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Which of these stars would you pick to have the biggest next ten years? @GetUpESPN
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Who's the best wide receiver in the NFL? @Foxworth24 and @ninko50 say it's Julio Jones. @Espngreeny is going with… anyone who ever wondered what became of this kid ...
Retweeted by Get Up.@malika_andrews is inside the NBA bubble. She breaks down what it's been like so far: spring season for college football could become "a very big conversation" in a few weeks. @finebaum explains what… rookie Zion met your expectations for him this season? about MLB’s testing issues this morning on @GetUpESPN before the Nationals canceled their workout due to a l…
Retweeted by Get Up"There just comes a point where you have to recognize that as times change, a name can change too. It doesn't take…
📍The NBA “Bubble” in Orlando, Florida. Here is what it has been like so far (for @GetUpESPN):
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"It's below 50% right now [on whether a college football season is played]. ... College football is in peril right… UP DAMNIT! For anyone who thinks Jarrett Stidham should start ahead of Cam on opening day, I've got news for…
Retweeted by Get Up"This is a beautiful, beautiful thing that just happened." —@stephenasmith on five-star recruit Makur Maker commit… speaks on the importance of HBCUs and what they've done for his life. thinks the Patriots should start the season with Jarrett Stidham as their No. 1 option and Cam Newto… Pelicans need let that young Stud’s time got Damn it!!!
Retweeted by Get UpShould the Pelicans load manage Zion in the bubble? 🤔
Retweeted by Get Up"Quite honestly, I could not care less about fans stubbornness and their connection with history in regards to this… @LRiddickESPN is INSANE. On @GetUpESPN just now, this man just uttered that CAM should start out on the ben…
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For a full year you have to dress every single day as Cam Newton or Bill Belichick. Who do you choose? discussed will Tom Brady be adequately protected in Tampa Bay on @getupespn with @espngreeny and @foxworth24.
Retweeted by Get Up"If he doesn't make it happen this year, then he's going to be in a Mitchell Trubisky situation next offseason."… Cam is healthy, @damienwoody says the Patriots will be "unlike anything we've seen in 20 years of Bill Belichick… up on @GetUpESPN why am I standing here in Weehawken with these statues of Alexander Hamilton?!?
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The variety of expectations I have heard on the show about what Cam will do in New England makes the story all the…
Retweeted by Get UpBREAKING CHICKEN NEWS 🐔 @diannaESPN Kawhi wins another ring, put his career in rarefied air.
Retweeted by Get UpIf Kawhi Leonard wins his third title with a third team, "the trajectory of his career will be something that we've… are you putting your money on to win Comeback Player of the Year in 2020?’m sorry @GetUpESPN. @Espngreeny asked about Ravens since losing to Titans. At the same time I saw Cutler post a r…
Retweeted by Get UpFun fact: Cam Newton is actually the reason @realrclark25 got into the TV business 😂😭"I think they're going to keep three QBs, use Cam Newton as perhaps the wild card. I actually don't see him startin…, I done been in break ups. I know how this goes. They can’t get one as good looking or way different. That jun…
Retweeted by Get Up.@Realrclark25 breaks down Tom Brady's comment on Julian Edelman's Instagram in the most perfect way possible 😂😭 guys @mspears96 and @Realrclark25 are the biggest Cam Newton stans and it’s amazing TV. @CameronNewton these boys are RIDE OR DIE
Retweeted by Get Up"There's not too many stars in this league, but Cam Newton is an absolute star. ... I can't believe the league is t…
THIS JUST IN: @JalenRose is officially changing his pick for NBA Champion from the Lakers to the Clippers. with the addition of Cam Newton, @danorlovsky7 is still taking the Bills as the favorites in the AFC East. Brady. Drew Brees. Teddy Bridgewater. Matt Ryan. Rank the 2020 NFC South starting quarterbacks. would like you to know that he's played golf with Matt Ryan 😅😂"Cam is not all of a sudden about to go back to 2013 Cam and start running the football like Lamar Jackson. That's… @Espngreeny and @GetUpESPN for a discussion on Cam Newton's locker-room fit and potential changes to the Pa…
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From @GetUpESPN today: I like Cam’s fit in New England because fit matters less there. The Patriots will adapt, jus…
Retweeted by Get Up1. Chiefs 2. Ravens 3. Colts 4. Patriots @minakimes ranks the teams in AFC as it stands today. that Cam Newton is off the market, @MinaKimes thinks the Tennessee Titans would be the perfect landing spot for… watch out for that BEAST name Russell Westbrook....he was on a Mission before the Pandemic and he’s going to…
Retweeted by Get Up.@KendrickPerkins is predicting the Houston Rockets will end up getting the 3-seed 👀 secret to @RealTannenbaum's success? Massive pre-show smoothies 💪 explains how Cam Newton ended up on the Patriots with a 1-year deal." "Cam didn't have interest els…"All of a sudden [the Patriots became] a realistic Super Bowl contender, when just yesterday I would have said that… @Espngreeny and @GetUpESPN to talk Cam Newton and the Patriots.
