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A Catholic mom harvesting the sour grapes of Vatican II. I'm battling ovarian cancer and I might block you without notice if you give me unnecessary stress.

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@SisDivSav @FatherLeoFeeds Yeah right! Reusable straws are great in times of #coronoavirusoutbreak !!"To thee have I lifted up my eyes, who dwellest in heaven. Behold as the eyes of servants are on the hands of their… @Tidbits2Mull Thank you so much!! God bless you!Excellent advice- Four Things Patients with Cancer Should Know About Coronavirus 2019 via @cure_magazine #gyncsm
Retweeted by Geska Lima @roxmo @DennisOnTheNet A diferença que um sobrenome faz!! Se fosse Michelle OBAMA, nem 90.000 dá jeito. Só nascendo de novo!🤣SSPX Podcast: The origins of Lent, the etymology of the word, as well as what Holy Mother Church expects of us duri…
Retweeted by Geska LimaOn this Friday 28th I'll spend the day at the Hospital for a series of tests required for my new clinical trial. Th…
@Domenic_Toronto @PatySoelo Unfortunately! @hilarityjane My husband used to write to Rome a lot, during JPII Pontificate to report scandals perpetrated by bad… @Domenic_Toronto @PatySoelo Indeed. But that’s what happens in Brazil during the Carnival. @Domenic_Toronto @PatySoelo There’s a lot of videos being shared among wassup users. Disgusting. @Domenic_Toronto @PatySoelo Yes! You’ll be shocked to what they do in public during Carnival in Salvador-Bahia. @LilaGraceRose @tiktok_us What breaks my heart is the perspective of the eternity in hell. Laughing today and " wee… @PatySoelo Com tanto “beijo na boca” e sodomia pública e na Bahia não rolou nenhum caso ainda? @krezmien What part of “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” they didn’t understand?? @BruvverEccles @BarackObama As if that weren't bad enough!!🤔 @01bossuet @CancerDotNet Usually High grade serous carcinoma is not treated with radiation. Specially if cancer cel… @QBDAD @JordynTrump1 Most of these cases are “sour grapes”! Believe me. @MarianMorticia @Paulaco00122699 She didn’t! @JordynTrump1 @QBDAD I guess Ilhan Omar used to think the same... until she had the chance to wreck a marriage to s… @Paulaco00122699 @MarianMorticia Nem contra e nem a favor. Me parece que ele só celebra o Novus Ordo, mas não o sig… to expect during #radiation treatment for cancer, and how to prepare. #radonc #cancertreatment
Retweeted by Geska Lima @Paulaco00122699 @MarianMorticia Duvido! Ela é petista de carteirinha e defende toda a agenda desse maldito partido… @DanielBailleau @neworleansla Same in here! @StefMNicholas @kmtran95 Indeed!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you Stefanie!! @Curious111188 That's their way to say and show: I'm 100% pro-abortion and LGBT rights... I'm a Leftist/Democrat an… @breeadail @coyne_sheryl Suicide, whether or not assisted: 1-a lack of moral fortitude, inasmuch as a person gave… @Saint_tkki É a oportunidade dele pra mostrar ao mundo: sou a favor do aborto até os 9 meses, sou a favor de toda a… @MarianMorticia I'm not watching anything with Sonia Braga on it. Former porn actress in Brazil and now a staunch l… @ms_peaceweaver @repreaux Catholic's children don't deserve to be killed. BTW, no children deserves to be killed. @FatimaMovie @Domenic_Toronto @harveykeitel @goranvisnjic @AndreaBocelli Seriously, Sonia Braga?? @EdmundPAdamus @CatholicSat Yet, he promoted all these innovators! One of them, Father Bugnini was personally commi… @fabio_pedr @VivaPorco @sozinhoesozinho @AbrahamWeint É a mesma gentalha que nunca questionou o currículo do Lula! Haja hipocrisia!! @ArthurWeint O lacre é global e sincronizado.Gente, gente.. Quaresma não é competição de quem faz mais penitências ou de quem mais fala que faz... Um conselho:…
Retweeted by Geska Lima @CatholicSat Loved it!! @RorateCaeli @BruvverEccles It's "Lent" for the Bergoglians! Holy Relics is what they're giving up for Lent. @NameSearch_ I agree!!
