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@TJLang70 @PFF_Sam Everyone. We block everyone 😂 @HurtmanJeff @FatMahomes69 Maybe that was in a separate tweet. It’s ok. Life will continue. I’ll keep tweeting abou… @FatMahomes69 I do not care. 😂 @RamonFoster 😂😂😂😂. @PFF_Sam I’m pretty sure he had no idea what he was doing after his head rammed into another humanShould I stay awake to watch the entire second half of this game?Whenever your offense is struggling, just play the Cowboys defenseThey aren't required in the NFL outside of a few times. They are uncomfortable so guys don't like them. But far mor… many lineman getting hurt this weekend. I do not like it @AllenWright4 @mboerigter The worst by far in any division of any sports is the Cal visiting locker room. Allen, as… Jets still have the Pats twice, the Chiefs, Rams, Raiders, Bills, Seahawks... They are going 0-16Question on my podcast. Who'd be the favorite if the 2020 NYJ played the 2017 Browns. The answer imo is clearly the Browns. You choose @JeffAllen71 😂😂😂Weekend recap for @FOXSports. -Taking the L on Ryan Tannehill. He's been fantastic and I see no reason it will ch…
Retweeted by Geoff Schwartz @lexamissa0 adorable. Baby girls are the bestif y'all like these videos, follow me on IG. daughter asks me every night if I have work. I record a few podcasts a week at night, will be back to night radi…, I appreciate the questions about Mitch. His back is hurting from carrying my media career. Backbreaking work.… so I'm right here, you have tweeted me out of the blue (you don't follow me) asking about Allen's good perform…'ve tweeted me multiple times this season out of the blue after Bills wins. Now you can't handle the smoke when… at all. Love the coaching staff. Praised the Bills OL all season. But if you're going to pretend you don't want… @higgnuttz23 he always "hates" my opinions on the Bills but is always seeking them out. Weird how that works right?just for reference... I've only said good things about Allen this season. I said nothing after the Titans game and…
Chiefs OL and defense played so well tonight. Awesome team win! Now I can enjoy my night.Hey @NateGearySports ... are you curious about my Josh Allen opinion tonight? You tweeted me after wins earlier this season. @jeremyalandiaz that's not the rule @LetItFlyBJ @mboerigter @AllenWright4 Umm Oakland is easily the worst. Freaking dumpWell this drive for the Bills is important to some.iTs jUsT a sAfEtY ... no one cares. It’s an awesome blockChiefs RG gets himself a fabulous 🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞. 💥💥 pocket presence has been fantastic tonight. This is what happens when everyone is on the same page. OL doin… 48 just ran the screen to the landmark and waited for his lineman, they would have been a first down.Yes. He’s been great in the pocket for the most part. Also Andy Reid is calling quick passing concepts, which force… @93881V That’s never good. I change my opinions.😂😂. Probably. Tried to tell y’all last week this OL wasn’t as bad as y’all wanted them to be. run scheme isn’t complex tonight. Their interior OL is pounding the Bills DTs every single play @Tripquick1 thank you @leotankard1 @DG4006 I'm not going through all my mention but when I showed examples of Mahomes leaving the pocket… @DG4006 he's gone from the best RT to like the 3rd best RT. And Chiefs fans act like he's a schmuck now. Come onChris Jones hasn't shined in the box score tonight but he's been AWESOMEChiefs are doing what the Titans did to Josh Allen. Just refuse to let guys run freeYes. He's fantastic OL is playing well tonight. Run blocking probably the best since week 1 YES! Let’s go @Chiefs @ChiefsJeremy @Cari581 The 1% is who interacts the most. Just life on social mediaHahaha what the heck run was that? It worked tho. Lol @ChiefsJeremy @Cari581 I’m the same guy everyday.CEH with near 140 yards. Looks like the Chiefs needed Bell ... (or they needed to run block