Retweeted by Get Upjoining @Espngreeny on @GetUpESPN at 9:30 am ET to talk about...what else...Cam
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"For anybody that questions whether this man will be a Hall of Famer, just get out of here." @realjaywilliams thin…"Many people in college football ... privately are saying that the likelihood of the season being delayed is very g…"Sometimes there's coaches in the NFL who think they're Bill Belichick when they're not." @danorlovsky7 rips Adam…"Football-wise, I think it's irresponsible if a team doesn't sign Colin Kaepernick." —@danorlovsky7 says that Baker Mayfield will be on a "very short leash" this season. "As soon as those picks sta…
"You guys keep harping on the idea that [LeBron] can win championships with three different teams. I would argue, i…’s at stake for Lebron? A whole lot.
Retweeted by Get UpThese next three months could be as defining for LeBron as any stretch he's ever had in his career, according to… you could redraft every football player that's ever played the game, who are you taking No. 1 overall? says that after coming back from an extended delay he can see the Houston Rockets "winning the wh…"Look at the toll it's taken on {Cam Netwon's] body. And he's a bigger, stronger man than Lamar Jackson."…
"It's pretty significant." @Rjeff24 explains why losing Avery Bradley could really hurt the Lakers, especially whe… likelihood of #NFL teams having to win games without their starting QB is the highest it’s ever been this seaso…
Retweeted by Get UpThe likelihood that teams are going to have to play games without their starting QB has never been higher than this…"Losing [Avery Bradley] is a significant blow to this Laker team." —@wojespn on what led to Bradley deciding not t… joined @Espngreeny earlier on @GetUpESPN to discuss why Tom Brady and his Bucs teammates are continuing to work o…
Retweeted by Get Up"JR Smith, I'm told, is a leading candidate to join this Laker team." @wojespn with the latest on the talks betwee…"The reaction was relief." @ESPNMcGee reports on the reaction around NASCAR to the news that Bubba Wallace was not…
.@Espngreeny explains why yesterday's gesture of drivers and crew members pushing Bubba Wallace's car was so import…"When Jarrett Stidham was coming out, I thought he was the third-best quarterback in that draft. ... I thought that… aren't falling for the symbolic gestures. People are watching.
Retweeted by Get Up"Average team, that's not going to make the playoffs." @davidpollack47 when asked to describe the Cowboys this com… to @wojespn, a name to watch during the NBA's transaction window, that starts at noon today, is DeMarcus…"They wanted the whole world to see it. They wanted it to be undeniable that this is a new NASCAR."…
"It's going to create some tension this year with people taking different approaches to how they live their life an…"I talked with Victor Oladipo ... over the weekend, and he's still uncertain whether he's going to fully commit to… reaction to the noose being found in Bubba Wallace's garage.
Retweeted by Get Up.@mspears96 sees Philadelphia as a good fit for Colin Kaepernick."If you do things in the dark, obviously you know that they are wrong. ... Just come out so we know who you are."…"There were no fans in the garage. ... You're looking at team members, you're looking at officials. You're looking…"Whomever this person is should be ashamed of themselves!" @MartySmithESPN delivers strong words after a noose was…
"Until there's change made at the top, there will not be change made at the bottom. And for so long, African Americ…, @realclark25 and @jeffdarlington and I discussed how teams are preparing for Training Camp in the CO…
Retweeted by Get Up“Will this new awakening, this acknowledgement of this country’s brutal past and present mean true freedom, true eq…"It is very concerning. ... The virus is serious, especially in Orlando." —@WindhorstESPN on the possibility of th…"I watched Ben Roethlisberger pass conditioning tests for eight years straight. Colin Kaepernick is going to be oka… will be well worth your time today to watch @realrclark25 speak on a recent incident involving his son, Jordan,… ready to @GetUpESPN! Sitting in for Greeny today...let’s go!
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From @getupespn this morning on the Panthers’ bizarre social media trolling of the best player in franchise history:
Retweeted by Get UpFrom my chat with @Espngreeny this morning on @GetUpESPN. We discussed my interview with @SHAQ and @RobGronkowski a…
Retweeted by Get UpThe top 5 offenses in the NFL this coming season, according to @danorlovsky7. know @kaeprnick7 hasn’t played in 4 years-we don’t know “if he can now” but we only have to go back to last seaso…
Retweeted by Get UpWhat everyone seems to forget about Colin Kaepernick.
Retweeted by Get UpMany people have forgotten just how good a football player Colin Kapernick was. @Espngreeny wants to remind you."What Kyrie has done right now is he's essentially become this scapegoat for players potentially getting what they… Carolina Panthers sent out a tweet yesterday that really has @danorlovsky7, @foxworth24 and @espngreeny upset.…"I would say that the only reason that Colin Kaepernick would not be in the NFL this year, is if it was his decisio…
"When did the world shut down? When the NBA stopped playing. ... I think this would be a tremendous mistake if play…