is closing on you. @chelseahandler But Your A Liar. You Didn’t Leave The Country @megynkelly Lovely😊😊☺️☺️🤭🤭. Gee Megyn Is It True Your Returning To FOX? Great News If True?Me to 8-year-old daughter Yardley who (while in her school uniform) was putting her feet up on the chair in front o…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @Alyssa_Milano @BetteMidler matter what team you’re rooting for during #SuperBowlLIV, there’s one team we can all support: #TeamOcean!…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @Chris_Meloni @timruss2 no he wasn’t you idiot!!Our Commander in Chief🙌
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerI don’t know the whole story but, since you ask, this is not typical of Australia. It’s the socialist state of Vict…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerShe's A Goner!
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerEric Herschmann is laying waste to the Democrats right now Proving that, by their own standard, Barack Obama shoul…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerPresident Trump made a great decision by having Pam Bondi on his team. She’s a proven fighter and now she’s kickin…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerReminder that Bolton was spotted on a secret trip to Qatar last week
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerWelcome to 2 am the night BEFORE an ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ rally! Impeach this ⬇️
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @CNBC @CNBCMakeIt so it was fair under obama?Please networks .. please stop referring to the souls who perished in the helicopter accident as “and 7 others” ..…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @MrJonCryer @Brenda_Strong @OneGeorgiaPeach @RepSwalwell have u farted on air today smellunwell? @RepSwalwell That’s stupid. You don’t have a leg to stand on. Retweet yourself until the cows come home.
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @StarTrek @AmberX994874 Ayers RockTonight was a MASSIVE landslide victory for the Trump Defense! Sekulow was spot on as usual. Pam Bondi NAILED Joe…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerLion privilege.
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @Chris_Meloni @BetteMidler @colourbars @JoeNBC @SenateGOP derr derr pumpkin. 5 more yrs of the Trumpster. booooooootifull😁😁😁 @RobertPDean1 @JoeNBC the house is a common loss in most first terms. check ur history pal. obumma is an example. h… @UWMoose @ericpalmsprings @JoeNBC @Jodzio they will increase their numbers in the Senate due to this sham. GOP. yessss @colourbars @JoeNBC @SenateGOP the GOP Senators are magnificent. cop it sweet Pig eyes Joe. @82_and_0 @JoeNBC nearly 5 more years of The Trumpster. fantastic. cop it sweet Pig eyes Joe. @golferdawn @JoeNBC it was a Brilliant defence!! @Mimmi5299 @JoeNBC Joe you have Pig eyes.
@chrislhayes FantasticDescribe the Impeachment with one word
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @AmbassadorRice me a Coon, n***er, house n***er, uncle Tom or whatever you wanna call me. You ain't changing my beliefs! In fa…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerBold tweet by the newest US GOP Senator
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @hwinkler4real The President’s Lawyers Are Magnificent.First impeachment with ZERO allegations that a law was violated! 1️⃣ Johnson - violating Tenure of Office Act 2️⃣…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerWho will be the 2020 Democratic nominee?
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerI had a guy tell me that I cannot be A Trump supporter because I am Black!
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerSleep well everybody forever
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @BetteMidler gee Bette. u never liked him before he was fired. @caseydkelly @Chris_Meloni coz your dumb @Elizncllns @Chris_Meloni your a snowflake @firsttakes @Chris_Meloni stop talking about mad maxine like that
@RitaPanahi @SCMarshall130 @monaeltahawy Rita. im jealous coz her penis is whiter than mine. @RitaPanahi @1doinitanyway1 yessssssHugh Grant is so disgusting. How dare he say Britain is 'finished'? The only thing that's 'finished' is this stu…
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerI get a kick out of this..I've seen other videos of her. There classics.
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @Lisa_Wilkinson @Chris_Meloni name 1 Potus who hasn’t been?? @limixn321 @Alyssa_Milano how much have u paid out to the magnificent Covington boy milano?? have u paid ur back taxes yet? @RitaPanahi @monaeltahawy Gee Rita. She/It Really Is A Dawg. Its First Best Destiny Is Being Out At The Airport Sniffin Luggage.Seek help, @monaeltahawy. We are all laughing at you while you’re seething with batshit crazy hate. It can’t be hea…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @megynkelly Megyn You Are Hot. Like If You Were On The Titanic. You would Have Melted That Berg.All I can say is if administration officials are going to start giving journalists impromptu geography tests most of us are screwed.
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @redponydriver @JeriLRyan it needs this much advertising?
Here’s the real President Trump video you need to see today 👇🏻
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerCovington Catholic bus coming back from March for Life head on-ed by car. No coincidences?
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerHere’s the trouble with the truth — it’s not what the left wants it to be.
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerI don’t believe in coincidences... Nick Sandmann attended the March yesterday. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Praying for all...
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerHow long are these @TheDemocrats going to work AGAINST the will of the People? #SaturdayMorning
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @GarrettRWang @BetteMidler @AirMailWeekly Cipollone nailed the crux of the Democrats’ argument — they do not trust the American people to make their own…
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerWhen you say...”Shit can’t get any worse for me!”...but they do! 🤦🏼‍♀️ LMAO! 🤣😂🤣😭😭😭
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerMartha is a great leader on this issue!
Retweeted by Geoffrey EisenhowerThank you @realDonaldTrump for making history and for standing with those who stand for Life. #MarchForLife
Retweeted by Geoffrey Eisenhower @MrJonCryer the privilaged white old woman parkinsons pelosi. crazy eyes liar schiff. the braindead maxine waters.… @ianvoyager @JeriLRyan @SirPatStew my gosh it was average. bring on the new Q. Potus Trump😉😉