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@sphghtn Would bet money that she’s muted the word “windrush”. @OwenJones84 @muntazer_zaidi We stan a true legend. @BadmanMassive Abolish the pedo elite @joejglenton billionaires please gearing up for his PragerU video.
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@olsonpower @Chris_J_King @Keir_Starmer 😷😷😷since alan dershowitz is trending, here's a thread of him getting absolutely demolished by norman finkelstein. he w…
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@djbuckley_ @JudeBliss @novaramedia @michaeljswalker Thank you Jude and David! @richcooper Must do.👁 luck at airport security with this thing. @maxschramp @piercepenniless @demarionunn I particularly enjoyed this one! Big fan of rice cookers. @AyoCaesar This is deranged.Correct, cancel everything. refused to apologise in our NEC meeting, but I’m glad Keir has finally realised how off the mark & offensive his…
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Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin🤣😭 these two videos there's an edit point, I wonder what Grimes had to edit out... 🤔"The only reason these black protestors are here is because of slavery." So BLM protestors should be...grateful? is so pathetic. Why does the right have such a victim complex?'t say I'm surprised David Starkey is a racist. Here he is hectoring @AyoCaesar on Politics Live last year., an organisation which forces guests to wear a fucking poppy has banned BLM badges but there is no institutional racism or silencing.
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abusers be like hey sorry I ruined your life but like I’m growing as a person so ruining your emotional stability a…
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin43,906 deaths.'re in on the conspiracy 🍊🍊🍊
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin @AyoCaesar LMAO @LittleBritFirst Guns & Racists @Sarah_Cundy You can get a 30 day free trial of it?Reading The Animals of Farthing Wood to my children. I genuinely think the early 90s Children's BBC adaptation - th…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginDefund the Kardashians @AaronBastani @Facebook @CharlottEngland covered these groups during the election 👇 the Kardashians great ‘where are they now’ thread about Facebook dark ads. 👇 shouldn’t exist
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@AaronBastani Diary entry - April, 2019... I think Aaron Bastani has called me good looking on Twitter....?Imagine if Corbyn's social media team had clipped a Tory. @usayd Adobe creative suite. @skynewsniall Bears a passing resemblance to NEF's branding:'m commissioning for @novaramedia for next week. Send me your timely pitches on coronavirus and the end of lockdow…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginThe narrative that pits "women" against transgender people perpetuates the myth that trans people - in particular t…
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@peterjukes he looks ill @michaeljswalker I can’t see the difference between these pictures. @Kushwave4201 @novaramedia @AyoCaesar @michaeljswalker @AaronBastani Thank you Dr Antifa @emilyhewertson lol @theJeremyVine noooooooooooooooooobodes well gives a fuck. sheer brass neck of this is staggering. @lapinesque I will switch my £2 a month over the Rojava Tank Fund. @lapinesque Perhaps we need to set up a gofundme? @clavedements @1984Marxist @michaeljswalker @PraxisCast The tweet I was replying to was a rude swipe at Michael. Th…
@1984Marxist @michaeljswalker @PraxisCast and yet you reply to every single one of our tweets 🤔In answer to my question the Minister has confirmed that each glove is counted as a separate piece of PPE, so when…
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin @philbc3 @meadwaj @Jim_StokeLabour @ewangibbs @BanGaoRen @HullLecturer @leninology @ianmsyme @beckysargeant80 you be comrades with someone you don't like? 🤔 On the latest episode the #ACFM crew discuss friendship with tu…
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin"The police came in at high-octane aggression level 10. We were on a family bike ride, and my son was essentially a…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginSearched ‘grave’ on my iphone and this came up. 💔
@le_bassett @novaramedia ❤️1 prjaniki = 1 respect if Professor Gopal sues Vance, Vine, Daily Mail and Pearson, we’re putting up her statue quicker than you can say decolonisation
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginSo according to the @telegraph this week, Amnesty International and Adolf Hitler are both of the "far left". As for…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginSolidarity with Priyamvada Gopal, currently being debated vigorously in the marketplace of ideas. @piercepenniless their twitter account has now started railing against capitalism and neoliberalism too.... politics!I’m glad Graham Linehan is gone from this website. Like any trans woman with a “platform” on here I was subjected t…
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@maxshanly love you man!Tory MP: We are at war with (((Cultural Marxism))) BOD: 😴😪😴😪😴😪 Labour MP shares article containing 1 inaccurate l…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginwhen Boris praised the Jaws mayor for keeping the beaches open
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🚨🚨 EMERGENCY #TYSKYSOUR 🚨🚨 Keir Starmer has sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey for a retweet and declared war on the Left.…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginKeir Starmer sacking Rebecca Long-Bailey is an utterly disgraceful decision. It undermines the position the Labour…
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggincoronavirus is not a killer virus, neoliberalism and coronavirus is a killer combination.
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This is happening right now. Day 9 of a sit-down strike at Burma’s K-World garment factory. Workers demand brands…
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin @usayd 😔 @alexhern Probably alt right types trying to boost it?Uhhhh guys? @skynewsniall soba noodles, cucumber, radishes, carrot, sesame oil and soy sauce. Serve cold! @mrtomtrinder @AaronBastani Cooperatives are not inherently communist. Novara is a non-profit and we are effectivel… vote for Novara media podcasts (incorporating #ACFM)
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin @AyoCaesar Maybe we can do some kind of "if we get enough one off donations we'll sack Ash" fundraiser.Like our podcasts and/or really want to wind up the far right? Vote for Novara Media in the British Podcast Awards…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginMy last boss at VICE—who was later outed as a sexual predator—went around telling other editors (who I was hoping t…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginEnjoy listening to @novaramedia podcasts? Why not vote for Novara Media or The Burner (or both?) in the British Po…
this guardian vid suggests police in part need defunding bc of dismal crime solving rates. the equivalent UK stats…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginme before the show: "can I remove 'MP' from your name?" John: "People have been trying to do that for years Gary" Vallance says the latest data suggests about 33,000 people still have the virus outside of hospitals and ca…
Retweeted by Gary McQuigginThis is the graphic the government released the first time they started to ease the lockdown. You’ll see we were su…
Retweeted by Gary McQuiggin @RishiSunak 🍻 Cheers to all those unnecessary deaths! 🍻 🍻 See you at the public inquiry! 🍻