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germanrifter VR @germanrifter Stuttgart, Deutschland

VR Enthusiast and Supporter, long time gamer, and fan of driving simulators. #virtualreality #vr #ar #oculus #riftCV1 #riftS #quest #PSVR

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You know the feeling when your phone battery status shows 69 % and you have to suppress the urge to take a screensh… @jdmax1210 @JeremyBTerrible @TheSketchyCaleb All of that and of course @SketchyCalebArt favorite topic: conspiracy theories 😉😂 @JeremyBTerrible @TheSketchyCaleb Hope it takes off. So much work goes into those. Wish you best of luck that it fi… @JeremyBTerrible @TheSketchyCaleb I'm not a big fan of anime but watched every single episode nonetheless. Love the… you know that @TheSketchyCaleb and I have an animated YouTube series? We are about to hit 10 episodes at about…
Retweeted by germanrifter VR @ReloadGV That's so awesome 😍 Cc @heynewt22 @JeremyBTerrible Lol, sounds about right 😂. @UKRift Spot on. Happyness is never defined by money or possessions. Health and family/friends were and always will… @weg257 @RealityRendered @Anticleric It's currently in early access. You can get it here: @RealityRendered @Anticleric It's so cool, retro inception x 1000 lol. (I think I didn't link you the super Mario o… @bcarlton727 This looks so awesome, love it.LOW-FI - Alpha Gameplay. I came across the most realistic NPC I have ever seen in VR. Honestly kind of startled me!…
Retweeted by germanrifter VR @RealityRendered @Anticleric This game gets better and better with every update. So glad I backed it and going thro… @JeremyBTerrible So glad to hear you had a great day man. Stay safe as well, hope hurricane season will spare you as well as covid. @TheSketchyCaleb So sad that reasonable people like you who take the pandemic seriously suffer while these covid de… @TheSketchyCaleb @drsallans Yeah, same. Since I'm Single I haven't touched/hugged/had contact with another human be… @Alex__VR @teespring Between Realities Mug and Facemask should arrive next week 😉 @BeedeeVr Hehe, alles gut. Das Spiel ist geil egal wie man den Titel ausspricht 😉👍 @BeedeeVr Ich hab beschlossen jetzt auch Pistol Wipe zu sagen, viel cooler 😉. Super news video wie immer, weiter so another VR merch item arrived 🤗 Very cool facemask by @Alex__VR. you can get it here:… @David_Jagneaux Totally agree, what a game and what an experience @VRGameRankings Looking forward to that, love the show @RoTaToR1979 @SuperbrightVR @Hoshi1982 @mostyle_tv @Tupac_VR @Dod1977 @VoodooDE_Gaming Nice, Gratulation 🎉🎉🎉 @drsallans @TheSketchyCaleb It was good for a few weeks but after 2 months I really missed going outside lol @TheSketchyCaleb Just came home from work. Feel pretty blessed that I can work outside. Lockdown really had a bad e… @SyrslyWasTaken We are playing old movies because of covid weren't many good new ones released this year, everythin… @SyrslyWasTaken Agree, exactly the reasons why I don't use their Service more often. @derVRederik Hehe, ist ja witzig. Ja, das ist Ludwigsburg. Wenn Du auf der Filnakademie warst kennst Du vll das Cal… @TheeBeardedBard @paymommynow Texts during movies in cinema @ChickTech @archillect Lol, that was a pretty safe guess 😉😂 @archillect Cc @ChickTech 😉 @TheSketchyCaleb ....and the Sun is still terrible @DefPenguin Thanks man, truly means a lot @Alex__VR Hmm, can't get you a flight with this but you can go sky diving with me if you are up for that 😉 @DefPenguin Thanks so much Dave! Me and my friends/business partners have been doing this every year for the past 1… @Alex__VR Come to germany in summer next year and I'll get you the best seat and all the popcorn you can eat 😉 @Alex__VR Thanks man. That's what I do during summer.Not only a job for me, it's a passion and it was so good to he…
@SanbornVR @drsallans Ouch @JwallaceRtw Crossing my fingers you'll be spared man @the_geminator Good luck 😊 @drsallans an absolute blast talking about the current #VR scene with our favorite action hero content creator…
Retweeted by germanrifter VR @skeeva @Alex__VR @emerge_io @drsallans 8th time? I lost count lol @Scobleizer Can't wait to read it, really excited for this one. Enjoy your vacation mate @Dod1977 @Martin76x Thanks buddy @jdmax1210 Lot of work (especially this year with all the covid restrictions and laws) but lots of fun once it star… @Anticleric It's because of the way you spelled w0op 😉. JK, the new cruiser looks awesome. Every time I think I can… @elocnat Sweet, looking forward to that @THESCOTTishGam6 Awesome, congratulations man 🎉🎉🎉 @Scobleizer Tony is the best. I watched half of the video, awesome topics and very interesting. Ordered Infinite Re… @Buck3131, won't have much time to be on twitter this month. Second Open Air Cinema I organized started today with the… @TheLivonator Damn, that's awful man. So sorry to hear that. Yeah, #fuckcancer
@BtweenRealities @GetToDaChoppaVR @Alex__VR @skeeva Dangit, just got called into work and won't be able to join liv… @vr_riker 😉😂 @heynewt22 Gotcha. Yeah, my hope is 90hz. Other than that mainly comfort (weight/weight Distribution).I swear they picked the thumbnail themselves! Perfect! Join tonight for some chin wagging magic!
