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I make dinner and swear too much. I think that is all you need to know. Foreign. she/her/queen of the realm.

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Still time to vote. is lunchtime always so fun with the sea otter staff
Retweeted by gfrancie @theemilyesse @Independent I have just a little and it helps A LOT. @MagUidhirK @anne_theriault She was a freaking legend. Got in and out of that marriage without having to sleep with… @aliceisanalias @e_mcray *air high five six feet away* @MagUidhirK @anne_theriault Pretty sure of yourself that Anne would be down to clown... @MagUidhirK @anne_theriault NOT with Henry. @anne_theriault I describe House two as "nobody is getting sex" and house three as "EVERYONE is getting sex" @Independent @theemilyesse I dunno... a glass or two of whisky helps me sleep better. @Karnythia This seems to track with what others have been saying. It sounds like you are doing everything right by… @thekrissychula After. When I was in ballet we would warm up with pilates. Helps to get everything loose. @bliss_street Thank my old therapist for "Try five minutes to begin." @afrodiziac80 @sharayonce YES! That is exactly what would happen. In fact it was my very white mom who told me, "Wh… @bliss_street Give yourself 5 minutes a day to begin. @bliss_street That owner was absolutely correct.
@bliss_street I am definitely subscribing to the Oslo Philharmonic channel. It is great. @sharayonce @afrodiziac80 Oh sweet jaysus... I knew this as a white lady b/c I remember girls coming back from Mexi… @UnderAntares Oscar is a very low gravity beast who does not like unknown creatures in the house. @cutebutpsycho76 He didn't even race/run out of the room. It was a very deliberate matter of the fact exit. "I do not get paid enough." @UnderAntares I would also argue... white ladies, we need to sort some of us out.I feel like Beethoven's 5th Symphony is for revolution and finding the fight within to keep going. 9th is about our… you are in the mood to listen to Beethoven's 9th symphony. This is a good one. @maggim Don't let her meet the women of my family. @maggim I was going to say... that is how life is for many people. ALL OF THE TIME.A very large garden spider walked into the living room. Oscar saw it, got up and walked right out of the room.I should find that recipe. (I have a few recipes of hers. Written in her hand.) @blgtylr I read a great biography about Austen and how her brother ended up being adopted made A LOT of sense. But… I think about how my Grandma had two cousins named Dagny and Borgny. And they were so Seattle. Faithful L… @blgtylr And I enjoyed it. "Oh... you like Jane Austen? Tell me every house she ever wrote about? WHERE was the silver kept?" @kellyhogaboom Because there is a pandemic, and I love you, I won't pull a knife at this time and say, "fight me ho… @kellyhogaboom DAMN you are shitposting.Taking a closer look at a study that isn't much of a study. @NifMuhammad @alyssaharad legend.I am here for it. I have known how to curtsy since I was a little girl because of ballet training. MY TIME HAS ARRI… @UnderAntares He reminds me of so many men I know of a certain age. @UnderAntares He floats everywhere.The man who is really worked up about this issue feels like he is being made into a pariah. I am applying everythin… argued that we don't know the situation with the people in the campervan but we DO know the situation with the people from London.A slight debate on the page about whether the campervan by the sea is different/the same as the people from London in their second home. @talkwordy Number 2. I like adventure. @BigBoyler FAVOURITE part: "no one earns a billion dollars. You earn fifteen dollars an hour. “Earn” means work. You steal that kind of money."Fran Lebowitz giving her opinion. As always. I like it. my village handles outsiders. @Jon_Digital It is still pretty quiet in this corner. I have seen a few people who look like they might be on holid… @GhostGerbil @Jon_Digital NOT far from what might go down. @unionlib I have viking blood and I just tell people, "listen, my people are into genetic diversity, sorry you don'… people in question live near me. @unionlib Well... you are but you will ask nicely first and make sure you have their consent. @Jon_Digital Observing and finding out. But damn this village is ready to kick off. Apparently in the next village… @unionlib I have never understood this element of British life. Where I grew up in the US we didn't have anything l… village FB page just got WILD. Someone just posted: "Reports of second home owner arriving today from Londo… @girlyfriday They are fun to grow. I would like to try again -except I gotta keep the bastard cats away. @rgay And they will hear SO many stories. @GPedliham I love theseToday a bit of Vivaldi has been helping me stay calm. It is helping me as I work on a project. Enjoy these cello co… @surlygourmand Just a touch of murder? Come on... you have probably thought about it. @marshallmaresca Yeah I could do that. That is my brand. @GhostGerbil That's because you are a basic. @GhostGerbil But the lighting would be amazing.The extraordinary Paul Robeson - actor, singer and socialist - was born #OnThisDay in 1898. He was a great friend t…
Retweeted by gfrancieIf I have to go before my time, I am going to die in a really cool way. Like having amazing sex, or a slow-mo gun s… people got too close to me at the grocery store yesterday I kept thinking, "like hell I am going to die becaus… @surlygourmand I am impressed that so many people are openly admitting to that. What else could I get people to admit? Murder? @cutebutpsycho76 RAWR. I don't know if I could keep my knickers on. @cutebutpsycho76 Don't blame you. I will come up with lots of good stuff for you if it wins. @cutebutpsycho76 KNEW ITOkay which one of you went immediately for thirst trappy poetry?Since people are enjoying being read to. What should I do next week? @madisonseattle @johnmoe I came to this a bit late as an American but then I moved to the UK and well you are offer…
Retweeted by gfrancie @madisonseattle @johnmoe Tea is a deceptive little trip. "oh this isn't as strong as coffee I can have another cup.… @realdavedoubleu That makes a lot of sense. @BleuCheckmark Yeah. people ask me why I am up and I should just make it clear, "I don't sleep anymore. Don't hassle me okay?" @simplyaMAhzing Good job! @BleuCheckmark I can't sleep anymore. My body immediately went to my instinctive habit. Which is difficult but I am working with it. @madisonseattle @johnmoe Get really into tea. Drink enough cups that you begin to smell colours. (also useful to ma… @MooseAllain It's always good to get a different view. @AGildedEye @CallMeMoNow I don't have a fondness for them.Oh heck yes. (and I am a big fan of the reminder on the phone that pokes at you until it is done.) @BleuCheckmark It was quite over the top at that age.King of the cats! is a sleep morning read of "the king of the cats orders an early breakfast" #poetry @ThatCarterBlunt Makes us all remember someone we once knew. @angelbelsey I am going to buy champagne, pate, false eyelashes, curry chip shop flavoured crisps, fennel, aaaaaaaa… am slowly writing something. It could be funny, mean or something in between. Blame @angelbelsey @ThatCarterBlunt I hope this brought something special to your day. @ThatCarterBlunt @ThatCarterBlunt Then you should look for it. @ThatCarterBlunt do you want to see it?Also no one likes a fucking tattle-tale. I kinda want to lean in close and whisper, "You are the sorts that would… may not be in the perfect spirit of "exercise" or "essential" journeys but I am not interested in perfection. We… to the village FB page, it was good to chat with the people who wish to show compassion. And we began to… @SevillaTapas You always get these stasi bastards. @corsent The human body is such an interesting universe. The things we walk off, the things that have us crying out… @ZenGrrrl47 In this case... the women left him. They get real sick of his nonsense and just walk. There is a sense… @amylopan My labours had a habit of coming on very fast and very strong. (and thankfully very short.) There was a m… @corsent The part about the bone grinding made me wince all over. @CreativeTweets I let you have it.