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This is something that I think can happen at some point. Well, I just did the sketch, even the wings are not finish…
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Taking therapy from a trained therapist has been a true life saver for me. I've figured out so many things about my…
Retweeted by Ger0gearEchidna art practice #リゼロ #rezero #エキドナ
Retweeted by Ger0gear @SpicySimp ikr @HenaiStuff relatable @DragonyArtz @_VinceWins (u should follow me then, i do a lot of echidna art) @Goldenangel1517 thank you for liking my art! @SinpPandora thankkk yoouuuuuuu @syahmi2B ikr @PatgonemadR HEYY THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU @lionexprime1 Thank you, i love this one too @tmpglis why is dona so cute?back to commissions now yay art practice #リゼロ #rezero #エキドナ @MizuSauce yooo okook i understand i only watch people play that game instead, cuz I'm a crybaby and waaay too scared @Kingoftheabyss2 @GKillianzoldyck I need life support rn💀💀🤮 @SleepingWooloo @MizuSauce How scary is it From 1 - never playing that again @ArateSakka127 @BalsaMaster @LoremIpsumVerb Yo that's crazy @KylesMigyles Activate VOD's though So I can rewatch the streams later @KylesMigyles Ok I missed this one too Gonna activate notifications on u then @zASTRALx Yo your backgrounds are slapping Good job ❤❤ @GKillianzoldyck God I need an ambulance And perhaps a funeral too @tmpglis Look it's me twice @IceCultist 🗿 @MizuSauce Try it out and dm that person Pretty sure s/he'll response back Cuz if you are friends, a conversation… @MizuSauce @Wolfcla74434704 I Do not need to know what you would say, but I just want to know what you will say.… @SpicySimp Might have to steal This one @Kunalkadamrag Based & relatable @SpicySimp Lmfao @lionexprime1 How can someone be so kind? Thank you, again❤ @AdamKun115 Frfr @Josh_szn2 Mood @syahmi2B Thank you for these kind words sir😭 @SpicySimp Almost sorry I'm a legend on the echidna cult I pray to echidna my man @Zzzanken Always vibing with dona @MadChemist9 <3 @Echidnuu Thank you nuuu😭😭😭 I bet once I explain this. You'll do even cooler stuff @Brokendekay Understandable 🙏🏾 @perfArt_ Thank you
@Haachamin min plzfr, anyone could do poses like this in 2secondsapplied my recent art studies on Echidna might make a video about this, it's pog once u get it, and this artwork… thighs #リゼロ #rezero #エキドナ’all pls like this, I’ve already dmed my famous moots who I know would respond and promised Jae he can choose my p…
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@echidnut who said he didn't 👀 @CawzSucks @SmolSubaru I prefer Roswaal @LoremIpsumVerb Emilia strangling him to death That would be graphic as heck And very memorable @Swolegeta74 @KylesMigyles Imagine getting commissioned by kyles 😭😭 @SmolSubaru This is honestly funny @GKillianzoldyck @Jaereku it's not shitty🤬 it's underwhelming😭 @zyifannn (then write i love felt next time😤😓) @CawzSucks @LightningEagle9 @SpicaIllustrat2 stfu just made some for u @LightningEagle9 @SpicaIllustrat2 i need to win, i want Echidna art sooo baad😭⚡️200 FOLLOWER RE: ZERO ART RAFFLE⚡️ RULES: ⚡️Like, Retweet & Follow to enter! All must be done ⚡️List of Re: zero…
Retweeted by Ger0gear @MizuSauce I thought that was an anime I didn't watch That made zero sense, that's why I asked😂😂😂😂 @LightningEagle9 Always fun to do that @Tyler__Singh @TheBigMcLarge @GEAR_Art_ Leave U broke my heart @flimsyflamingo Hehe Wanna be the best @romt2121 Thank you😌 @TheBigMcLarge @GEAR_Art_ Thank you ❤❤ And you misspelled echidna 🗿🗿🗿 @natsuksubaru @Apostle_ofGreed Cap @CalamityofEnvy Thank you veeery much @zyifannn No I love u @Tyler__Singh These take ages to make. That's why I usually avoid em @justbelusy 👉👈😳 @MizuSauce OOOHHHH RE 8 RESIDENT EVIL 8 Super small brain moment there Well yea, I see and understand that pretty well @Echidnuu @KylesMigyles What did I miss again @Echidnuu I knew the so well I decided to make a plan and doing things step by step, it's easier that way, and you… @MizuSauce Lmfao how
@CawzSucks @_VinceWins yea i saw that, salt moment😅 @DistressedBrain Elf girl died, cat got huge, killed the NEET end. @_VinceWins Glad u like ^^ @DistressedBrain @_VinceWins My Commissions are closed atm Will tell everyone once I open again @satellarzero Ikr @neidkatze Felt do be absolutely cute @goatman75086396 Thank you @IceCultist Indeed @Jaereku Hustling every day mate😤🙏🏾 @FathABC Ayy danke @Wolfcla74434704 No u @j0m4j0 Not pog @IridiusF Fuck should have added some wind fx Shit @IridiusF Look very closely @SpicySimp 👀oo @IridiusF there u go chief @SpicySimp u expect an answer?U literally waited for 6months, i cry here the commission @_VinceWinsFelt - Commission #rezero #リゼロ @AoiHana_15 @ReignSenpai
@ReignSenpai i think dis one looks better tho @Shaulataan @ReignSenpai pogg @pabobingu <33 @ReignSenpai this was no gift, u literally payed me @zyifannn yee i think so @zyifannn was taking my finals, that's why^^ @zyifannn how could u, I have the Art Divine protection @ger0gear @ReignSenpai
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