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G FUEL® @GFuelEnergy New York, USA

The Official Energy Drink of Esports® #GFUEL⚡️#GFUELCAN🔋 #GFUELH2O💧 #GFUELPOP💥

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@DCarr98 yessir! @Gokichu9000_TV @VisionaryPlays @BlueFierceGamin @GammaLabs F I T T E D @GFuelMixologist @ItsZahvy @GammaLabs @GFUELesports lmaoOn Fridays - We #FaZeUp @GFuelMixologist @ItsZahvy @GammaLabs @GFUELesports not bad. not bad. imma write that down @JustShady8 @GammaLabs @GFUELesports game changer @BOSSMAN17381 @onecrazyluna i'd recommend checking out a "starter kit" or one of our "variety packs" - get some gre… @BOSSMAN17381 @onecrazyluna life begins when you leave your comfort zone ;) @UhhHalo this is a dangerous game @StuffyWings4 @microcenter Nooooo 😭 @philbannister77 @SonOfGannon @iMoparHD @GammaLabs 💜 @FaZeOrba one are we choosing today boys? #gfuel @GFuelEnergy
Retweeted by G FUEL® @wizkhalifa @TaylorGang @KnightsGG 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨TOMORROW. 12PM PST. 😎👌 the stream info below 😎👌🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 Starting tomorrow at 12pm pst, we'll be joining @wizkhalifa, @KnightsGG, @youarerad, &… many choices for the top tier flavor. 🤤 @GFuelEnergy x @GammaLabs
Retweeted by G FUEL® @SuckerPunchProd @AngryJoeShow 👀👀👀 @Dilpickle1 @sheetz Ooof. Nvm. Gonna dm you @Dilpickle1 Real talk tho. You live in Ohio - which means you probably live near a @sheetz store. We may be able to do a lil something 🏪👀 @Megga off my Friday with some #GFuel @GFuelEnergy
Retweeted by G FUEL® @FLIXXZZY @imValentineTV would you call this cup? Asking for a friend. @Dilpickle1 You get a quote RT and free cloutYou ain’t jebaiting me, pal 😌 @TR_Shotz @VBI @Postmates @FaZeClan @GordonRamsay called. He wants his master chef back @FarCrygame @KITKATGaming Imagine a @KITKAT-infused #GFUEL Flavor?? Lmaoooo. So dumb. Def a bad idea. Unless? @toejamandearl #GFUEL cake 🤯🎂💫🌟 #GFUEL STAR FRUIT 🌟💫 🗣 GUYS! Next week, G FUEL FLAVOR #48 is coming! And it’s inspired by our amazing friend an…
Retweeted by G FUEL®Have you guys heard?! Our boy @theGaGOD now has a NEW HOME over on @Twitch! And he’s live RIGHT NOW! Check him out… ONE ARE YOU? 🌤 = MORNING PERSON 🌙 = NIGHT PERSON🌟 @NoisyButters x #GFUEL 💫🗣 GOOD MORNING!!! SAY IT BACK!!! 👏😤🌤 R A C K E D 💥 Thank you to @GFuelEnergy for taking the chance with me. 💙
Retweeted by G FUEL®(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * @NeytiriTV
@Kiwiz @OnePercentHQ Me @towelthetank BET my shipment of @GFuelEnergy today. Gonna try some of these this week! Got more In mail coming next week. Love t…
Retweeted by G FUEL®📦 📦 ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ SHOP: @FaZeSway full stream under the @GFuelEnergy Twitch team! Thank you guys for also coming through, hanging out with the…
Retweeted by G FUEL®Stocked up with my favorite #GFuel flavors @GFuelEnergy 🔥
Retweeted by G FUEL®Thoughts on the #PS5 game cover style? 🎮🧐💭 @SoaRGaming sure if I should call the FBI or Food Network tbh @KnightsGG @youarerad another partner to #WizAndFriends' party - @GFuelEnergy! #GFUEL is jumping in to benefit the charity l…
Retweeted by G FUEL®I luv a good romance novel 📖😍 @microcenter @Razzbowski Home Depot @RegularShowCart LmaoMy OCD has never been more triggered 🤬 @JSmoothHD @shady10k @sheetz @RomanAtwood @GammaLabs morning @sheetz run & done and secured me some bahama mama @GFuelEnergy cans while i was there! #TeamSheetz
Retweeted by G FUEL® @Jslammin1 Lmao @TheDanklux @wizkhalifa @softgiving @KnightsGG Bc I needed to fix it. Duhh🖤💛 CHARITY STREAM ALERT 💛🖤 THIS SATURDAY! 12PM PST! The homie @wizkhalifa will be hosting an AMAZING Charity/Marat… @bateson87 I see dem crystals and the tub on deck 😌👌 @SteelSeries tryna shake the room @kfcgaming We would never unfollow the almighty gamers of KFC. they have too many important connections in the chicken industry𝗚 𝗙𝗨𝗘𝗟 unfollowed you @DeputyWolfy This is unacceptable! Has anyone from customer service reached out? If not, I’ll let em’ know to help ya out! 👏😤 @Carl173869 It’s the G FUEL. It’s kicking in @akssej What’s a library?CR: @vidkid428 🏪🚗💨What it's like to cop some #GFUELCAN's at the store...😌🏪 @GoodGuyCali you’re reading this, congrats. You own a phone or a computer and you use Twitter. RT to spread awareness. @hambinooo a @GFuelEnergy from the beautiful @sheetz to get through this thursday of work.
Retweeted by G FUEL® @chapo_ggs Whenever you get a chance, please email us at with your order # and a breif description of the issue @Danny_DX_ Fruit Punch 💦I suddenly have the urge to party Thursdays amirite?? 😏💦's your go-to #GFUEL Shaker at the moment? 🤔🥤 Get A Shaker: 🔥 light is always on. #GFUEL💡 👉 👈 you're awake right now, you're a real one. Also, if you're asleep right now, you're a real one. Shout out to the… @SashaGrey @allisonmeows_ for it. we could get a #GFUEL SUPPLY CRATE into a game, which game would you want it to be?? 📦🤔💭🎮 must fulfill the prophecy ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖) can ONLY play 1 video game for the rest of your life. What game is it gonna be?? #NationalVideoGameDay🎮
Idk if anyone used this audio for GFuel but I had to show off my hot collection. @GFuelEnergy 🤤🤤🤤
Retweeted by G FUEL®What’s your fav #GFUELCAN flavor atm? 🤔💭 @chapo_ggs We’ll be reaching out to you tomorrow when our customer service dept is open - saved your info 👌Let’s send this man some positive energy 👏😤❤️🔥 @Shockzzify @xQc honestly cried during this stunning performance @xQc 👏😭 is science.
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