better) @Uncoolnerdguy I don’t block enough people @BurnerPc It was. I know. But ppl do believe thatAlright Chiefs offense. Need some points here. Let’s goLol. Kelce can block but he’s not asked to block as much in this offense.'m surprised they've done this. But it's helped in the run game. I do wonder if they have a sweet play action pass… @Cari581 I'm glad he's a good dude. He will survive being blocked on social media. The horrorYes. Why not. No idea who the guy is and he wants to talk shit about Mitch's season after he's out for a drive. Why… @KevSnowMan because it's easy to sit at home hatingChiefs 7.7 yards per play Bills 3.3 yards per play Chiefs should be dominating this game on the scoreboard also but aren't. Not idealSome halftime reading for y'all... My weekend recap for @FOXSports -I take the L on Ryan Tannehill -Steelers phy… not ...Chiefs have a fantastic chance to put this game away. Score here and score after the half. 14 point swing before Bu… @aaronspencer23 There’s no way the official who threw the flag saw thatI see the Chiefs defensive backs are back to holding and grabbing again. @jhawwker92 @ByNateTaylor He pulled his shoulder pad closer to him when he knocked down the other hand. That’s a legal block @RyanRoof94 @BraeggerJoshua @ByNateTaylor No it’s a pancake. @RealMNchiefsfan 🤮🤮 🥴🥴 Chiefs have landmarks on their screens. It’s so detail oriented. Paid off that on that 3rd down. I’ll make a video tomorrow.😂😂😂😂😂. Ungrateful fans. marvel each weekend at NFL wide receivers ability to get their feet inbounds on these catches.This is exactly how the Chiefs offense was going to be designed today. It’s great. Quick throws. Easy on OL and for… @Avstin51 Don’t look at the marker laying on the ground. Look at the arrow mat.Maybe I’m blind but if the foot is where you’re spotting the ball...that’s not a first down. Chiefs pass rushers are so close to getting home on Allen.The official signaled a first down but his foot to spot the ball was behind the marker. Can we get a replay?Chiefs with quicker passes to start. Totally expected. Get the passing game and protection into a rhythm early. @ZigFracassi Yep. He’s rollingChiefs pass rushers have slipped turning the corner twice now. Beat both the RG and then RTJust remember, the Chiefs played "poorly" on offense last weekend. They scored 32 points and entered this weekend 2… for all picking the Chiefs to win on the pregame show. Thanks for the jinx @LRB_ @Ebron85 I saw it live also and marked it down to watch now @Kloss1 @Ebron85 looking at who you're blocking is fine.Based on these out of order warmups they are showing on the pregame (it's kind of funny how they just mixed in the… basically 22 first round picks vs the current Jets roster? 👀 @Ebron85 getting some in the run game Steelers-Browns All22 for the next few minutes. Can the Steelers please take the section of the playsheet… googly moogly @TheRogueWombat No. The only bet I made was Chiefs team total over. I’d like the Bills with points tonight @JMartRadio Paying Henry was stupid for the update. I was unaware @Dameshek @RossTuckerNFL @davebriggstv @JimmyKempski @TimHortons @TimHortonsUS @TheCousinSal @rachelbonnetta Ok ...… @Dameshek @RossTuckerNFL @davebriggstv @JimmyKempski @TimHortons @TimHortonsUS @TheCousinSal @rachelbonnetta I don’… @RossTuckerNFL @Dameshek @davebriggstv @JimmyKempski @TimHortons @TimHortonsUS Just don’t pick any donut with filling. @RJ_Writes LSU watched this film all offseason and just did the exact opposite @PFF_Eric If we assuming life is as back to normal as possible by the fall of 2021... no I don't think soWeekend recap for @FOXSports. -Taking the L on Ryan Tannehill. He's been fantastic and I see no reason it will ch… this round for @danorlovsky7 @Richie59FIFTY @ndblair I made the bet in a column Thursday morningWho is this Mitch person? @PFF_Steve Oh only one weekend! Ok cool. I can work with that. Bribe the wife with a hotel stay and get a nanny for…