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2020 is the year YOU get unstuck. Sanity, Clarity, & Reason will save the world. Warning: Satire ahead

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People that turn in the maskless are the same as the people that reported their neighbors that had Jews hiding in their attics a woman ages: Simona Maiconescu. At 40 and 60 Beautiful.
I collect skulls. It's my hobby -Vox D. @X22Report All of this just to get rid of Trump. It's not too obvious. I wish he was as worried about his shithole… for one month. You will see the body you had decades ago. Combined with a balanced fitness regimen, u wil…
Retweeted by George Goya BrunoShe played you like a violin because you were a nice guy. "Gentleman game" didnt work so well. She knew exactly w… do you nothing somebody? Mentally detach. You will have had to practice a little detachment during the relatio… a woman say... "I think I'm going to get rid of my cable" makes me want to pinch myself to make sure it's not a dreamStressed out women Stress out their men. If you have a woman that's a News Watcher, TV Watcher, Reality Show Watc… women leave, they do it mentally for a LONG time first. They start nitpicking on things to see what your respo… my top ten life truths is: "Everyone is cool, till they're not" Adopting that mindset is quite transformativeI'll be your first subscriberBecause I think... 1) everyone is unique and 2) everyone has a fan base Everyone who thinks they should start a Y… @Friedonald That's not what I'm talking about. It use to be that there was a height and fitness requirement. Now go… @Brettschmittli1 Unfortunately I used to be like that. I bragged about 5-6 hrs a night, then I started getting 7-9… know this is NOT politically correct, but I dont think women should be cops. I've watched hundreds of vids where… is more important than 🐈Defend the police @StevenWalser Exactly and as the water level was rising up their legs, they were still in disbeliefIf she doesnt follow your lead... She doesn't see the value in doing so. Get a new woman or get a new vision.Anyone get one of those room cooling cubes? I'm curious to see if they cool a room as advertisedI am hearing impaired. 25% hearing. I rely on lipreading. And you wondered why I stare at your mouth when you talk.… arent just a little game you play. "Put it on before you enter a store then take it off". You wont be able t… @LivesTalisman @HardyHaberland Hardy is great. Everyone keep an eye on him. He's going places.1) Pictures are for wives, not girlfriends. Stop taking pictures of your girlfriend. 2) Outback is for girlfriends.… @DrQENow It will be coercive. You won't have a choice.Roll up your sleeve beotch morning! How's everyone doing today on Twit-ler?The v a cks een will be rolled out soon. Here's what will happen. It will boil down to: You can remove the mask ONL… fearless ship capt, who completed hundreds of voyages was asked if he was ever scared. He said "We transported… you turned and walked away That's when I want to say C'mon baby, give me a whirl I want to know if you'll be m… FUNNIEST signs and stickers are in thrift stores. Here is a 5lb iron dumbbell. You can feel good about your pur… am convinced that if a gas station marketed "organic" gas and they hired former Whole Foods employee types with b… speak louder than words. An ad from 1934"Plants and birds and rocks and things" is America's version of "A girl my lord in a flatbed Ford". Iconic lines from the 70's.Why is a person with your talents, abilities, and gifts NOT making at least $250,000 a year?
@JackPosobiec Germany is still Poland's biggest enemy. That's the influence you see in that map.A woman has the capability of leaving a man and fully being another man's girlfriend within 48 hours. Men, not so easy.People can be on their best behavior for a LONG time, especially if there's something in it for them. If sex is pa… @voltronverse No. I've been mostly self employed for the past 20 yrs. @tf8560 I always feel like sht after I have a beer. I use to love Yuengling Black&TanOnly 12 hours left to save big on #22Convention tickets and bring a friend free! Ticketing and information at
Retweeted by George Goya Bruno @Philodices I love that testimonial! was in six episodes of Forensic Files. Story: My agent asked if I would snap a pic for a mugshot where a detecti… @MaddsenOphelia I just made a poison ivy salad. I shouldnt eat it? 🤣The pics you took of her... She now uses on a dating site. Just like steaks, taking pictures is for wives, not gi… your solitude. But... Come together for some socialization, some fun, a meal, some wine, some music, some l… because something says veggie, vegan, or "natural" doesnt mean it's good for you.Well, I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison And I went to pick her up in the rain But before I could get to… years since Tony Snow died. I enjoyed his journalistic style and personality. Watching some clips of him, I reme… got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20The earth is here for you. Not the reverse.This is going to help somebody tonight: You dont have to love somebody You dont have to hate somebody You have… fcking sucked as a lawyer. But you know what he ended up being known for.I want a girl with a
Hypergamy makes a man work harder. That's not a bad thing. The rewards are greater. But the man who opts out, is… @Mainetain21 We nothing themShe said You will not be eating with chopsticks if we get married. She's long gone. I just ate pork belly ...with chopsticksTwo VERY graphic things were never shown in films and tv series, but now you see them regularly: -Vomiting and -Sui… have an ebike? Anyone have a folding ebike?Couples who cohabit before marriage tend to be less satisfied with their marriages — and are more likely to divorce… @OANN Misleading headline. C'mon, we thought you were different than the other "news" . @george_brenten 100% positive success140 Years Of History In 10 Minutes - Mike Maloney via @YouTube @lopasharma I would send it to you!Once you go to a 1,000 lumen flashlight... everything else seems like a mere pen light. @DavidtheDavor I say let a jury decide.Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick. Remedy? Wisely choose what you put your hope in so you dont get depressed or discouragedAnd just like that the communist arrows and lines disappeared. However THIS just appeared at my market. Can you see… Warren is an apostate.The dude blowing the air horn in people's ears on Uncle Sam's NC Instagram page.... Why wasnt he neutralized in fi… @Margie_Mos You'll love it Margie. Let me know how it works for you @GodKbsJets60 IntermittentCarnivore for one month. You will see the body you had decades ago. Combined with a balanced fitness regimen, u wil…'m gonna celebrate this heartbeat Cause it just might be my last Everyday is a gift from the Lord on high And they… of the things I know to be true is that bikers are some of the most decent people and biggest patriots"Get over here mister. You can't walk out of the house looking like that." the "compulsion" to fill the space in your schedule. But it does cross your mind, if your heart stopped, t… women like time alone... on purpose? I love my purposeful solo time. A movie. A quiet pipe or cigar and beverage… @Sociopathlete Connect the dots for me once and I'll go down that road. What are you seeing? @ScottGreenfield Why would anyone think a library is bad? So here's a question, do you have it all categorized by s… @MaddsenOphelia Nice!Your daughter's first mask? What's next? The daughter reporting a jew hiding in an attic? Such a good nazi.Call me old school but my favorite female models dont have a 🍆I still shake hands, you pussies. Then of course, wash them. Even at the fucking prison, lifers shake my hand. T… is what you make from the drippings of meat. Hot water, then a little flour or corn starch, or even potato st…
I'm from New York. We had Italian Ice. I move to Philly and they call it Water Ice WTF. Tomatoe sauce? We called… @budapestmole @SteveRamsey333 My buddy Chris and his obsessive detective work. @FoxeoGames Never be a victim of bad PR, ever. Punch back and disable the fuckers.