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A Catholic mom harvesting the sour grapes of Vatican II. I'm battling ovarian cancer and I might block you without notice if you give me unnecessary stress.

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@StefMNicholas A beautiful Sunday indeed. It’s always a pleasure to meet you at the Church. God bless your beautiful family!!On this 18th Sunday after Pentecost, may the blessing of almighty God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit… @DennisOnTheNet Simply beautiful 👏Domanda di preghiera per la pace in Siria, nel giorno di Sant'Ignazio di Antiochia Patrono della Siria. A tutti gl…
Retweeted by Geska LimaDomenica diciottesima dopo la Pentecoste - Sensus Fidelium
Retweeted by Geska Lima @Matthew_MichaeI Tota pulchra es, Maria. Et macu… @lilibellmia @Ken47188750 His actions put him on the fast track for a hot spot in hell. @rothfarms @USCCB @ASchwibach @timadanm24 @ASchwibach @timadanm24 So tacky!!
@ChuckCallesto @SteveSkojec Palmas is a hotbed of Liberation Theology and these folks only believe in “social sin”. @CatholicSat People are thirsty for the Traditional Latin Mass and all that these imposters have to offer is paganism! Lord have mercy!! @ProtecttheFaith That’s the best thing you can do! I do the same often.A blog post about an under appreciated side effects of cancer treatment.
Retweeted by Geska Lima @Johnthemadmonk Shameless old silly men! @AtlantaLiberal @KremlinRussia_E Insanity 😱
Cristiani in lotta per la sopravvivenza. A Derik, Siria, si prega prima di difendersi dall’aggressione islamista tu…
Retweeted by Geska Lima @EduardoLattes Que Nossa Senhora, a Imaculada Conceição lhe abençoe, intercedendo sempre junto ao seu filho Jesus,… @marymar49743095 Awwwww @Fiona_C_A I guess Philippe Petain and Adolf Hitler tried this before.Mons. Lefebvre explica porqué los partidarios del "non una cum" hacen el ridículo. La conferencia es de 1989. Ademá…
Retweeted by Geska Lima @DawkinsDicky @MarthaTheZealot Protestant propaganda. Go educate yourself. @DawkinsDicky @MarthaTheZealot @DanielRoddick @AskYourHusband Since you’re so educated about Brazilian indigenous p… @RosaryAdvoc8 It’s just a parody account. @msokeefe1 @TheCrushedBones People who chose to honour Pachamama in this Synod, also don’t know what they are talki… @Johnthemadmonk Palmas is the capital city of the state of Tocantins, in central Brazil. A Liberation Theology hotbed. @A_Paz_de_Cristo Com certeza! Por isso sou muito aberta sobre essa doença. Preciso das orações de todos!🙏 @A_Paz_de_Cristo Infelizmente câncer de ovário é um dos que mais causam morte entre as mulheres. Mas tenho fé que D… @A_Paz_de_Cristo A CART- cell já é feita no hospital onde sou tratada. Mas até agora tem surtido efeito em alguns t… @BruvverEccles @RorateCaeli He’s a Communist and he supported the corrupt Workers Party for more than 16 years! They bankrupted Brazil. @DanciusPius @montiniski I have ovarian cancer too! It’s a beast. I wish all the best for her. Long battle ahead. S… @JonahofNinevah So tacky!! @RorateCaeli Hummes is simply disgraceful. @MSill3 Sending my prayers 🙏 @StefMNicholas I love that too... specially during Communion 😍 @StefMNicholas @RorateCaeli But that’s the reason why they are canonizing him now. @CatholicSat He’s already committed an ecological sin: talking BS. @tiggawild It’s a shame that we have to demand this profession of faith from a man who call himself “pope”. Even fr… @DeiMisericordia They’re absolutely shameless 😱 @jenwendcincy @RadicalCath Exactly. @catenaaurea66 Ci vuole il sangue, il nome, la tradizione per essere un vero Italiano. @whatfreshhello Another Carmelita: St Teresa de los Andes: @StefMNicholas People’s only reacting to his villainy. @StefMNicholas I don’t think you’ll find any historical analogy for the viciousness, incessantness, and boldness of… @MSill3 Praying for him🙏
