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22. Investigative Journalist at @DotEsports. I stream @ -

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TSM 2-0 100 Thieves. #VCTTeam Sado-Masochism vs. 100 Breeds tonight we've got some sexy matches!!🔥🔥retweet #PGLMajor @xmanzit1 what a lovely statement @Risim_ kisses for you @ValorLeaks thanks baby @Coco_VLR VLR always provides the best memesyou know what to do guys is by far the most improved team in NA.
Retweeted by George Geddes @100T_Esports @Will_Na1 Good shit @WillFPS ! @MindBodyEsports Way ahead of you, Edward…
@VoTheVoila Ghost Gaming. @aEvilcat “The stinger, stings”Ghost Gaming. #VCTah so it’s the esports awards time again, nice.At the risk of sounding a little self-centred, in case anyone following me wasn't aware, I started my casting caree…
Retweeted by George Geddes @flexinja what a beautiful king @neT_valorant excuse me? Reddit told me you wasn’t playing? @Bo_Hoogland @ec1s_ That’s probably true, but we can’t take hypothetical scenarios into account when discussing the best @ec1s_ 1. Yay 2. Derke @Cloud9 @Vanityxz @Microsoft one ways, shorty, judge abuser, what a cringe player!! @ElmoreSteven @MatthewCElmore @Sayaplayer @neT_valorant @valyngod @JonahP_ @trentFPS W fatherI think the need for sports psychologists needs to be recognised in esports a lot more than it already is. Plenty o… players don’t even have supportive parents, some quit school to pursue their dreams in esports. Similar to the… to getting access to pro players and their lives I was so oblivious to the mental battles that most of them g… @brandonalcr Read the thread halfwit @endercasts I still believe yay is at the momentDerke will be the best player in the world. #VCT @sethfowIer @VellyCardwell Come over then ;) @calebhe91981839 @aEvilcat LOOOOOOOOOOOL @sethfowIer @VellyCardwell Got out the shower and dried my hair sorry mr Seth do u wanna come comb it @1mehzy ya @nekxyc ye @misticJK @OGvalorant Gl bro
@VellyCardwell @misticJK They keep me sane @misticJK @_megito what a great day that’d be @ANDROIDfps @C0Mtweets ?????? @cozyjozie @JukedGG Grats Grats @JukedGG @cozyjozie good shit @_megito everybody unfollow immediately @aEvilcat sorry but I value my FREEDOM as an AMERICAN CITIZEN and I was given my RIGHTS TO BREATHE thanks to the go… @Faaakcs @fixyval @DotEsports His performance had literally nothing to do with this. Lol. @turntdais can you stop subtweeting me? kinda cringeSources: Shox is set to depart from Team Liquid. The French CS:GO player has requested to leave Liquid following… @CultureCrave @THR Please don’t fuck it up @Disney @malekCSGO thanks bro didn't know that @ANDROIDfps you fold ur socks bro? @GoodVibez421 yeah just ignore the blind jumping headshot mate thankshere's why i'm quitting ranked: @JessGOAT Why would I do such a thing @JessGOAT Good luck @TSM_Daeda @sevvn"Hey Riot so the community has been asking about a replay system when could we..." Riot: @zander_fps ur literally beautiful + good at valorant it's not fair @sullycasts testThe Guard will not be making any changes at this time, according to sources. neT just missed one block of scrims,… because a replay system doesn’t generate millions. @theannihilatr @nosyy_tv @nosyy_tv pay upvalorantSo @nosyy_tv has said he'll buy me a monitor for 250 retweets. I think thats do-able right? Lets make him regret that he ever said that.
Retweeted by George Geddes @DonHaci 5’10 @MelRamsayy @Dom_Sacco How about you document this ratio @MelRamsayy shut updogshit gg go next“It’s not possible” SHUT UP @Carterr1k Thanks for ruining my nightPlease give me the RGX Blade in the night market Please give me the RGX Blade in the night market Please give me th… @clutchyygod @reemerbeemer34 @BehrozHyder @MatthewCElmore @T1 Britain man LOOOOOI've been benched from FaZe and am now a restricted F/A. I'd like to represent another team as an IGL. I'm comfor…
Retweeted by George GeddesFlyuh is back in the team for Poach, who’s been moved to the bench, FaZe announced today. #VCTFAZE VALORANT ROSTER UPDATE: @1flyuh will be returning to the starting lineup for this weekend's matchup against L…
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@SideshowGaming @beezyweeez Grats mate.@Vanityxz tells us how he makes time to care for his mental health. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth | @Cloud9
Retweeted by George Geddes @VanderPump06 copypastaI just love the structure of Riot Gaming's Valorant Tournaments - why, it's genius actually! With the T1 teams only… @IanImmi yeah you gottagoated song @Jonaaa6_VAL @Scrounge_ so dreamyDon’t Trust, Verify
Retweeted by George Geddes @altmmrr BA Philosophy100 Thieves is making its own video game
Retweeted by George GeddesTwistzz claims NA VALORANT players don’t have the work ethic for CS:GO, “just want the easy money”
Retweeted by George GeddesNew FREE weight loss course for gamers. Like this tweet and i'll DM you it.
Retweeted by George Geddes @D3dpool_ Chancellor didn’t know he was speaking to George Geddes fr @MakkaroniDave Yes indeed @ItachiU58519946 University of Kentshit looks like ascent ong💀 up💯 I’m thankful all the CS pros switched to VALORANT. Gives me bigger names to report on😎 @yayFPS @Vanityxz @MatthewCElmore just win lol? @Vanityxz lol get better kid + why didn’t you have millions spare for the pro league spot? @Cr0wlyyCSGO @dust2us @Twistzz @FaZeClan ESL literally killed the tier 2 NA scene, what does he expect? Players to… it must be nice to be the part of the 1% playerbase the CSPPA think that matters and a Louvre agreement team an…
Retweeted by George Geddes @dust2us @Twistzz @FaZeClan Lol @zander_fps idk but it’s my graduation tomorrow!
@realmocking ok realmocking @FerneliusHunter fuck u want me to do? NOT do my job?Mianite, Sipps co, Moonquest, Jaffa Factory all up there too