"Let us change our garments for sackcloth and ashes: let us fast and weep before the Lord, for our God is rich in m… @KatiaforJesus A beautiful cat. I’m sorry because you’re heartbroken. Hard decision. @MariaGr06277113 Mi dispiace tantissimo!!! Ma sappiate che i nostri pensieri e le nostre preghiere sono per voi.🙏 @DrJulesGomes @ProtecttheFaith @gavinashenden @Church_Militant The Bible says that the disciples were in the upper…, homo, quia pulvis es, et in púlverem revertéris. Remember, man, that you are dust and into dust you shall… @WestKYMesser @laberry15184440 Mine is not occasion of sin. Just to remember me when I'm gone. @laberry15184440 I am skipping anything that has his face on it. @FiatLuxGenesis couldn't have said it better myself. @dePiperno @MSill3 @AtlantaLiberal Thank you!🙏 @igneiudicium Couldn't have said it better myself. @laberry15184440 Just block him and have a blessed Lent. @MSill3 @dePiperno @AtlantaLiberal I will be here praying for all you guys!🙏 @LSNCatholic Demon. @dePiperno @AtlantaLiberal @MSill3 I wish you a blessed Lent! @AtlantaLiberal @MSill3 I wish a blessed Lent to you too!"As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, o… @SydScarborough @laberry15184440 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God". May our Lord bless and co…
@BluebirdLady_ I needed follow you first. Done. @LiefdeTrouw @ProtecttheFaith Indeed! @noherp2012 @SteveSkojec Nope. The sede position is that there's no pope valid after the death of Pius XII, while d… @01bossuet BEAUTIFUL! @Mario_Molinari There’s no way to refuse the cross ✝️ of cancer. You can only face it and embrace it. @BenedictCarter6 My favourite song from the hymnal: “Ubi Caritas" says: “Let evil impulses stop, let controversy ce… @Patrick_Coffin @frjohnhollowell I've been offering up the suffering brought about my stage IV Ovarian cancer treat… @___lionhearted_ Saint Theresa of Avila! Fierce but still prayerful. @AidaM777 You are my companions while here praying for me and also in the long hours that I spend in the hospital w… @ProtecttheFaith Bergoglio reaffirmed the “primacy” of conscience to make people accept adultery in Amoris laetitia… @artistangelico We should be prepared for that big slap: we deserve it! @LSNCatholic I've been saying that all the time: imposters in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are using Church… @Barbara39858512 @rothfarms @JackPosobiec In the movie MATRIX, as soon as you take the red pill you're freed up fr… @BluebirdLady_ I do!! It's tied to my scapular. @rothfarms @Barbara39858512 @JackPosobiec The only pill he actually needs is to be “red-pilled” on the serious risk of ending up in hell. @Legris3678 Fontgombault? Please pray and ask them to pray for me!!Life can be a big wave crash. Wild, unpredictable and sometimes brutal. My life is currently more like a tsunami. B… @benlandis Some rich French chocolate macarons, with a dark and indulgent filling. @afuturecatholic In the early church, catechumens were instructed in the basic elements of the faith such as the Ap… @RorateCaeli Why should I? This is my Areopagus to spread the Word, to show the beauty of the Traditional Mass, to… @Texascopywriter My daughter and I are allergic to cats. Sneezing the whole day. But they’re cute! @catenaaurea66 Appunto!! La bellezza è la traccia che Dio ha lasciato quando si è ritirato dal mondo. @catenaaurea66 Perché questa è la legge di natura, che nulla entri nell'esistenza senza una causa e Dio è la causa,… @BenedictCarter6 @LjTradcat @TCGillespie It’s relevant because all marks of his resignation lead us to think that h… @BenedictCarter6 Sedes,Traditional Catholic and even NO have the Cathechism of the Catholic Church on their side wh… @BenedictCarter6 We’re living in confusing times! About conscience, even here there’s flexibility, not dogma. So, D… @BenedictCarter6 Show off!1-a lack of moral fortitude, inasmuch as the person gave in to despair. 2-an injustice, inasmuch as he pronounced a… regard to this constant canonization of suiciders on Twitter, I'd like to remind that while we're not allowed… @MahoundParadise He has the Cathechism on his side: “Man has the right to act in conscience and in freedom when mak… @SteveSkojec That's the way I see it: @Anne08102013 @DiesIra40315598 Is all thay I need now!🙏 @CatholicAmina I did it already! Blocked him. @CatholicAmina Block them all. Block that S.O.B. He’s the mouth of Satan. Block him and pray for him. @CatholicAmina Believe me, most women, even those who call themselves “Catholics” rejects the Bible’s principle tha… @CatholicAmina Just another woman following the feminist motto: my body, my choice!I'd like also to ask prayers for Dr Bedard who will be the responsible for this clinical trial. It's going to be ha… @bearspear Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!🙏
@MihchaelO @TaylorRMarshall Thanks for the charity of your prayers 🙏 @TaylorRMarshall Unless he has the 'butterfly' glioblastomas ( BGBM), prognosis for other kind of brain tumours usu… finished, clinical trial probably starting next week. It’s just phase 1 trial so I will need lots of p… waiting for my oncologist. “I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from? My help comes from… @PinkCatholic I don't consider "civil marriage" as marriage, but a civil contract of partneship between two people. @01bossuet LAB - PERIPHERAL BLOOD DRAW Feb 24, 2020 @ 01:50 pm GYN DMO FOLLOW-UP PATIENT VISIT Feb 24, 2020 @ 03:00… @AllyLuYahz @FatherLeoFeeds That’s what my grandma used to do!!