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George Geddes @GeorgeCGed London, United Kingdom

22. val #standwithukraine alt @buildingeorge

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@OfficialKendoV Meddo Pyth Leo ShadoW Sayf Zyppan Yacine there are plenty @CalCameron_ you know what would happen if i didn't @IanImmi heavy dat @anewheaven_val you can make like 4053 different variations of team Canada or team USA tbh, all of em would be goodHad one of the best memories by representing Team Ukraine in CS:GO. Having World Cup in VALORANT would be so good,…
Retweeted by George Geddes @ec1s_ @902Creed love u really adam @Nadeshot @intelCDL W @902Creed @ec1s_ the killwhore IGL? no thanks. @RAVENxy0 @Sliggy_ if the slug speaks then riot needs to listen. @902Creed probably would tbh feel like the UK would suck assimagine u got team Canada vs. team UK you could literally have TenZ Marved Eeiu Wardell Zander vs. Soulcas… a valorant world cup would be cool as fuck, i hope it's something that can be done for the future. idk i… @ahad @NativeGaming my goatJoined @NativeGaming
Retweeted by George Geddes @will1us all good bro i was known as a leaker then an annoying bastard so growth is always possible <3 in all seri… @JacobWolf @theneedledrop i am incredibly jealousLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLVini JR @itskaplan @TenZOfficial we heckin love tenz @itskaplan thank you, coach, your Yoru tech has helped me exponentially, can't wait to see Sentinels use it!yes i can confirm i am in the last round of trials for Evil Geniuses' VALORANT team, thank you for the support #t1fightingBREAKING: New York Excelsior is reportedly attempting to build a team made of marginalized genders for the 2023 Ove…
Retweeted by George Geddes @nateschanker happy birthday brother @Rbvlrt hahaha 💚 @Average_Jonas What you been cooking for my boy?? @ranked_demon @EvilGeniuses care to explain?
@Caedrel 💚how tf?💀 I want for Christmas are massive fucking delts @gorillaVL cuthere bbbro RB just pulled off this insane shock dart, I've never seen this before🥶 @d00mbr0s the cned go kill strat working just as it should😈ON EST ENSEMBLE MES FRÈRES🇲🇦🇲🇦WHAT WAS THAT @Foxy9fps?! #VCT OFF//SEASON | 📺
Retweeted by George GeddesI'm officially released from Gen.G and am now LFT! Grateful for my time with them -1.5 years of professional and L…
Retweeted by George Geddes
@Xeppaaa Giveon and Sam Smith bro who hurt you?🎙️🤔 @DonHaci bro tweeted the Virgin Islands flag 💀 @chasedecort1 Unfollow then, I couldn’t give a shit what you want. I tweet what I wantIf you can sacrifice your morals for money, you never had them to begin with.had an awful dream last night that England couldn’t even beat america at our own sport
@tarik based @GarethSouthgate @uk_sport Ratio Gareth. Embarrassing.i am a broken man. truly devastated.gareth soutgate will have to answer for his crimes. kids crying and screaming in the boozer. absolute scenes. night… bring on Henderson what a fucking joke @joellenagy I can imagine @IanImmi Embarrassing tbh idk how Mount gets inWe’ve been fucking shit this half @TeamHeretics @Mixwell @AvovAFPS @zeekrino @BooVAL1 @keloqz @neilzinho @weber_vl see u there! gl! @DonHaci JOIN US 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ONN INGERLAND TODAY WE BEAT THE FACKING AMERICANS 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@DanielToftMusic @FabrizioRomano AmazingBased @DanielToftMusic @FabrizioRomano to live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering @itskaplan @902Creed @zekkenVAL honestly this prolly more embarrassing ngl @itskaplan @902Creed @zekkenVAL we both know i don't need a rolly when i rep dis @itskaplan @902Creed @zekkenVAL ur literally on sentinels i don't wanna hear another wordok seems like u guys want me to report on game changers tooig she was right @CarbynVAL as an alternative: READ THE ARTICLE SO WE CAN FUND THE BUSINESS @CarriedLeBron @DotEsports ratio + learn to respect other human beingsSources: Misfits Black is set to part ways with florescent. Edith has practiced with Misfits as a replacement.… @flexinja @Veronicaazx 🫶 @DonHaci @yay dinner was lovely🥰 is winning the #FIFAWorldCup @DatHaci my goat strike was straight out of the geddes 09 season in my primeRicharlison is different gravy, shame he plays for a donkey club @randommab123 the banner tells me everything i need to know @Pantxsu gunna cry?That’s the GOAT right there @NickAdamsinUSA Nick definitely got boxed like a fish 💀💀💀💀if you ever feel sad when you wake up, or upset at any point for that matter, just know that some people in this wo… @N_Gordinho_ Man said league of legends 💀💀💀💀 @nateschanker is the best game of all time?
@portilho @C9VAL @misticJK Yes @sethfowIer Tory like you been drinking mochas his whole life @sethfowIer are you fucking thick @s0mcs @chetsingh can u ladies take this to dms @Keeoh @Average_Jonas Cuties 🫶🏻England vs. USA on Friday. The loser has to keep @GeorgeCGed.
Retweeted by George Geddes @C9VAL i am inside your walls. @Sentinels this looks way too real give ur gfx person a raise @NaoriMizuki i need MORE @turntdais askers? + ratio 💀yo @RedBullUK can I come to the home ground for a day 🙏🏻i need a VALORANT lan event NOW @100T_Esports @JamezIRL Grats!Meet our Assistant Coach, @JamezIRL Jamez has been in the tactical shooter biz for awhile now, and we’re looking…
Retweeted by George GeddesI have been released from @FaZeClan and am now an unrestricted free agent. Looking to represent a team/organizatio…
Retweeted by George Geddes @hazedCS ❤️Faker and his T1 teammates show why they won’t be swapping League for VALORANT anytime soon
Retweeted by George Geddes @Chaser_______ get ur money up not ur funny upif ur girlfriend: - perma makes u sad - makes u feel hopeless - doesn’t change no matter what u do its not ur girlfriend its -28 +17 eloVALORANT’s arrival on PS5 and Xbox just took a huge step forward
Retweeted by George GeddesGERMANY💀💀💀💀💀💀