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Dear @USAO_DE David C. Weiss: Unless you are carrying water for the Bidens, I fully expect that you will direct fe…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsDecide for yourselves about the Bidens @dbongino This is getting crazy.41-Year Veteran Houston Police Sgt. Harold Preston Killed in Line of Duty
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @acheatingvegan ButtaWell said
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @BerniePleskoff Gimme Pederson or BrosseauUnacceptable's killing cops a over the country
@georgyjj09 @SoxyBack It's impressive that he managed to lose 3 separate Brandon Saad trades. Can any other GM rival that accolade?
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @WhiteSoxGolfGuy @SoxyBack IKR that's historical hahahaha @SoxyBack Jokharaju made zero sense. Trading Teuvo. Phillip Dannault. Seabrook extension and so on. The way he jus… Blackhawks would have been better off saying nothing than putting out what they did.
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsBreaking we can read Breaking911 thank u @MarkLazerus Can u ease reach back out to Kane and Toews and ask them how they feel about all this ? @SoxyBack Draft picks just dont get the NHL Soon enough to help these guys.Truth ! @SoxyBack U are a 100% right. And they can't do it because they hand everyone a NTC when they walk thru the door @emm528 @usblues23 @courtney883 That man not u men !!💯💯💯💯💯 @SoxyBack Rode off on Dale Tallons players with all the creditBowman needs to go. Arguably the most overrated and entitled man in hockey. The Blackhawks will never win another C…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @noFlyzone_1 @kfishbain I was surprised too. But once side of the ball can carry a team for a bit. At some point th… @lukejaksich37 😢😢 @ChuckCallesto @gaye_gallops What government ? @lukejaksich37 u go see this ??? @AdamGSager @ChicagoBears I'm a huge Robinson fan, probably my favorite player but I recall a couple drops @noFlyzone_1 @kfishbain Seattle undefeated with 32nd ranked defense hahaha. We gotta get better on that side of the ballHow the 5-1 Bears rank in the NFL on offense through 6 games… 4.83 yards per play (28th) 3.86 yards per carry (25th…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @martinez3507 @ChiBears1985 Exactly. Actually boasted about making playoffs last year as youngest team in the mix w… @ChiBears1985 @martinez3507 In only a way Bowman can, filled with ambiguity 😥 @BDonb25 We had a bash at our house in Hegewisch in 2010. Kane OT goal. Pretty epic bash 😂😂 @usblues23 @BDonb25 Ya the whole thing was a blast. Conventions, winter tests, family skates, parades. It was great time. The parties too @ChiBears1985 @martinez3507 Hawks released a statement that they are sort of rebuilding. Bowman followed it up by s… @BDonb25 That's a fact. Had season tickets thru those years. Wife Kids and I got to see 3 cups and go to a ton of games @BDonb25 We definitely had our decade of dominance. Now ....😥 @WindyCityH0CKEY @JayZawaski670 He's all over the map and has idea what lane he is in. Than extend a bad coach lik… @usblues23 @martinez3507 Just had chili with hot dogs 🔥. I'm stuffed hahahahaha @martinez3507 @usblues23 Right on @usblues23 @martinez3507 No doubt. And those Cajun fries 😂😂😂 @martinez3507 @usblues23 I see this guy at gym all the time. 3rd longest tenured season ticket hder they have. He s… ! @usblues23 @martinez3507 I heard from a guy who claims to be in the know. Said 7 got really domesticated and would… @usblues23 @martinez3507 OMG 😂😂 @usblues23 @martinez3507 He had some really big goals in 15' but he was fading than on defense. He really was. Than… @BDonb25 We've been in purgatory for 3 years plus and are destined for auch longer stay @martinez3507 @usblues23 I just heard Bowman say well it's not really a rebuild on the radio. Hahahaha I think it w… @usblues23 @martinez3507 Appreciate the warrior years but that extension at the time was terrible and Bowman still calling the shots @usblues23 @martinez3507 Number 7 D man coming off 3 surgeries, hopefully that's the plan @martinez3507 @usblues23 Keith contact better than Seabrook. At least he can play a little. 10.5 million for Kane a… @usblues23 @martinez3507 They should have started 3-4 years ago. What are they gonna do with Seabrook. 5 more years ??? @martinez3507 They love Chicago and they can't be happy about this. Like to really hear what they have to say about all thisI cancelled my season tickets 2 years ago. Saw the train wreck coming with Bowman.🤮🤮 @ChrisBlock Wortz family back to being moronsLaw Enforcement Officers nationwide grieve the loss of @houstonpolice & the family of Sgt. Harold Preston, who was…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @martinez3507 My God. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot @CRoumeliotis @NBCSChicago Hopefully the 4 core players told u all to suck itGoogle can't help them with impact players on defense Bears have signed linebacker Manti Te'o to the practice squad.
