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Not the goodnight cruel world. Its been a decade of you tweeting that at night 😂 was God is funny for this comment lol...
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanAshanti mad as hell rn just get up sisLMAOO people ask me who I'm subbing on instagram ima just say "So people think that was about a significant other bu… aint listening to no new shit goodnight @OFN_BDON ima go see what you saidlying like a mf @brisskuno That corset got the hardest job tonight @karelynsanity_ Facts lmaoI'm watching to maybe see a nippleR&B makes me depressed deadass lmaooo I cant listen to this shitMe singing Sean Paul part:
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanLMAOOOO I thought I was buggin being so stink and shady lmao
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican1 million viewers wowI'm just watching bc of how good they look tbhI only knew half of these songs :( @joshieyamaguchi deadass tho same look but the hair I guess but the white look with this hair woulda been odeeLet me stop pretending I be listening to them when all I listen to is Agapito PascualShe looks odee good tonight tho but this def a look @BougieBlackness Ion think its even in her top 10 tho in my opinionShe odeeing lmao then again I never listened to them faithfully but I feel like if it was a hit I woulda heard it beforeyall knew that last song by keyshia lmaooo cause listenThat Yerk 30 got keyshia in a HEADLOCK
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanI'm waiting for a nipple tbh wonder how many “you up?” texts are gunna be sent during and after this verzuz, with the way ya drinking wine 🥴
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanUgh I was supposed to perform wap at the inauguration today but I had a dentist appointment 😓😓....maybe next time .
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanYO OT NAH LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanYall wanted Love there yall fucking go lmaoJLO on the 6 train on her way to the Verzuz to get LOUDDDDDD
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanNot all yall tweeting the lyrics lmaoooooo I’m logging off @Kenny16Techs Made a song called yellow bone and people are saying shes white.Ashanti better than me, I woulda grabbed them Doritos the first 5 minutes in that mf
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican @_SeanTheCreator Thats what people fail to understand. They think it gotta have a logo slapped on to be designer & expensive.I’m 100% positive that he is wearing a Cuccinelli shirt and Loro Piana denim. That’s the calmest $2,500 outfit ever…
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanIdk who told stylist cutting baby hairs like this was the answer to their blending illusion but nah. Aint it at all.
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanMy boss told me to come up with an idea to shoot all these Blazers. I went with the most natural answer
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican @Miisssliz LMAO nah let me stop 😭😭 @Miisssliz Im here to tell you they aint say that shitA microchip? Inside a syringe full of liquid?
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanThis makes me so sad.
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i got 2 terms and you got 2 impeachments, we’re not the s—
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanNigga got a restaurant grade pizza cutter for 7.99+/- and got an attitude about it.
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanOdee heat. I’m sick its only 5 chapters would be so dope if there was a machine that can show you how your life would be if you mad a different life changing decision
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican @PoppethThyKing LMAOOOO you said nopebelieve it or not that’s a privilege some parents are still even learning
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanA good majority of men live their life to impress men, and get defensive when you point it out
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanLMFAOOOOOO BRO
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanMy dog ran away. I’m really emotional about it and I’m worried he was stolen maybe was taken? It’s been a couple ho…
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanLmao I’ll always be very proud to be Dominican no matter how hard my cohorts work to make us look bad 😂
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanLooked this man dead in the face and called him Jaquan
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican @xEmilaylay I knew and also forgot lol but I’m watching first episode nowLil baby wasnt gon tell me All American was back... betBill K Kapri has been released from prison according to Federal prison site
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanThe #Verzuz intern making the third flyer for the Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole battle.
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanWhy an FA at my firm asked me “if I can hurl a spear” after I told him I was Nigerian
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanJust had to kick a patient out the ICU for masturbating for their OnlyFans account. What’s wrong w/ ppl?
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanMust be my birthday as well since we having an orgy after
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominicanits called fashion
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanLmaooo nah I’m weak because are this dumb
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican @doctorintensooo Nah cause all people tell me is how much sleep ima miss out on so I wanna have something to look forward to eventually lmaoThat first blunt after I’m done breastfeeding gon smack the shit out me @yakairis3 Facts I was thinking indigo cause that shit kept switching lmao @_joseDINERO_ Lmaoooo @rodollaz_ Facts @stoopsancho I was looking at it from diff angles lmaooo shit def purple but I can see how it looks blueWhat color was Kamala’s fit?Receivion >
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanAyo????
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican @imsimplygio They watch that shit faithfully lmao @KikoSencillo Like why that dont happen in real life. I need that blessing lmaoLa Rosa de Guadalupe @SonoTravels Its people thinking youre 19 for me lmaoY’all fumbled Bernie Sanders TWICE?! And expect him to dress up to this gathering ? Y’all lucky he came 😂😂
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanLMFAOOO ELASTIGIRL
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanMe waiting for my woman to bring me toilet paper cause I took a shit with out looking if there was any left.
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanBueno dias, Como tu estas hoy? Hija de Lucifer, you seem cool. Beautiful, Hija de Lucifer. Haha, names Chad
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Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and wa…
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominican"Lucci... I know i know but Reginae picked her real daddy"
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanY’all be in interracial relationships with ppl who don’t come from money?
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanMe forgetting that I am now a father:
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanI need these ladies to give me juicy socialite scandal over these next 4 years. Don't let me down please.
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanChin strap beard , turns a blind eye to racism and ZERO BITCHES you down bad
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Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanI only got 14 and I’m waiting for it to say 0 said “slavery wasnt racist” then “freedom over everything” lmaooooooo what is your fucking message my guy @imanii_faith Facts lol at least he spent it on teeth. Mfs be spending 80k on an accessory they wear sometimes.She found him & the police couldn’t? Useless. Let her go.
Retweeted by Wholesome Dominicanif the mua uses filters/heavy smoothing on all their pictures/videos on Instagram... don’t book them
Retweeted by Wholesome DominicanYall clowning him for the amount but those one of the most natural looking I ever seen lol😍😍😍 so cute parents do that all the time wym? Lmfaoooooo
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