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Anthony 🌏♿ @geordie_travels Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Join me as I aim to become the first wheelchair user to visit every single country in the world. Published travel writer - check out my blog! 45 countries.

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@ann_marie79 Awwwww! Hate those days. But sometimes fresh eyes can help you see what you can't. @ann_marie79 Suits you 😋
@David_Ornstein @TheAthleticUK NULL AND VOI- oh wait.Damn... the world looks awfully round....I think Black Lives Matter is a great piece of political phrasemaking: it hits on something so basic and undeniable…
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿ @bootlegger1974 @FatBoarWXM All that greasy food would have my heart beating like a fucking bass drum 😂Left a jar of mayonnaise on the bench for 48hrs by mistake. Thought it smelled okay. Used it to make an egg sandwic… @MansionBet Paraguayan. @thewhippetbeans That's a verry good idea.
@christoph_21 @GrahamColeman09 @nufctrust @NUFC Agreed! @KrisWallace87 Bowel, or house? @GrahamColeman09 @christoph_21 @nufctrust @NUFC Don't think Chris would fancy going over 13 years worth of accounts... @SarahMillican75 45 what? @cskemp55 We all need a little relaxation from time to time 😂 @Imagineyourdad Fair fucks. We've all been there.The #Minneapolis uprising is long overdue. @christoph_21 @nufctrust @NUFC Haha hang fire and I'll let you know what our fans are moaning about, then I'll ask… @nufctrust @NUFC @christoph_21 do you or Nico fancy having a look on my behalf? 😅 I may have done a finance degree but I'm shite 😂It's right there in front of you. In 'black and white'. @alexnoel66 Legally you have the right to go anywhere outdoors now. It is advised that you don't travel too far tho… NUTS! Honestly. Just.. just.... wow. @LostWithJen Depends. What if it's a complete guide on 'how to write 300 words'? @john_nufc42 Still glad we're not living in America though mate.Meanwhile across the pond here in the UK we're still debating the real, hard-hitting cases. Such as whether or not… like they've finally had enough of the race fuelled murders in the US and are fighting back. Good.
I really fucking hate racists.
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿I've basically written my exam in 13 hours, which has two essays with in total 2993 words (top limit 3000). My brai…
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿ @tonjejuvik 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @StevenNUFC Who remembers? Not like it was years ago mate lol @DrRosena @Indra68 I need to know what was said leading up to this clip before I can fully understand why he's laughing.
I have successfully lured one of the Fly's into the bathroom where it now remains imprisoned.There are two House Fly's in my bedroom. How am I ever meant to get to sleep? @KcellsN And get a new relationship. @BradyHaran Astronauts when they see the weather guy. @MurrellTony @bootlegger1974 Does it say 'wank hand' on the front of the bottle? 😂 @Sarahbirnie74 @PortaMurda @pressgazette You don't say, Sarah. @hughwizzy Premier League football on the BBC 😍Man, I still cannot believe some of the shit that comes out of America. #GeorgeFloydFor our members with disabled children, how are you coping? Many families are finding themselves cut off from suppo…
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿If you haven’t read my latest blog post, I’d love if you could check it out! I should have another post going up la…
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿ @GallowgateShots Not really tbh, me and @reaverz stopped caring early last week! It's yet another boring, tooth-pul… @JTindall65 @PaddyMcGuinness Maybe, just maybe, that makes Paddy McGuinness a bit more qualified than you to sniff… @ThatTimWalker @lspark89 @TheWorldofEmil1 Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day. Hopefully your surgery will be rescheduled for sometime in t… @hannahbethblogs Ha! Good one! I'm just wondering what ancient men and women would think of today's civilisation? L…
Do you think cavemen flocked to the beach when the weather was nice? @josierones But can you see? @MarinaCpom But how do we push for equality if we don't allow people to be curious and to learn from us? @Gazwalsh86 @LaOrla @tommousk @lauraheeks @HackedOffHugh But top marks for trying to be funny. @Gazwalsh86 @LaOrla @tommousk @lauraheeks @HackedOffHugh You're assuming my offence. I was merely pointing something out.What's twitter going to be about today? Oh, wait... @SirWilliamD @Bronagh2509 How do you know it's real? As far as I can see this is nothing more than anecdotal evidence? @Gazwalsh86 @LaOrla @tommousk @lauraheeks @HackedOffHugh It doesn't fit with the context of the rest of the tweet it not meant as an insult! @Gazwalsh86 @LaOrla @tommousk @lauraheeks @HackedOffHugh Why is him being 'on the spectrum' mentioned at all then i… @PsychoTraveller So sorry 😔 sending big virtual e-hugs! What a beautiful photo of the two of you 🤗 @SlashLP89 Loving it mate. Great story! Just the right amount of anxiety inflicting zombie ambushes too!