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @sportshashhash @MarkLazerus @sidkid80 They should have been rebuilding for 4 years but chose not too @chibigo72 I shot gunned a beer after his passing. I was a big ERV 31 fan back in the East Side days hahahaha @georgyjj09 @AaronLemingNFL Oh i am with you, i have long told Cowboy fans here that Jerry Jones will always be a b…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @DRULZ29 @AaronLemingNFL His son the GM I think right ?? How's that working 😂😂😂😂I'd take Jane Byrne over Lightfoot @DRULZ29 @AaronLemingNFL He wasn't the only problem. He wasn't the answer either. How about the cast of character… @chicagosmayor Unless we are protesting at Grant Park ?? Or is that not a thing anymore ? @SlaterNFL @AllbrightNFL What about the players ?? They hold themselves accountable or just blame the coaches like… @bigricanman Houston ?? @Ky1eLong Ochocinco Chad Johnson ??? @black_42 I'd take a look at that kid in a heartbeat. Speed like that opens things up with presence alone @black_42 He looked good before injury last year @DiscussionBrawl Put a mask on them
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsPass the Turkey 👊🏻👊🏻 @MichaelDeLauzon Pass the Turkey!
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsGlenview Jewel Employee With Special Needs Fired For Yelling At Customer He Says Called Him Derogatory Terms, Bulli…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsBREAKING: Eleven House Republicans have requested that Attorney General William Barr appoint a special prosecutor t…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsJoe Biden wanted to frame General Flynn and Mike Flynn Jr for violating the Logan Act as Joe Biden and Hunter Biden…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBullsThis dude be having CRYING bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @martinez3507 😢😢
@ChicagoBeerSnob @LatrianFlayer But u can’t throw them all under the bus just as u can’t excuse all crime for pover… @ChicagoBeerSnob @LatrianFlayer That mentality that all the cops are bad because of a select few, not buying it eit… @ChicagoBeerSnob @LatrianFlayer Somebody else’s fault ?? Not buying that. @nwipreps Nice job Danny Ray 👊🏻👊🏻“I know what I can do, and I just wanted to help the team as much as possible and help them win,” said Puplava, who…
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @TommyMissel @checkmatestate @MinistryofTru16'm voting for Trump for the same exact reason. @ChicagoBeerSnob @LatrianFlayer Mandatory 12's by 7 for the riots adds up quick. Homicides up. @ChicagoBeerSnob @LatrianFlayer Are u serious ?? Listen I have lifelong friends and family on Chicago Police, ik wh… @ChicagoBeerSnob @LatrianFlayer Look what's going on in the city ???Let it go.
Retweeted by BearsSoxHawksBulls @Ky1eLong Hell yes. Expose them all @noFlyzone_1 Bottom right. I no she meant whole city. Just being sarcastic 😂 @noFlyzone_1 East Side is a neighborhood in Chicago, cornered along the lake and Indiana. Never gets much thought a… God, East Side is clear 😂 @ChiBears1985 @JayZawaski670 Exactly @ChiBears1985 @JayZawaski670 They're not, which is so disappointing @JayZawaski670 😢😢😢😢 @Zack_Pearson Bigger impact than Quinn @JayZawaski670 Like today soon ?