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Just trying to be successful in this world one of these days it’ll happen... Sometimes I Coach.... H Town Topguns.

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Great adjustments by Memphis during the halfIt’s Dolph!!!!!! Memphis offense is stagnantReal!!!!! @OG_CoachKemp I like Alvin as a assistant man.... son did wonders for that Warriors teanAn omelet and potatoes is all I need right now @_BOLA_1 Son a really good assistantSUPER VARSITY - Pool C - @getthebagcoach def. @houstonnets 49-45 #DougDozen @exposurebball
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyHigh School Players please put your real name in your twitter profile!!! It helps scouts, coaches etc to find you!!
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Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyBring Alvin Gentry to Lakers when J Kidd leaves us ..... @PBS_Impulse9 @fadecorner DjdjdjdjdjdkdSaints and Kamara discussing a new contract. 👀
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyThey’ve delirious in both😭😂😂😂 @famouslos32 @Drake Let's stick w God's Plan
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyGet your coins!
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyIt was cool. He aint get no nap off, so its only 8/10.
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyOn “Today was a good day” Ice Cube really had a great dayI’ve never seen a man get his head waxed lmaoo 😭😂
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyThank God for family2008 bro but that Smackdown video game series was really good up until 2010 or so
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyI haven’t seen a more accurate tweet in so long @DreMcDonald I gotta hearIs 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🐬 🐬🐬🐬🐬
Retweeted by Maybe: Jacoby @DreMcDonald Think it’d called no suckerMan they got more than one Taylor IV | @wadetaylorIV This guy is going to compete against whoever no matter what. Watched him on multip…
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyWhy does this exist!?!???
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyBig facts look like NCAA Youngboy
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyThis Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo song 🔥🔥🔥🔥’m late late but Lil Baby be rapping rappingJordan Williams (Westfield HS 2021) led Hou Top Guns Blue with 11p in their 49-45 win over Hou Nets-Smith! #DougsDozenClassic
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Parents you do NOT need to pay for “hype” tweets. They will not get your kid any closer to a scholarship.
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyMy favorite thing about Dolph album is his uncle stop mid convo to make sure his nephew and fam was goodI still do this with my wife no lie!
Retweeted by Maybe: Jacoby you ever see a woman so stunning you gotta do a double take just to make sure you ain’t trippin.......I hate rushing placesA bandicoot
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyOk Rickey Smiley
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyI don’t think y’all understand 150k people have died from this virus .... even if they don’t die they still having… @DrunkUncTony good bro BEWARE OF THIS MAN!! HE OWNS THE TUTTI FRUTTI ON WALLISVILLE, HE HIRES YOUNG GIRLS AND PREYS ON THEM. HE KI…
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyFresh haircut Friday’sWhen you playing with your brother and he try to wrestle you seeing you got more throwbacks than him he don’t leave where does he go... go back or somewhere new 🤔 my lil heart happy
Retweeted by Maybe: Jacoby @Kashankashae Google done did it againWhat ever happened to Shiggy’t they cancel him? Don’t matter now. He bout to be the new Shiggy for at least 6 months.
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyI’m in tears at this email. It’s on par for his supporters tho.
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyI really just enjoyed doing this
Retweeted by Maybe: Jacoby @TooSoonJunes Omgaooo @Nyx_19 WowwwwwwwwIf you don’t do anything else today go to google right now and search Cha Cha Slide and press the icon button’s the problem season was poo @Britt_BaddFeet Wowwww @_aBaby_ Smhhh we gotta do better! 😭😭 @A_Pretty_ChemE Do better!! @_sugashea Yeah it was that context of us expressing our feelings to y’all and boom get hit with thatDont always be asking us “wyd” all the time be more like “here’s money for your haircut” or “I just bought you the…’t think every conversation is an argument the energy you’ve been asking for.... show consistency and the world is yours knew the truth about Robert was coming @_sugashea See the last thing that’s what the context was lol expressing feelingsWhat’s the context gotta be for this to be said lol @_aBaby_ Oh I know and those women don’t get no attention after that2012 was better
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyI’ve never heard a grown woman tell a man “stop acting like a female”Gotta keep it moving with chicks like that🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyWhen you drop her off to work now it’s time for you to shine in her car @CatwalkDarling @LeciJ_ See this is why we can’t move forward as a society!’s been a whole day and it has 400 retweets lmfao ain’t nobody rocking with either one of y’all them being fans of the Giants, Rockets and UT football just got off her govt job about to head to happy hour down U street
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyAnother first round playoff exit birthday boo I’m on the way to the bakery to pick up your favorite cake I’ll be home soon ❤️ @halleberryThe bubble awards really a participation awardIt’s D.L. Hughley fault @LeciJ_ @Pineapplegc1 @Pineapplegc1 @LeciJ_ Wow wow calling me what the world calls me!!!!!! You’re suppose to uplift my sister smh @Pineapplegc1 @LeciJ_ This was a A and B conversation see yourself out fed up with someone @LeciJ_ @Pineapplegc1 Lemme hold $2Almost bought this and others these Iversons/Hardens made me get some Reebok gear.... haven’t supported Reebok since 2005These Iversons/Hardens way too comfortable Dawg🗣️ RESPECT #WhyNotUs
Retweeted by Maybe: JacobyHaven’t been to The Galleria in about a month @Felz_ It’s hard to say cause two different erasWhoever Dolph on the phone with on his album is hilarious