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I'm nothing without God..Jeremiah 29:11.. 👨‍🍳 : @KinTurkeyGh 🥂

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Retweeted by kelvinHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAA @terki__ Lool aye @Pee_Y_ Lol won’t happen @niilexis Facts28-9 4th quarter points from Dallas. Jazz down by 7. I swear they were leading by 10 moments ago @Pee_Y_ Lol he has 3yrs left. It will be 120m for 2 more years boss. Pay now or leave @speck_j Villagers paaa @RexTrajan No @nana_kd ForkinTotobatics. I love you @AnthonyMartial @terki__ NeverLove to see Wo na! 😍. Man utd by this time? TweakaiThe Suns are too good chale. Like how are they in this position?. The kinda life the bubble has put in them is Different. @ATWPodcastGCR @joey_haze Lmao you barbMtn really show me today. @Tweneboah305 😂😂Ayton has been cleared and is en route now to join the Suns for Thunder game, sources said.
Retweeted by kelvin @UrbanAsante Sharp 😂American food absolutely terrifies me
Retweeted by kelvin😂😂😂 is not a personality trait. It's a learned behaviour. Don't let anyone manipulate you into believing they can't be romantic.
Retweeted by kelvin @jampadu Lmao so he Dey @theIgwe @KojoRodgers He be color blind. @kwame_spada Please oo pleaseI’m choosing Yaya and lampard, Terry And Vidic.🔥🔥🔥🔥 @lleeyya @Big_Bysh Jahahsshshshshs not under my watchZHey villagers @ManUtd . Tell that your Vice chairman or whatever that if he won’t pay for Sancho he should be ready… think Zorc is good at selling. When you bring it someone like that to a big club to be the buyer I doubt he’ll be successful.United need someone like Zorc let alone Sancho. Great theatre tbf. All moot though if United pay up.
Retweeted by kelvin @lleeyya @Big_Bysh She was mouthing her boy hard in her pinned tweet. She wants more fans so she has changed it. KmtOhemaa leave us alone ok. Bring back your header and pinned tweet from yesterday. Let the young Kings be! hoh! shame in admitting you can't afford something chale. Times were hard enough pre-COVID.
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Retweeted by kelvinHoh juventus said same with Pogba. We go sign am.’s a Titan
Retweeted by kelvinHope everyone understands this once and for all. Sigh @whatdonaldsaidd I swear 😂😂😂😂United haggling over the sancho fee knowing very well that they are going to eventually pay the exact asking price…
Retweeted by kelvinEverything be ronning for this country. Such a shame smh
Retweeted by kelvinSmh for that new week glow up! Say hello to our Zena cold shoulder dress. Currently available in sizes 8/10/12…
Retweeted by kelvinPlace your orders now😍
Retweeted by kelvinModel in size 8 of the Zena cold shoulder dress😍 Still available in sizes.
Retweeted by kelvinBrunch with the girls or dinner with bae🥰..Our Rhesa wrap dress will do the magic. Currently available in sizes 8 a…
Retweeted by kelvinYou still haven’t followed my business page?😫
Retweeted by kelvinPuffy sleeves are the new thing😍 The Rosa dress is up for grabs. Currently available in size 10 and 12. Dm to order.
Retweeted by kelvinIt’s the truth. It’s so hard to be honest in Ghana. I remember the Hungarian embassy wanted to start an exchange pr…
Retweeted by kelvinTwo Hazards!!
Retweeted by kelvin @hayzee6 😂😂 @cobimensah I read finish Wey I vex 😂😂 @lleeyya Unless you come for it hajia @lleeyya 👀Morrringg Harden officially leads the @NBA in steals for the 2019-2020 season. He has now lead the league in points, a…
Retweeted by kelvin @cobimensah Nah you’re very very stupid for this. Doing. This. Ladies. for smoothies, shakes, baby food etc, without the limitations of a regular blender.
Retweeted by kelvinHi guys, my friend is selling rechargeable blenders for ¢180. Colours available are pink, purple, blue and green. P…
Retweeted by kelvinLord, please watch over & protect her.
Retweeted by kelvinWhen Dad is a bartender 🍼🍸
Retweeted by kelvinA wife appreciating her supportive husband. You love to see it.. 🥰🔊❤️
Retweeted by kelvinOne day, it’s all going to make sense. Until then, put in hard work and sacrifice and believe in what you pray for.
Retweeted by kelvinStill kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂’t drink and drive smh. Prayers up for lil girl 🙏🏾. you know how perfect this is? 😍 we can hear you. Nice needs to win the UCL for world peace 🙏🏾JOBS ARE KEY FOR GHANA To reduce importation, WE MUST FOCUS ON CREATING JOBS “MASSIVELY” Let’s make this highest…
Retweeted by kelvinTHE BEARD 🔥
Retweeted by kelvinThe two greatest jerseys resided north of the border
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Retweeted by kelvinI lost my best friend my number one lady... So this next wave of greatness is coming with a lot of pain and passion
Retweeted by kelvinI’ve always known this
Retweeted by kelvinWhen you watch your boy shoot his shot and he gets denied 😅 (via @Lakers)
Retweeted by kelvinKeep going my brother!!! ✊🏾 @carmeloanthony
Retweeted by kelvin❤️❤️ Bernice Dapaah, the Ghanaian woman building bikes from bamboo. Her company, the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative…
Retweeted by kelvin😭😭😆😆😆 Mad At You Right Now Because You Picked Peace Over Drama 😌
Retweeted by kelvin💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 #HowToGetAwayWithWAP
Retweeted by kelvinI like dates. I like quality time. I like reassurance. I like reciprocated energy.
Retweeted by kelvinMake sure y’all post my shit next year too #TMC
Retweeted by kelvinCertain niggas women just happy to be around. Certain niggas gotta pay women to be around em. That’s life.
Retweeted by kelvinGoofy behavior get goofy results.
Retweeted by kelvinand y’all hugged this bitch on national tv ... disgusting
Retweeted by kelvinMay everything you touch this week be fruitful not just because of you who are - but who you have: G O D. HE will be your differentiator!
Retweeted by kelvinBoy This nigga posted they every move
Retweeted by kelvin🙏🏾 if you believe
Retweeted by kelvinCaris Levert is special.Thank Gof for the gift of life 🙏🏾
@kuhefferson I weak 😂Realest shit I've heard today!
Retweeted by kelvinpay in full. and if you can’t afford to buy from your friend post their brand as often as you can
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