Retweeted by germanrifter VR @heynewt22 Yeahhhhhh, that won't be "better" specs wise than the G2. Pretty sure about that. It can't be, it's a mobile Budget hmd @TheGameVeda @JimCameron @Kojima_Hideo Definitely my man crush from the 80s and 90s, amazing actor @heynewt22 Don't think Quest 2 will release before late 2021 or later. @GeorgeE84014875 Thanks man. Let's hope we can make it 3, my uncle was diagnosed recently (seems to be benign thoug… @Bounty_V So sorry to hear that man. Fuck cancer. @SanbornVR @heynewt22 Agreed. With MS Flight Simulator 2020 (perhaps) supporting the G2 first I really want to buy…'t wait to play this in VR 😊. '8 Microsoft Flight Simulator Features That Blew My Mind' via @rockpapershot @heynewt22 @SanbornVR Yeah, I only use my Quest for wireless gaming now. For sims I use my rift s @SanbornVR @heynewt22 In germany @heynewt22 @SanbornVR It's 100€ less to preorder rn. I would if had the money atm for sure. Even if f.ex. controlle…*complications. ...fuck autocorrect too @PwnProblems Sorry to hear that man. Horrible disease that claims so many lives far too soonMy mom who beat breast cancer. My dad who beat prostate cancer. My aunt who died due to compilations during her Che… @Alex__VR you haven't seen our show you're definitely missing out! Come see the VR podcast that has the entire solar syste…
Retweeted by germanrifter VR @Shackl3r Check this out if you haven't yet.... Westwoods Bladerunner Art gallery:
@TheSketchyCaleb 👍 @GetToDaChoppaVR @OculusGaming Maybe Action mod for @BusSimGame in VR 😉😜 @heynewt22 @qtpop @BalzarJuliusson @WraithAfterlife @vr_riker @OnwardTheGame @SanbornVR Sooo good, loved it @drsallans Couldn't have said it better's Friendship Day so I wanted to say thanks to all of you for providing me help when I needed it, for always brig… @OnwardTheGame , it's now available on Oculus Quest! Go get it!
Retweeted by germanrifter VR#WearADamnMask That's it. That's the tweet. @FaultyMuppet @matteo311 @VRespawn 😉 @TheeBeardedBard Damn, I am so sorry to hear that Daniel 😢. I wish them a speedy and full recovery and you and your… @FaultyMuppet 😱 and videos of @PistolWhipVR by @CloudheadGames on #psvr are coming in... So happy PSVR owners are now able… @pixelripped @tonyhawk That's so awesome 😍TWOday is a day full of TWO. with TWO awesome games launching on TWO separate VR platforms, by TWO of my favorite d…
Retweeted by germanrifter VR @SL33PYcasts @OnwardTheGame @PistolWhipVR @DownpourInt @CloudheadGames Was about to post sth similar but you said i… @SNERDAPERDS @KenMarsigliaVo Jep, same here @Alex__VR @Buck3131 😂😂 @Alex__VR @Buck3131 Btw, the BR mug and your facemask shipped yesterday Alex 👍