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laia. @geometricsleep brooklyn via puerto rico

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Retweeted by laia.“You taught me language, and my profit on’t is I know how to curse.”
Retweeted by laia.Just told my mom under Los Angeles stay at home orders I can’t see her unless we happen to be shopping at the same Target
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sheree giving lisa advice for her fashion line is SENDING MEone of my fav books I read this year! @carmencita_tr Oooomg @tralugo
Retweeted by laia.craving stuffing aga-eendave grohl and melissa auf der maur dating was really a MOMENT @frynaomifry but a possum WHEN?!?oooomg these diana and charles anniversary presents is a little shitjust quickly whipped up some whipped cream for our pumpkin pie love to vibe @carmencita_tr me eche a llorar literal
ahhhh LUIS noooo RIP @carmencita_tr 😭😭😭this british baking show finale is a hate crime @jeremyoharris my mom couldn’t afford a ti83 either but I got good at calculating percentages when I was working at h&mhow do I tell gmail I never want to move an email to “important” but always to “trash”Please advise.
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Retweeted by laia.benito dijo YO SOY DE P FOKIN ERRE y antes que se acabe son el dark horse del discocoming back to tweet about benito n this album only
Retweeted by laia.🥵🥵🥵 ya puso árbol 😭😭😭Bad bunny con Booker T
Retweeted by laia.YHLQMDLG es el disco que pones entre la medianoche y la 1:00 a.m. cuando el party está en su pico. El Último Tour…
Retweeted by laia.“como Juan Gabriel cantando Querida” 😭😭😭me gusta rosalia diciendo que esta jukeáMALDITA POBREZA @MarioAlegre ok ok ya lo tengo en Spotify 😭😭😭 @MarioAlegre parece que voy a tener que esperar como punishment de vivir aquí 😞😞😞 @clauisru no está en mi Apple Music todavía pero bad bunny sale a la media noche de Puerto Rico o de acá?!Just a couple of Blue-footed Boobies out for a walk
Retweeted by I’m scared I’m gonna get gout @carmencita_tr reyes magos exclusivamente @carmencita_tr jajaja mi mamá igual!!!! @ScottMRitter @ml_boardman slider is SERVING!!!!!👑👑👑
honestly I fucked up porque no hice arroz con gandules hoy @MarioAlegre omw @frynaomifry thankful for you and also lil biden adventures 💕 @emmaholland_ I’m just really excited about squirrel emoji @emmaholland_ 🐿🐿🐿 @LloydWise Of course of course @LloydWise what are you guys making! @BigEyedGirl @carmencita_tr Carmen, dale, vamos mañana @carmencita_tr oomg no había visto ese @carmencita_tr esto es un crimen @dirt_cheap still feeling itmy genius idea yesterday was putting on perfume before going to bedCops acting like they’re on the Bin Laden Raid to evict a family
Retweeted by laia. @jfurta_ 🥴just watched the maradona documentary and now I’m beefing with italy“if you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry use a pastry blender” - ma’am what?when we can go out dancing again there's gonna be THREE bad bunny records to go through my god @carmencita_tr yo igual! @carmencita_tr yo tampoco yo creo que eso son cosas de gringos?
@EmmaSpecter we did this election nightOMFG WAIT FEATURING ABRA TOO?!?!?! @sanbenito
Retweeted by laia.“FEATURING ROSALIA” treasure danny devito on how to most effectively eat a hardboiled egg on stage every night for the theater…
Retweeted by laia. @prnocontext @jacobwgallagher bloop!Damn, mayor just mandated ska bands to be 15 members or less.
Retweeted by laia.Thank you
Retweeted by no problemo narrator: but it was all problemo
Retweeted by laia. @alyssavingan @AdamVingan this is the greatest kitchen island of all time @alyssavingan @AdamVingan OOOOOOOMG you all REALLY cared about the publishing world you'd be marrying rich to start your own publishers!!!!!! it's the only way!!!!!!
Retweeted by laia."I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan Markle writes about her miscarriage…
Retweeted by and @jfurta_ totally lost it over this QUEEN MOTHER FIT CANNOT believe the queen just described someone as “friend of dorothy”this weekend i saw a woman walking down the street in a bloglovin sweatshirtincredible soundtrack on the michael fagan episode @stopthepixels an incredible nose!When I tell people I'm planning a lot of travel this weekend, they tend to get a little angry... until I explain wi…
Retweeted by laia. @ohheybrittany welcome!!! @iSmashFizzle
Never forget the Grammys didn’t give me my best new artist award when I had 7 songs simultaneously charting on bill…
Retweeted by laia.old people just be cooking. no recipes, no measurements, just vibes.
Retweeted by laia. @carmencita_tr a pie y estaba hoy a 45 grados :((((( @emmaholland_ @ZaraRahim Emma, I am rooting for you.after six hours we are home 🥴 @emmaholland_ @ZaraRahim I paid about thirteen dollars to be on my wayinspired by a literal 4-second scene in Happiest Season, I interviewed every queer woman alive* for this scientifi…
Retweeted by laia. @kiralaen Oh god I wish I could unsee this @pixie_casey as I asked this i thought “are there even singles anymore”was shameika a single? @carmencita_tr que horrible! @pablod @FiresideFiction de verdad que esto no tiene ninguna excusa. esto es un acto racista y punto."The quarantine brought about in the region a total social collapse and a lack of the most basic necessities for ma…
Retweeted by laia.going on hour 4 waiting in line to get corona tested last time I waited for anything this long was in 2002 to get $… to all my queer Black kinfolk doing the damn thing
Retweeted by laia.i thought this was about never been kissed I cancelled in person and there’s a FEE to cancel these people are WILD 😂😂😂