@reginamrc6 He only retracts if what he said jeopardize his questionable legitimacy. But when he feels that he has… @HicksonMaike That’s a blatant lie. If people living in the cities of Amazon region are leaving the Church in drove… @hilarityjane @Synod_va Amazon Synod is Bergoglio’s payback to Hummes for his election to the Chair of Peter. Remem… @Timcast @AtlantaLiberal China manufactures their merchandise. @bunkersub @EduardoLattes Exatamente!! @reginamrc6 Oh he’ll confirm later after denying first. Remember Amoris Laetitia? He denied that allow communion fo… @JenGriffinFNC The same people who wasn’t ashamed when Obama ordered all American troops to be out of Iraq by the e… @FrancisXRocca He’s an imposter of Liberation Theology. @hilarityjane Of course the Indigenous people can’t understand why a man dressed like a farmer is a Celibate Bishop… @sitsio Don’t worry, even if he denies today, he will confirm it tomorrow. That’s what he did with Amoris Laetitia… @ntoniom72 Dai loro frutti dunque li riconoscerete!! @BruvverEccles Bergoglio will never be a confessor of the Faith... let alone pope! @annepaezNOLA @TaylorRMarshall The only saint pope of the last centuries. I Just love him! @EWTNews It’s because when he’s arriving in the indigenous village, he doesn’t look like a priest or. Bishop. @CatholicSat Liberation Theology to the bone! @CatholicSat @jmguenois Those 2/3 of priest-less communities coordinated by women; have not only a shortage of real… @ScottEricAlt @VaticanOutsider Gaslighting at full throttle!! @JZmirak Just get a picture on the net and print it on a T- Shirt. @LSNCatholic Definitely you don’t love God as dogmatic formulated by the Catholic Church. You already said that you… @fhill55 Today I’m nauseous but I guess that’s due to Cymbalta. @fhill55 @JosephM56669786 You’re in my prayers and a source of inspiration for me ‘🙏 @DennisOnTheNet E agora elevou Hummes a relator de um pseudo Sínodo em Roma. Outro bispo medíocre da TL! @PorzaniPorzani @Lifesound22Ed Hummed is a heretic and Communist. @realDonaldTrump Funny how the people attacking Trump for withdrawing Troops from Syria, is the same who applauded… @stalin_great Managers of global business dress better than them. They see themselves as some sort of Che Guevara. @RorateCaeli By the number of the priests and bishops sexually active, ( specially from Theology Liberation) I gues… @LisaBritton Too much TV and less prayer. @stalin_great I wonder why they’re not wearing T - shirts. That’s the way they present themselves as bishops in Bra… @FreedomsAus @kevinohigginssj @CatholicSat @FreedomsAus @RonaldPPinheiro @kevinohigginssj @CatholicSat People in Amazon region have Maria as patroness under t… @SteveSkojec @FatimaAtelier @RogerDylan8 @Darren2Dust @stalin_great I only can say that Protestants preaching the “… @LibrarianVee @RorateCaeli @bernardopkuster The Brazilian Bishops organizing this Amazon Sin-nod are Leftists who h… @marymar49743095 We still must pray to the Lord to lift the veil of their eyes and let the brightness of the Spirit… @CatholicSat No wonder he loves to hangout with other Christ deniers; Jews and Muslims. @RadicalCath As long as you believe he’s a valid pope it’s a grave sin to break communion with him. But if your con… @FrBMulcahyOP As long as they don’t go publicly promoting them. @Catholic_Mom18 @PetriOP @Pontifex And don’t forget that he pretended to agreed with Bishop Shneider when asked cla…"We need evangelizers with the enthusiasm and apostolic outreach of Bishop Daniel Comboni, an apostle of Christ amo…
Retweeted by Geska Lima @TheCrushedBones Im Christian in the condition things are not done his way. @GracielaBrasil @IgnisDomini @bernardopkuster As profecias contra o Islamismo estão na própria Bíblia. @matthewschmitz It seems that he doesn’t understand either!! @InstaurareInXto @TheJesuits Well, he believes everyone is a child of God, but not a “Catholic God”. @CatholicSat @jmguenois He’s the kind of Theology Liberation “Bishop” promoting political conflicts in the Amazon r… @TheCrushedBones Scalfari is a Communist and atheist. His paper “La Reppublica” is worse than CNN. @RorateCaeli Meanwhile the Pentecostalism is growing fast with Catholic apostates and everyday a new pentecostal te… @Gill0Gill Undergoing chemo side effects right now. Can’t sleep because the steroids.🙏 @TaylorRMarshall So, Pius XII knew all about the stratagems of the Modernists and nevertheless, he promoted them t… @TaylorRMarshall ... Since the opinions expressed by some about frequent confession are completely foreign to the s… @TaylorRMarshall ...But these false statements are completely opposed to the solid doctrine handed down by traditio… @TaylorRMarshall ... it is perfectly clear how much modern writers are wanting in the genuine and true liturgical s… @TaylorRMarshall ...and hold that the command by which Christ gave power to His apostles at the Last Supper to do w… @TaylorRMarshall " For there are today, Venerable Brethren, those who, approximating to errors long since condemned… @boofullmer Praying for the sick. 🙏 @BruvverEccles @ginalucia22 Through HIS teeth. ( correction)