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@carkslev love u car!! @clintoris <3 @alexsoupertramp thank u alex! love you too :) @vanessamaletta lmao that’s a great question @SpaghettiBoy71O ly2 man <3 @_door__matt_ catch u later king :) @FrickinDelanie ily2!! @ralzeedotes gonna have the most aidan time :) ty @PallaviGunalan bye pal :) @nickil0deon love u nicki :) @jacyalyse i’ll miss y’all too! 🥺 @lynndewitttoya ly2 lynn <3 @beepbug ly2 take care queen @phrogIuvr ty queen <3 @durfalert u as well king 🤝 @slizagna let me live @tennisonok i’ll miss u too! back before ya know it @OptimisticSatyr ✈️ @lil_stinko til next time stinko @arizonablueme thanks bro u too :) @OwlFWGKTA ily2 :) @ltpenguin_ take care king! @cupssoftherose see u later giss :) <3also if any friends wanna help me not go insane n maybe play the occasional game of cup pong hmugonna delete twitter for a lil while but in the meantime take ur meds n drink some water
ok trunks ha i get it laughing. i asked you who did party rock anthem and youre laughing.
Retweeted by aidan ツ @lynndewitttoya 🥺 i love it ty @lynndewitttoya pls
@tennisonok @skate4official_ .guy who’s fieri @tennisonok @skate4official_ it is now @skate4official_ ik this isn’t the point but i love the space travel postersyes this pussy is poppin tell a white man No today it’s what he would have wantedok buddy i think we ALL have a dream @tanahIsAnIdiot this rocks ty king @HighSheed probably a liei think i’m ready to try forcing myself to like beer again @mary_swagdalene great see u there! @mary_swagdalene LMAOOOO @URL_GiRL ur welcome @URL_GiRL okay @mary_swagdalene starbucks @cupssoftherose that one @cupssoftherose starbucksHello?would anybody like to go get a salad @tanahIsAnIdiot he changed the chat theme to Love <3
incredible @radladblake it’s not easy being greengood morning @holyaverage fuck i haven’t thought that far ahead @holyaverage u can be a fellai think it would be cool to run a little hole in the wall pizzeria jus me and the boys tossin dough n crackin beers. fellas lmki’ve been painfully aware of the lack of daylight this year like i wouldn’t be surprised if the sun just didn’t come back
Retweeted by aidan ツ @theonlymattybee the struggling fo todayjust hurt my own feelings and then mended them again in record time @tennisonok i’m not at liberty to sayi miss herif only you knew the power of the breakfast sandwich i just made. it breaks my heart to know that many never will
You think it's wrong if I beat you to death with an instrument? Tuba'd
Retweeted by aidan ツtwo of them my room and now i have ample space to lay on the floor and ponderanything: *rhymes* me: this is so seussiandon’t know what water polo is and don’t want to. in my head the horses are swimming and we can leave them there @tennisonok cold world me drunk and alone with my thoughts is cruel and unusual punishment @dadseanmisty the best signs (from a pisces)so anyway if god is real he’s definitely an assholefive mimosas deep thinking about tackling religionhe can have her morning @geauxtroh because of the hissing @geauxtroh hissingokay part in action movies where the protagonist is very obviously listening in on a gang’s conversation and they’r… @RyanKavanaugh okjust made my own cryptocurrency. also i’ve decided i’m rich now so that’s sickin the middle of my room, meat out, blinds up, realizing i’m the naked window neighborif you’re having a bad day, just take a deep breath. you are now breathing manually. get fucked.
Retweeted by aidan ツguy who’s also a familynascar is spelled the same way forwards and backwards @geauxtroh was my ass fat @parttimewinner happy birthday!!what is this obama twerk team everyone is talking about?i need people to stop doing things so i can tweet without looking like it’s about them @yerbafae if i mute one, two more take its place. there are dark forces at work
@nateandmufasa album whenevery day another account with this avi appears and tweets “1 thing abt Me ,, im going 2 bite U” @vanessamaletta yw! @vanessamaletta morning