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Gail Helt @ghelt Tennessee, USA

CIA analyst, 2003-14. member, @thesteadystate3; Human Rights. China. My tweets reflect only my views, not those of my employer.

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@JohnnyMackay5 @Tom_Winter @Susan_Hennessey “Literally” they are in the Executive office of the president. Which is… @majure_mary @morningmika Sorry. I block fools who think JFK jr is alive. @Dianabolsinger @seanhannity Hahahaha! This is true... @Dianabolsinger @seanhannity I cannot tell you how many random items were gifted to me that contained some referenc… @Dianabolsinger @seanhannity Exactly. @Tom_Winter @Susan_Hennessey Technically, neither Jared nor Ivanka are government officials. @morningmika The thing we should all fear is that he’s there building a coalition against Iran...or at least region… @WBerry371 @seanhannity No, I don’t. There could be. It could be anything. Who cares? The hat was a gift. She behav… @WBerry371 @seanhannity “Socialism media?” You have lost all credibility.Full disclosure: I was once caught in public waving the PRC flag. There may be pictures. I was at an official welc… @WBerry371 @seanhannity Did. And enlarged the picture. It’s not visible. I suspect the reason you think you see it… @KimJongChill666 @seanhannity Again I ask, where is it? There’s no visible hammer and sickle on that hat. @seanhannity Where exactly is the hammer and sickle, other than in your imagination? US official met with Russian…
@donwinslow @SusanVermazen Unless he tacks this onto a concession speech and an apology for undermining the constit… Turkey cough up some cash on behalf of Flynn? Does Giuliani have more cash and more fear of prosecution t… @DeadlineWH @MSNBC @nytmike @NicolleDWallace So....don’t commit crimes and there’s no need to panic about a pardon. It’s simple, really.I will not watch inauguration coverage on any channel that covers this debacle, assuming it happens. say there’s suspicion that @SenRonJohnson is colluding with a hostile state to undermine the Constitution of the… @FirenzeMike “I just make crap up. That’s not gonna change.”Hope the @FBI is paying attention... @maggieNYT @nytmike Well there has to be some explanation for Rudy’s gleeful willingness to debase himself."Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in…
Retweeted by Gail Helt @blakehounshell He’s not alone.Gotta hand it to my heating and air people. They called yesterday to remind me it’s time for a scheduled service ca… @tracy_walder @Mpolymer This is a good point. I tell my students similar things about languages, and also the impor… @thehill Interesting headline. I see what you did there. @marceelias Thank you for all your amazing work for this country! @DHWise007 In theory I agree. But when it comes down to it, there are people with compromised immune systems who le… @ericswalwell @clairecmc Like Edison County, MI, @realDonaldTrump’s dignity does not exist. @jonathanoosting Wouldn’t you have to offer more than your personal opinion that something fishy happened to have e…, it was under @realDonaldTrump’s tenure, and after he pulled out of the nuclear deal, that Iran advanced its nu… @LemonSlayerUS @costareports He’s probably hoping a pardon gets extended to him as well. @costareports So even Hannity believes the Trump family is crooked..? @ZaknafeinDC Stupid. Not a mask in sight. And then there’s the whole “they’re all aging white men” thing. @steve_vladeck But all of this would be, you know...unconstitutional. @realDonaldTrump No, @realDonaldTrump. You’re fighting for yourself and your narcissistic need to steal another fou… crime is what tools like this are doing to the Constitution, the rule of law, and the legitimacy of democratic… @thehill Convenient for you that Mike Flynn didn’t require confirmation to become national security adviser. @prchovanec I think we have all subconsciously begun to block out all reference to deadly disease. 🤣🤣🤣 @Acyn She fails to grasp that electors are bound to their candidates, that legislatures cannot change election proc… @AshaRangappa_ At least that way, we will know the values of all party members simply by virtue of their membership… @ProjectLincoln Joe Digenova should be disbarred and prosecuted.
