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Retweeted by gerunziu @VOLANTmusic cant wait to hear what youve got in store ♥️ @VOLANTmusic huge congratsI'm currently banned for the horse gif. The ban is indefinite which means undetermined ban duration. Unlucky.
Retweeted by gerunziu @small_dduck fucking INCREDIBLE#ApexLegendsfanart 소다맛 아이스 레버.
Retweeted by gerunziu @itsglex the lyrics are witty and well-though out too @itsglex dont usually listen to rap, but this is really nice lovely beat, lovely voice and lovely pacing good job bossman :)Falling back in... Reality Check. Out now everywhere.
Retweeted by gerunziuThinking about that time Gabe Newell said that 'piracy is a service problem (...) and the best way to combat it is…
Retweeted by gerunziucrazy progress mentally. deepest depression ever, heart stopped beating, and thought i would die. i didn't talk to…
Retweeted by gerunziuit costs $0.00 to retweet and support an artist/designer
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Retweeted by gerunziusome words about loss I always keep on my phone
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we should normalise artist management companies / booking agencies / record labels hiring a therapist on retainer,…
Retweeted by gerunziu @laxcitymusic A crisis was averted.. Or was it? Longbow Larry 😔 You win some, you lose some @laxcitymusic Wtf hahahaah laxcity is an apex gamer Please dont be a Triple Take Terry or a Charge Rifle Charlie 🙏 @SerenCSG Happy Thanksgiving!!messed around with that new vital synth for a bit today - what do u guys think ?
Retweeted by gerunziu @slphrrr this is fucking amazingi’d like to share this from Garrett who posted this 4 yrs ago right before he started his i_o project, a lot of it…
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it fucks me up that when i first heard of michelin star restaurants i was like "the tire company??" and then i was…
Retweeted by gerunziuAmericans be calling random shit racist or cultural appropriation, but be hella fine with having Taco Bell.
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Retweeted by gerunziu @MarinKarin_ #relatable @fraxiommusic @SPECTORMUSIC they all forgot @_jelalt Of course people need to get paid. They haven't given any explanation as to why they dont allow multiple p…
Retweeted by gerunziu @Kid09One no, plenty of people want to purchase an individual skin. unfortunately that's not on respawn's agenda @_jelalt apparently not liking these practices means youre a complaining bitch who only knows how to whinge and whi… @_jelalt theyre most likely referring to the Christmas bundles, but this just seems like adding insult to injury, milking it till it's dryi don't even know what to say. what the fuck. rest in peace.
Retweeted by gerunziu @_jelalt remember this @Soltansound So tragic. May he Rest in Peace. His legacy still lives onGoing to miss you my dude, it was a real pleasure working with you and watching you succeed... may you find rest, a…
Retweeted by gerunziui_o revolutionized his own modern Techno sound and brought it to a massive audience. He is the reason I became such…
Retweeted by gerunziu @SerenCSG this hits like a fucking freight train. too. fucking. soon. way. too. soon. May he Rest in Peace, his tal…
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Retweeted by gerunziuNO FUCKING WAY NOT I_O WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK man what the fuck is going on on this fucked up piece of…
Asking for evidence of transphobia is evidence of transphobia.
Retweeted by gerunziuBest Chair in the business, the "Quantum 6000".
Retweeted by gerunziuobeying copyright law is the most cyberpunk thing of all
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I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM THE ALBUM 12/12/2020 who's ready
Retweeted by gerunziu @RayndayGaming Good to hear youre on an upwards trajectory! Wish you a fast recovery!! @ceryal_ U got this, king Keep up the grind (and would love more tutorials for scrubs like me) @hambone_mu Xilent and Noisia What a man of cultureI've never snapped this hard in an end game before wtf
Retweeted by gerunziuスーパー錯視ブラザーズ
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Which one is the photo and which one is the model? #Blender3d #b3d #art #realism
Retweeted by gerunziu @cactusseur you win some you lose some gg go nextTipper Fam! 🎧 While we work on bigger and better beats, 📈here's a little tip from our new intern! 🤓 He's up-and-com…
Retweeted by gerunziu @cactusseur AWWW ♥️good on you, man, bless your heartsNEW GAME: Biodome II You are a feral human with one brain cell. Short collab with @buenothebear, @lasswithapen &…
Retweeted by gerunziu @jtrus @Spotify @welcome2bishu Dear @Spotify , just because I like some electronic music and some pop music doesn't…
Retweeted by gerunziuplease, if you can afford to, buy my beef jerky, or art, or graphic design. or hire me to cook for you. my doctor…
Retweeted by gerunziu @imkeepsake best of luck, have faith wish you a very fast recovery @cactusseur FGDASGADGHADHGADQHWHRTUIJYTUGKHJGNMDFGERSW @cactusseur you DEFINITELY hit 500 @cactusseur it's ok man some people are just made out of money you're good it's all good youre fine everything's fine @cactusseur after reaching level 500, buying and completing every single battle pass up to level 110 AAND completin… @cactusseur im scared @cactusseur how... many.. is... "a bunch" @cactusseur im happy for you BUT AT THE SAME TIME IM SO MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD gonna hit lvl 500 with no shards i know it @cactusseur what THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWu cant get better
Retweeted by gerunziu @APater6076 @TwoPep @litology_JJ @MonsterclipRSPN they could not have a huge ass portal taking you from one side of… @aalydian neurohop cleansing my soul
@_moyparra HAHAHAHA“... there was a brave trans woman called Jessica who laboured with every fibre of her being to fight for equal rig…
Retweeted by gerunziu @7MinutesDead you got this, Alex. wish you the best @gdolphn world's edge ♥️♥️♥️♥️ easiest pick of my lifeDifferent
Retweeted by gerunziu @MYRIDOFFICIAL if they want a quieter sub they can go make their own track xoxo @MYRIDOFFICIAL this is the kind of artistic determination i have huge respect for not backing down from ur vision c… @VOLANTmusic You're extraordinary at worldbuilding and atmospheric storytelling. You are an extremely versatile, dy… @VOLANTmusic Im so sorry to hear that. Your music has inspired me greatly Youve made some wonderful, memorable crea… @imROBYX @x73music Agree
music 2 is what they listen to in 2100. absolute must listen. insane work @plategoblin comfortably numb? @plategoblin u just numb rn? @plategoblin i feel that, i feel thattttt @plategoblin feeling like.. u just existing?love how you draw loba @plategoblin indescribable feeling? @plategoblin how so? @azastyles the shineee @papakhanmusic the biggest win ive ever seen
@ink_seun @TitaniaMcGrath All men are trash @PLASTICDOLLLL @TitaniaMcGrath Men don't. @itsdakun Good luck!!
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@aalydian ok future house neuro garage @mameyudoufu LOVE THISThis must be what it's like to have two kids around the same age who just fight while their parent's do all the work
Retweeted by gerunziu @ceryal_ Happy birthday, wish you the best with your career
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@shrugtal LETS FUCKING GOOOOIf I die of rona, you better not make a vaccine. It’d be unfair to me and everybody else who already paid their du…
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