@christoph_21 Now that's a Netflix series I'd love to see. @SlashLP89 Took your advice and I'm now 43% of the way through this game 😂 @mackemdean16 Old but gold 😂
Golden hour - Glasgow Style. Don't worry @NicolaSturgeon I'm within a 1km radius of my apartment. to all! @MunsifZaira #EidMubarak 🥰🥰 @ann_marie79 41 you say dear? Why dear, I thought you were only 27!! @ann_marie79 My mistake dear, I should have been doing it from the start dear, seeing as I know how much you love it my dear. @ann_marie79 Sorry dear. @ann_marie79 Oops! LolCarbonara @bertkreischer Carbonara
@louistheroux You ask it politely to temporarily stop growing. @hannahbethblogs Depends, what's the subject? :D
@GS540 @elonmusk Trying to chase the thread with all the likes like @wehrmei33 @soullessentity7 Little high @mackemdean16 @SAFCsteve2020 Yeah my pals back in Newcastle are complaining of similar things. I'm just keeping mys… @mackemdean16 @SAFCsteve2020 Would normally make some kind of joke relating to mackems and all that but jesus chris… Trump's doctor, on behalf of the world, let me just say... thanks for trying. we're out of this coronavirus nightmare I hope I never have to see another footballer, ex or current, play FIFA ever again.[New Post] Accessible Brussels: 10 Things to See and Do! ft// @BrusselsMuseums,…
@excitedpixels @RNIB A good thing to have an emoji after every word? @SeanLongshaft97 No contest. #TeamShola @DHSCgovuk @CMO_England @PHE_uk @NHSEngland @CMOWales @PublicHealthW @scotgovhealth @healthdpt @publichealthni 3.86% positivity rate. @DHSCgovuk @CMO_England @PHE_uk @NHSEngland @CMOWales @PublicHealthW @scotgovhealth @healthdpt @publichealthni I miss Peng. @SkyBetHelp is this magic, @SkyBet? Oh and the answer you're looking for is.. the Premier League. @MunsifZaira I'm kidding of course! 🤪'Will you take the time to see me and hear me?' Our campaigners and ambassadors share their hopes for a kinder fut…
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿Peak 2020 lockdown. I'm now talking to a dog online. @tarajade1702 Haha! I'd have come prepared with towels and bathing suit 😋 @tarajade1702 Chicken!! 😂 @MunsifZaira It's been hectic, let me tell you! @tarajade1702 Did you not fancy taking a swim? @juliapawlakx House is with you for a lot longer potentially, and you can recoup cost + profit.
Thank you for your service, Peng. Guardiola really changed a lot during lockdown. you want an idea as to why #OptOut is such an effective method for increasing #OrganDonation then skip to the 5m…
@JoMac1892 😂"Because you're worth it". ... aka... QUEEN PELOSI! @BlxncoIdo Yeah you're right, cos Norwich vs Burnley is a million times better... @geordie_travels We are so glad you enjoyed reading it. We felt the plot needed that many characters sometimes it's…
Retweeted by Anthony 🌏♿A fantastic read which had me hooked until the very end. Loved it and can't wait to read more from the series. Only…