Signature matching has been done TWICE in Georgia. Doing again is not possible. The GA state constitution stipula…
Retweeted by Gail HeltLet's not forget, with so much to fix, it's time to close Gitmo. My newest, in @TheProspect
Retweeted by Gail Helt @cpnshtut @CBSNews @stradivarious59 @CBSNews Asks the foolish anonymous tweep who is apparently so uninformed he doesn’t grasp that Mc… @CBSNews Um, I believe there is a reason, and its name is Mitch McConnell. @attackerman Yay! i can't wait to read this! Pre-ordering now.... @RightWingWatch As an actual follower of Christ, flawed though i may be, i have to say that this is blasphemous. @RepRiggleman is a patriot who has honored his oath. He will be remembered for being on the right side of history.… one tell @RudyGiuliani or @RichardGrenell @mikehahn_ @theMRC Please. Twitter labels lies, no matter who tells them. Trump is the Niagara Falls of lies. Biden doesn’t engage in them. @zachsdorfman This is a horrifying thought. China having access to OPM data and other info would give it an edge re…’s a blustery 41 degree day and I went to Lowe’s to buy edging stones to protect my new mulch from the neighbors… @gnomonymous @attackerman @kenklippenstein Fool who claims to be a Russian bot said what now? @PublicBearwaves @attackerman @kenklippenstein No. Trump actually said we were keeping the oil. That’s illegal. God… @24AheadDotCom @SpyTalker You should definitely read the article before rage posting and looking foolish. Morell is… @SpyTalker Could we stop saying his name, please? Sue Gordon, Vaughn many qualified people could be DCI… Mike Morell, John Brennen & others complicit in the coverup of the CIA #torture program have not com…
Retweeted by Gail Helt @realDonaldTrump @nytimes Yes. Voters rejected you. The fact they didn’t reject other republicans is miraculous but… @kevmoe20 @attackerman @kenklippenstein No. I’m saying it was a trade off btwn doing nothing and watching mass slau… @RepsForBiden Maybe that’s this administration’s democracy agenda: make democracy seem so unappealing other countri… @kevmoe20 @attackerman @kenklippenstein You can dislike the phrase, but Libya’s UN ambassador sought international… @realDonaldTrump @60Minutes You got almost an hour to spew lies on @FoxNews this morning. You don’t get to complain… @attackerman @kenklippenstein That’s fair. If a state is in dire circumstances, it isn’t in an equal negotiating po… @attackerman @kenklippenstein Also, for the record, I would never support a retroactive “let’s take their oil” move… @attackerman @kenklippenstein Aw thanks - that means a lot. And I’m not suggesting I’m right here. I just don’t see… @attackerman @kenklippenstein I’m not saying I agree with her. But as I recall (and it’s been a while so I could be… @attackerman @kenklippenstein She isnt saying we should take it. She’s saying we might deserve payment for services… @john_sipher He blessed it, which is why the State Dept under Pompeo has done nothing but tweet about the Uyghers’ plight.
@RandPaul Did you take a blow to the head in that fight with your neighbor? Because this is some impaired thinking.… @blahblahdope11 @RichardGrenell @DonaldJTrumpJr Had you not been insulting and vulgar, I might take time to answer.… are instruments of mind manipulation - implanting beliefs to fit the communicator’s agenda (See: State-Sponsor…
Retweeted by Gail Helt @thehill He’s devoted 125% of his attention to dismantling the democratic institutions of this country for the last… @emptywheel None of them. They’re all cowards. @toddstarnes Your neighbors who work in the health profession are exhausted, suffer from PTSD, and are begging thei… @RichardGrenell @DonaldJTrumpJr Normal = competence. People want competence back. It’s been a long four years witho… @maryo55 @SpyTalker @charlie_simpson She’s linked to the CIAs torture program. She should never have been confirmed in the first place. @drdavidsamadi Are you unable to pray outside of church? Do you have no relationship w/ God absent your pastor/prie… @Strandjunker @BradleyWhitford The defense industry has better representation in Congress than the American people do. @atrupar @AshaRangappa_ She’s perfected the shrill quasi-yell, that’s for sure. @stephenfhayes @jaketapper @MariaBartiromo is no journalist. @samstein He seemed to be saying people only filled in the circle for Biden, and didn’t vote down ballot. He thinks… is @FoxNews giving anyone a platform to undermine a legitimate presidential election? I don’t care if that pers… Could Score Another First at CIA Former DIA chief and retired Marine Corps General Vincent Stewart is in the…
Retweeted by Gail Helt @RoyBlunt is giving us a lesson in cowardice this morning on CNN. Refuses to acknowledge @JoeBiden as president ele… @RepJimBanks @JoeBiden You allow a statement of fact based on years of observation to be tainted by your desire to… lack the spine to enforce mask mandates, even for employees, and city councils fear voters. And then… wish you would stick around a few days and speak to pastors, local businessmen, and city councils — and you’ll fi… is the only Daily Beast article I ever hoped was paywalled, to save me from myself. This was 60 seconds of my…
Important thread on #Torturedefender #MichaelMorell. @JoeBiden
Retweeted by Gail Helt @RonaldKlain I don’t want a “big personality” driving policy. I want competence to drive policy. On that front, Biden’s picks are unrivaled. @KFILE Praying for her, and you.Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind, cause he was way behind, he was… @JaySheepdog @PattiFink @hrcgotschlonged @omriceren @RichardGrenell He’s speaking of Iranian retaliation against th… @hydar @ceastwoo @ianbremmer Nope. Not what you said, and the proof is there. Now be gone. @MeidasTouch I would have thought, “Be Worst.” @hydar @ceastwoo @ianbremmer What’s entertaining is watching you trying to gaslight, and doing it worse than Trump. @hydar @ceastwoo @ianbremmer No, skippy. “National Security advisor” isn’t the abbreviation for “Deputy Assistant t… @hydar @ceastwoo @ianbremmer You are clearly either a) completely unable to comprehend, or b) drunk. Either way, boomer, go away.