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Mostly happy by God's grace. See Psalm 118:24 for the reason.

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“We don’t have to make ourselves well before we see the doctor. Come to Christ just as you are, you don’t have to c…
Retweeted by attractive guyNaa Ashorkor is so so beautiful !
Retweeted by attractive guyFor the first time since 2010/11, United have two players who have scored 20 goals in all competitions. Martial 🤝…
Retweeted by attractive guyHuman Series 4 (Jumpman Edition) ft Seyram
Retweeted by attractive guyBefore you go to bed please take note of this name, “Mc Bossman”. I beg you. 🙏🏾 soontime, you people go hear am.
Retweeted by attractive guyFor my good people with back problems
Retweeted by attractive guyF/T: Fantastic win for Arsenal. First away win in the Premier League against a team above them in the table since…
Retweeted by attractive guy @_Nortei You’re lucky you won😂 like they would have roasted you guys @jnr_just_ice I like how you waited till you were up by 2😂 @baidoo_clifford You barb!Speaking of the FA Youth Cup
Retweeted by attractive guyMark for logout.😂
Retweeted by attractive guyPogba:
Retweeted by attractive guyGreenwood is miles ahead of Tammy Abraham. Argue with your TV
Retweeted by attractive guythis is how United have got me feeling
Retweeted by attractive guyMata has to go chaleTypical Greenwood to score with both his left foot and right footThe boy no get weak foot herh😳
Retweeted by attractive guyGreenwood’s movement is what is making us score like this @krishdatwani Lmao sameeeRashford you owe us a brace. Look sharp waiThat’s offside?? Ei5!
Retweeted by attractive guyTeam ay3 yie
Retweeted by attractive guyBruno is the boss👏👏👏
Retweeted by attractive guyBruno🤝
Retweeted by attractive guyBruno Fernandes, God bless you waiIKR it’s all over the place 😂😂 @DaoYannick That guy’s too slowwwGreenwood and Fernandes have carried us these past 2 games @DaoYannick This is my problem with Bailly. Everyday stupid mistakes @DaoYannick Partey no go bad o. Idk who else we can get @DaoYannick Hm. I no go talk ein case sef😔 @DaoYannick We need a defensive midfielder more tbh. Matic is getting oldMarcus. Mason. Martial. That's it.
Retweeted by attractive guy @DaoYannick That’s the thing but you have to protect him from scrutiny too. If he starts every game the oressjre will be toooo much⚽ Marcus Rashford (aged 22) is the youngest player to score 20+ goals (all comps) in a single season for Man Utd si…
Retweeted by attractive guy @DaoYannick Chale im so tempted to give him the starting job but chale the games plenty. And the pressure is too mu…’m not watching but I’m hypedMan like RashyyyyyyRASHFOOOOORD! #MUFC #MUNBOU
Retweeted by attractive guyRashforrrrrrddddddddddd
Retweeted by attractive guy1/2 @BigBlackBoy06 Roff! @Moraa_ta Yes boss😂🤡🤡Let me see your shouting!!!!!!!!🤡🤡
Retweeted by attractive guyAh herh. You guys better win after tweeting this. just came for my friend’s engagement and he said the pastor didn’t show up cos of the rain so I should stand in a…
Retweeted by attractive guyTapping into my prophetic gift🤪🤪 Paul Pogba & Bruno Fernandes are both in the starting XI vs Bournemouth. If the Daily Mirror ever told me that…
Retweeted by attractive guy @jnr_just_ice @nsafoa_ That’s playing it safe. Live on the wild side @nsafoa_ Love this meme😂 @nsafoa_ Dw. Brace incoming @nsafoa_ FPL? @baidoo_clifford Once in while.We see this 24/7 then girls will complain all guys know is throwing designer at their girlfriends 😂
Retweeted by attractive guy @Boodyboodyyyy 😂😂😂 that works too @Am1ss4h It’s his breakout season so it’s bound to happen. Just give him time and he’ll prove itWhy do I even go and comment on some things. 😂 I have to learn to stop rushing @biynahbiynah 😂😂😂 @davem1st @Am1ss4h @Am1ss4h Ei you no dey see Greenwood kraa😂 If you forget about the hype and just watch him and look at the stats he… @Am1ss4h If it’s CHO then it’s debatable. The guy dey ball @Am1ss4h Lmao I acc didn’t look at the @ properly. I thought it was Abraham 😂 @Am1ss4h True but the fact that you’re comparing an older player to a younger player says a lot about the ability level of each. @bethefrank You barb😂😂 @quabenabiney @baidoo_clifford @Sammy_kayyyy @yebs_official @NatKB20 @Moraa_ta Facts @scribblerrr Talk to your people o😂There was no swot analysis or business risk model on earth that could have predicted the economic devastation of Co…
Retweeted by attractive guy @bethefrank After extensive research😂I get that his final decision to not extend for CL is a bad look but he’s given enough to not be disrespected by fa…
Retweeted by attractive guyA lot of boys only disrespect girls because they can only disrespect girls.
Retweeted by attractive guy @baidoo_clifford @Sammy_kayyyy @quabenabiney @yebs_official @NatKB20 @Moraa_ta We fit😂 @payalgokaldas Exactly! @GeorgeOfori7 as in! looking out/phones work both ways lmao
Retweeted by attractive guy>>>>>>>>
Retweeted by attractive guydying>>>>>>catching feelings.
Retweeted by attractive guy @_okaija It’s very serious
@bonsamposuro Yes o. Be guidedPeriodt yeah. But watch your heart yk
Retweeted by attractive guyThey will play chaskele with your heart. this shit was wayyy too cute to keep on my phone.
Retweeted by attractive guy @__phebss @ININACAULEY___ Touché. @__phebss Well I guess you’re on to something because chewing helps absorption. Especially if you let it dissolve under your tongue. @ININACAULEY___ I don’t think that’s the sound a catfish makes 😂 @__phebss I really wonder how you guys do it. I cannotttt🤢🤢Don’t people get tired of that whole “you don’t look for me” thing?The time you use to say “you don’t text me” or “you don’t look for me” can be put towards asking how the person how they are.This is the handwriting of somebody who chews paracetamol to wear your fucking masks you can’t do but you have big mouths to come and tell doctors how incompetent and passionless they are.
Retweeted by attractive guyThe poppy always Dey weak me 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Retweeted by attractive guyEnjoy your weekend!! Wait for the last killer 🤣
Retweeted by attractive guy🙏😢 please continue retweeting,it’s still a long way to go.
Retweeted by attractive guySo far out of 40,000 dollars we have been able to raise 24673.99Ghana cedis for baby Joseph....let keep supporting…
Retweeted by attractive guy😌 #YenWithDoralyn
Retweeted by attractive guyI can tell you young, when we did this we was tryna be t pain
Retweeted by attractive guy @ohemssss My pleasure😇❤️ @yifzzz_ Very good😂