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George Geddes @GeorgeCGed London, United Kingdom

21. Lead VALORANT Reporter @Upcomer. Kent Alum. Instagram: YouTube: TikTok:

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cba going to bed can all sleep tonight, next week gunna be a fun oneWe're only just getting started @CarlosR moodI'll crush all the rumors for good. No, I'm not joining TSM @nateschanker @zekkenVAL 😭😭😭😭😭 @sethfowIer @WedidOfficial Bro???? @WedidOfficial Last time I wish you good luck 😤 @WedidOfficial @NRGgg Good luck brotherI've officially been benched from @NRGgg, I had a great time and appreciate all the players and staff who helped me…
Retweeted by George GeddesLiquid have announced Nivera, confirming my joint report with @Coco_VLR. ✅ discuss the move and keep up to date with all of the roster moves here: @derkeps @JakeSucky stop @CalCameron_ @JakeSucky i'm greedy what can i say @Coco_VLR @JakeSucky he loves me @JakeSucky yeah who reported that second one aswell Jakey poo @paxg0d @Upcomer it's not a joke @sethfowIer should've made that welcome video sooner @DrewFromThe412 It's happening, it's not rumors.Looks like everything is happening today, eh? @kryptixxx @LiquidValorant best of luck bud, hope all is well.Nitr0 will likely take over the in-game leadership role.Sources: 100 Thieves player Steel has been dropped from the roster. The organization will field b0i as his replac…, @kryptixxx will be temporarily stepping away from the team to deal with some personal issues. We support Jam…
Retweeted by George Geddes @joshm1cks don't worry i'm pretty sure london is very far from you @chanelfps Gold 3 now baby gunna get Platinum in no time😏honestly I've been offered drugs before (which I've denied). The only drug i need is that dopamine kick after a hard fought victory royale @FionnOnFire amazing show, 10/10 @DSajoof true heard good things abt that guy @1byned nicehey guys just wanted to say please check up on your peers. Honestly it's really important, sometimes it can be real… @JacobWolf yeah tbf they gotta be good if they playing this game've heard of TenZ, nAts, Yay, etc all being named one of the best players in the world. In three years time, th…
@JoshNissan The ending is 1000% worth it, I'm really happy I finished itNothing better than seeing your friends succeed.Trippy to academy🤔 @vooCSGO fun fact: nobody asked @902Creed @WedidOfficial @Upcomer +1reminder that version1 announced a whole new team before oderus @WedidOfficial @Upcomer nice try @WedidOfficial @Upcomer You got a gun buddy?Sources: Wedid is set to be removed from NRG's VALORANT roster. The move comes after the organization failed to q… @zombs @jammyzx i ain't complaining @fairchild TSM? @DreStav @DotEsports @Google @AdeccoUSA that is amazing, best of luck in your future mateone like = report tonight @TwitterSupport thank you @LeagueGnar to be decided, it's the winner of the Strike Arabia Championship: Finals, held in TurkeyMan G2 love getting these brackets lmao. Liquid vs. the winner of Guild or SMB will be a great match for sure.… Reminder that North American VCT teams that did not qualify for VCT or Champions have almost nothing to play u… Division will not be attending the APAC LCQ and therefore will not attend #VCT Champions. @zacklombardo @WedidOfficial @currydtx @riotgames 3:23am, closed my dms, good night @Average_Jonas @soulcas_ me too plz🤠 @bumpaah yeahStatTrak poggers
2021 @SullyCasts @version1gg @Zellsis 🤢 @version1gg @Zellsis what the fuck are on his feetWhat are your thoughts on Fracture? It has plenty of lines of sight, vibrant colours, but the layout is...differe… @902Creed @GhostGaming W @night_owlll @XSET ayo 😳guess i got my answer lmaoshould i start reporting game changers news?Kehmicals has been released from Immortals, the org has announced today. He was moved to the inactive roster some… @endercasts fuck LoL worlds we gotta get you at VALORANT Champions @version1gg @NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @BasedGodMilk @KarraOf @rushhh___ very poggers @s0matra open now @BBL_esports @rootthegamer @BerkeKanturk grats!! @chanelfps @fairchild Ryan's the goat fr @valesports_na @Verizon @aEvilcat @DanDryad @gompersx @justxjodi @spicyypyro @SierraDawnx3 LET'S GOOOOOOOOO @aEvilcatquite a few pros have told me Agents have helped them but others have said they aren't useful at all. One thing w… @fairchild is the best in the business, if he can't help you he'll definitely have somebody for you.also get a lawyer to help with contracts!! @ChristianSlot +111111111111111 @st9llar gold3 but closeIf you're a young pro + either have offers from pro/semi-pro teams or on a team already, please get yourself an Age… @King_Snipah Ding Ding Ding @OkinFPS only acceptable answerwhat rank do you think i'm in rn? @RealStrongLegs breach secretly op af all g @Guiiimond ye @recco yeah did u not see the clip? i'm nuts @pcynim_ @riotgames @ValorLeaks @RiotSupport use this (i don't work for riot so i can't help you): @1byned @realmocking thoughts @chanelfps bro @ashraykanabar79 gunna be figuring that out soon @nekxyc ignore that partcool ace from your fave journalist (ignore the music was just in a goofy mood😳)
@sethfowIer 🖤🖤 @sethfowIer hi bb @Oley2k @Upcomer NoSources: Jammyz is set to trial for Evil Geniuses' VALORANT team. He will likely play for Temperature, who has be… @yaotziN_twitch Flash is dogthey've actually ruined Skye GGFrom CSGO commentator to Valorant Coach-We're excited to announce our first step into building the Knights Valorant…
Retweeted by George Geddes @KnightsGG @Keith_LaFortune cool project, hope it works out @Camo_Val i'll hyu if i need anything <3 @Oley2k yes