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Christopher Alesund @GeT_RiGhT Stockholm, Sweden

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@messioso That’s what I remember as well, it was just more I wasn’t following exactly what you meant with the tweet 😅 @messioso What you mean? I didn't see any one of the UK players being good in GO in the beginning.. except mayb mouz/hudzG or such
What's even more cooler according to me, is that how they work their 6 man lineup, seeing @Nivera__ fitting perfect… turn around for the Vitality guys, being 0-2 down to turn it to 3-2 in the finals against Na`Vi. Cool to… @walterp_tv @rxyvenTV @autimaticTV @FaZeApex @FalleNCS It’s all about just being brave brother! I’m laughing back l… @walterp_tv @rxyvenTV @autimaticTV @FaZeApex @FalleNCS Movember, magsjukdomen var helt off (20kg+) och satsade på Pablo looken 😅🤷‍♂️ @Wickdlol 😅🤷‍♂️ still probably would happen again if we did play 🤷‍♂️😂 @Wickdlol * You are tired * Haven’t slept enough * Woke up on the wrong side of the bed @DonHaci None It’s the fans who gets the chance to watch a banger game#DIGWIN Let’s go bois, get that win to make it to playoffs!
Just found this old gem @JasonBWLake @offmatti @smooyacs R u serious on that? 🤔 There is basically only two, neo and f0rest and whatever people pick is correct @smooyacs There is only one. Me 🤗What’s this update on twitter seriously
@fl0mtv @itsnoribear Hashtag Worth8,5hours left till DIG will be facing fnatic in @Flashpoint deciders game of their group. Hope we’ll see a close…
@innocentCS @LobanjicaCS Better to ask @SnappiCSGO how he feels still.. @LobanjicaCS Ah god not this shit game when @innocentCS wants to throw... I’m still pissed about this 🤦‍♂️
@fribergCS Helt rätt!Also I’m celebrating the win with a nice cold one @fribergCS 🎉🍾🙏Was a bit worried there on inferno (first half) but happy to see them pull through and get the win over c0ntact #DIGWIN #flashpoint @G2esports @CarlosR Both? 🤷‍♂️ @sapphiReGG Love you heather ❤️If you may wonder, I’m fine. Ever since April, I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I’m looking so much to the future ❤️Eiffel 65 - blue song will be the song that connect me to star craft and grinding forever
@OfficialSnypeR @OnFireAnders See... even the aussies knows. 5 maps > 7 maps 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 @OnFireAnders DONT EVER FORGET WHERE YOU COME FROM!!!I feel betrayed by Anders and thorin there... #Flashpoint
That was a neat start of the group stageNow I'm excited to watch how @Xizt and his Gen.G will do in their opening game against OG #flashpoint @pitaCSGO @kassad @pitaCSGO @kassad Did even renegades/t100 play overpass..? I only remember them as a mirage team doing same thing o… overpass as second, I’m excited to see how alex will work around vp annoying t side on it! Personally, if it… long time have this new c9 team been grinding together? #flashpoint
@pitaCSGO Hahahhaha @H3CZ Happy to see the wall being back where it belongs and @GeT_RiGhT during Spixelania ages ago 😂. Miss the oldschhool tournaments. Sitting in a gymnasium hall and j…
Retweeted by Christopher Alesund2011 - The @IEM World Finals in Hanover that year broke all of our records with over 85,000 concurrent spectators!…
Retweeted by Christopher AlesundDIG with their first test against MAD in about 25~ minutes time from now.
@CarlosR @fribergCS Fisk har man börja gilla mer o mer nu också 🤷‍♂️ @fribergCS Try everything that you didn’t like before, I do somehow like ‘bea’ now 🤷‍♂️Was the game supposed to start at 14 or 15CET @FlashpointWeird feeling to wake up at 0830 after going to bed at 11 yesterday..
back on less then 2 hours sleep... hApPy MoNdAy EvErYoNe :>
Okay then.. @CoreyDunn @Envy Congrats on the both parts! Sad in a way your leaving the arena, but then awesome to hear envy has… @Vansilli Miss you too buddy, hope all is well over there 🙏❤️I actually just notice I slept more than normally. Then, I’m happier I just woke upI heard it’s acceptable nowadays to do such thingsJust woke upLet's get the second one DIG! #DIGWIN @michirage
@greykarn öööhh... någonstans i stan, kommer ej ihåg va stället heter dock :DVa ett tag sen... (9 år sen) @Nadeshot There we go!We as SOAD have just released new music for the first time in 15 years. The time to do this is now, as together, th…
Retweeted by Christopher Alesund @Trainwreckstv Congrats kingAnother great stream! Thanks for tuning in as always <3
l1v3Going live in about 30 minutes ish.. @CSGOoskar Be strong brother <3Thanks for tuning into day/night! Played some warzone, CSGO and Among us with the peps in FPL! Catch you guys soon…
2020 @juliakiran Grattis lil sis 😍❤️ @pinqucs @znajdsanity @znajdsanity Bugar och bockar! Var faktiskt min barber som sa åt mig att lita på han i 2/3 månader med att växa ut,… to let my beard grow out, slowly and steady getting where I want! Happy Wednesday peps @Trancez0r @Vladyslava_Z @RLewisReports There we go!!! @Vladyslava_Z @Trancez0r @RLewisReports Tea 🤤 @Trancez0r @Vladyslava_Z @RLewisReports You didn’t prepare for the election night brother! @Vladyslava_Z @Trancez0r @RLewisReports What’s wrong with you people?! Bed, ice cream and Richard in front of you 🤤🤤Eating ice cream and enjoying @RLewisReports following the election!
@Streams_Charts @Jewanderz @SweGirlMafia @CyrusTv3 @slop3 @Lilmixgg @FrantixxTV @nadmyre @esportalcom seems very in… @cArn @FACEITProLeague @HyperX @dignitas Haha, saknar dig med gubbe 😂🤷‍♂️ @zews We for sure will! We have to much to catch up on.. what do @ricsini have in mind 🤣😅🤣😅❤️Wilton! My brother, it’s your big day today! We’ve had our fun and more to come in the future whenever this pandemi… @REZcsgo @LobanjicaCS Ok, jag är fan dum i huvudet.. voden funkade nu och jag ser dig hela tiden utom när ljuset gå… @REZcsgo @LobanjicaCS sen är det mer unlucko att voden är sönder för jag var tvungen o starta om streamen så allt e… @REZcsgo @LobanjicaCS jag är så van att black är svarta skinet :'(Felt pretty nice to be back playing some FPL again! Hopefully back tomorrow with more ;) Also, screw you…
@FPLCircuit @FACEITProLeague @HyperX @dignitas sorry papaSome @FACEITProLeague, some Among us later @draulon step by step! cheers budOther then that, Met my PT last weekend, so looks like I'm getting into 'good' shape soon enough. Let's see how l… jinx it now, this is the first time since April/May I haven't felt any pain in the arm, chest etc in a lon…
Happy birthday @coldzera beast ❤️ @MonteCristo Ooooooh the memories! Love the hype train 😍Var ett tag sen man fick en tesla när man bokade Uber, avslappnade start på en Lördagen @rigoNcs @BLACKE4GLEE @yek1ndar 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @BLACKE4GLEE @yek1ndar @yek1ndar @BLACKE4GLEE Revenge you**** LOL @yek1ndar @BLACKE4GLEE haha it's ok! I envy you the round before ;-DWhen I died by @BLACKE4GLEE when @yek1ndar left me alone :'( @Sadokist what the hell @Sadokist this can't be serious?
@fer happy birthday kingAaaah Friday 😍🤤